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How to choose the best baby stroller

How to choose the best baby stroller

The stroller is one of the basic things we think about when we have to put together the baby’s outfit. Having so many options, what should we keep in mind to choose the best baby stroller?

With a lot of options and models, choosing the baby stroller can be an odyssey as it is one of the earliest things that the child will use intensely until age 3 or more. If you walk a lot daily and want to keep your baby with you, you will need a comfortable and convenient one which also goes with your lifestyle to keep your baby healthy and comfortable.

Before choosing it, these questions should be answered as a guide:

  • Do you often use the elevator of any building?
  • Do you want to keep it in the trunk of the car?
  • How are the streets in the neighborhood? Is there enough space to move comfortably?
  • What is the most used transportation to move with your baby? (collective, subway, car …)
  • How much and how will you use the stroller? To walk a lot or for short distances?

Because it is not the same an “all-terrain” stroller for long walks in the city that one to get us out of trouble in short distances.

If the plan is of walking or moving in public transport with your baby regularly, it is the best to think of a choice that is lightweight and not too large. It also should pass through the doors, be maneuvered easily and be easy to open and close, thinking that you will have a busy hand lifting the baby.

If instead, the idea is to use it for short distances, you can choose a more basic option that takes you out of trouble. Or, if you usually move a lot in the car, choose an option with egg included.

The important thing is to be able to choose a stroller that suits your lifestyle without hindering it. Always take into account that it should meet all safety conditions and be suitable for the baby’s age.

Important: If the baby is still not able to hold his head constantly, he must travel in a stroller with a seat that reclines in a flat (180º) or almost flat position or in a car seat that adapts to the stroller, because by taking it in position vertical, your head may fall forward and hinder your breathing.

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Different Types of Baby Strollers:

1. Cradle Car:

Designed for newborn babies, it is usually one of the largest and heaviest models because of its ability to become a kind of cradle which can be reclined at 180º. The comfort provides with extra padding to make the baby go well comfortable.

Depending on the model, they have retractable handlebars, so that the baby can look both forward or towards the person who is pushing the stroller.

In this case, you have to consider the duration of using the stroller because these are the strollers that are usually rather large and with a weight that can go from 6 to 10 kilos or more, depending on the model. For small distance walks, these will go well for you.

2. Ultra lightweight strollers:

The main features of these models are their low weight which usually does not exceed 6 kilos, the ease of opening and closing them and a compact folding.

There are models with several positions of reclining (suitable for newborns) and tray or front barrel; and some other models which are simpler, having one position or do not recline much, without the front barrel and usually for babies over 6 months, who have already learned to be seated.

Some moms choose simple umbrellas covering the baby to protect them from sun rays as an option though those become a bit bigger, because being compact and light do not occupy much place in the trunk of the car and can move without major inconvenience.

3. Travel system:

These strollers are for especially if you do not want to wake up or move your baby very much when getting it out of the car. This model (be it crib, umbrella, jogger, etc.) includes a car seat that fits perfectly to the stroller.

The armchair, used for the first months of the baby, can be used in conjunction with the stroller while walking or in the car seat during travel.

4. Bases with the armchair for a car:

In this case, it is a base with wheels to which can be attached the car seat for the baby. The practical thing about this system is that once you remove the armchair, the base is super-light and compact, but does not include a fixed chair.

Some bases include a basket for carrying things.

5. 3-in-1 Strollers:

This hot mom stroller is a versatile model that can be a bassinet – special for the newborn – or stroller (with different reclining positions, depending on the model), to which is added the egg or armchair for the car.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account that both the bassinet and the armchair for the car will only serve for the first months.

6. Stroller, jogger or 3-wheeled:

These strollers are a good choice for long walks, excursions or to go for a run because they have three large wheels (two rear and one front) that adapt very well to uneven surfaces, the baby is comfortable despite the terrain. In addition, for some comfort during the walk, in some models, the brakes can be actuated from the handle.

Because of the size of its wheels, it may not be very comfortable to lift it through the elevator, to go through the door or to load, because it is not very compact when closed and that, having three wheels, is not very stable when going up or down the lace of the path or steps.

7. Strollers for carrying more than one child:

If you own two children, there are models for you which allow carrying two children at the same time, such as “tandem”, where children go one behind the other and can be used to carry boys of different ages) or “twin cars” where the children sit side by side.

Tandem models may be easier to fold due to their size. These are more versatile than twin cars because these can adopt two children of different ages. In addition, unlike twin cars, these have a normal width to enter through the doors.

There are also options for strollers in which the children are facing and others for more than two children who may be tandem or twins.

Extra tips:

  • Find a place that has a variety of models to see and compare.
  • Open and close the stroller with one hand to check if it is easy to do (think that most of the time you will be lifting your baby with the other arm)
  • Walk with the hands of the frame of the stroller looking for any imperfections that could be dangerous for the baby, like an exit point, etc.
  • See if the stroller has a basket to carry things and find out its resistance, because if it is not very resistant it can be easily broken by loading it a lot with, for example, the super bags.
  • Find the measurements of the cart and check if you can enter the elevator, the trunk of the car, etc.
  • Check if the wheels move in all directions without difficulty and if the brakes work by blocking them completely.
  • Test the reclining positions, and if the stroller has the retractable handlebar option to see how they work.

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Here is a video review on how to choose the best baby stroller. Hope it will help you to find the best baby stroller.

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