4 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

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4 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Weight-Loss Goals

After getting through the hardest time of my life I learned so many things that I’m always trying to share my experiences with everyone who’s willing to read. I’m now a proud father of two wonderful kids, with a marriage I feel blessed to have. With over 30 years of being together, my wife and loved ones have proven that they are always going to be there for me, through thick and thin.

I had always been slightly overweight or what they call chubby. Never being fully satisfied with my appearance, my wife and I used to have lots of arguments at the beginning of our relationship because of how insecure I was. Combined with a series of other issues and situational difficulties, I took to drinking more often than what I should have and that unfolded in an addiction, later on, thankfully it led to me to a rehab center. It all happened before we had our kids, as we got married quite young.

Once I was deep in the program, I realized how important it was to take care of myself, this meant not only to quit drinking alcohol, apparently but also working on my mind and body with some exercises way further than just giving up on my addiction. Though this wasn’t as easy as I would have liked it to be, it turned out to be an enlightening experience from which I have learned so much that I’d even venture to say I’m happy it happened.

Taking care of myself meant taking care of my body, and not only because I wasn’t happy with how I looked, but because it was also reaching an unhealthy level, my weight was becoming a problem I had to take care of along with my drinking. I had couple times when I fell back into drinking and that meant my weight went up again.

There are many ways in which alcohol can affect your life and your body in a negative way. My weight was just one of many.

I am now fully recovered and enjoy the love of my kids and my wife, the way I always should have. After she joined me in sobriety, we both have become healthier and happier than we had ever been before and it was all thanks to leaving behind that dark past that revolved around the drink.

I lost all the weight I needed to lose and feel a lot better about myself, not because of the social standard, but because it has become the result of hard work and dedication which also affects my health in a very positive way.

Here are 5 ways alcohol will get in the way between you and losing weight:

It has twice as many calories as proteins and carbs

I never really thought about how much calories I was consuming on a daily basis.That is why only until I was interested in getting fit, I learned how important it actually was, particularly if it has to do with alcohol.

Not tasting nearly half as delicious as a good meal and totally lacking the nutritional value of a good one. Alcohol indeed possesses twice as many calories as proteins and carbs, which due to how easily it passes into the bloodstream makes it harder to keep track of how much we’re consuming and leads to consuming even more throughout the night.

4 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Weight-Loss

You loosen up maybe a bit too much

Even if you never deal with alcoholism, you know that drinking a bit too much is never good for you. You realize that every next day when the hangover is as present as the sun itself, and it becomes an unbearable Sunday morning. However, the night before, once you’ve got a couple drinks under your belt, you start to lose up, become less inhibited and that’s where reckless thinking happens. Now, who isn’t guilty of going on a food run during the early hours of the morning? Even as an adult, it becomes inevitable sometimes to attack the fridge when the body is having difficulties processing and breaking down the alcohol inside.

On the other hand, drinking and smoking are both contributors to developing a bad shape. Meaning you lose energy, become sedentary, thus making it a lot harder to adopt a workout routine, not to mention how difficult it becomes to get up to do some exercise, after a night of partying or dining with friends.

It causes problems with your Stomach, Kidneys & Liver

Processing alcohol is not our biggest issue. The problem lies in the amount that we’re giving our bodies. I was lucky enough to never have to endure kidney or liver damage, but even then, generally speaking, alcohol will interfere with the regular functioning of your stomach, kidneys, and liver which leads to a lower performance when digesting any food we eat. This means the metabolism becomes slower, and losing weight or at least maintaining the one we have, becomes a challenge for your body.

It increases your appetite…and not for healthy food

You start craving for unhealthy food even if you have a glass of wine or a beer with your meals, or if you’ve been drinking before eating. Alcohol increases the number of calories you take by increasing your appetite.

There are quite a few possible explanations as to why we crave greasy food after drinking quite a lot. One of which lies in the production of galanin, a chemical produced when we consume alcohol which in return also promotes the consumption of alcohol. A vicious and dangerous cycle that has within the secret to our desires for the unhealthiest foods we can find either outside or at home.

The other explanation, psychologically speaking (which is still very debatable), is a concept that is rooted deep within our ancestry; as animals, we have evolved wanting high-energy food, which means fat or sugar, this is paired with how alcohol dilutes our willpower, thus making us give into the cravings and instincts.

Whichever the reason may be, drinking alcohol increases your appetite for fat, while also giving you a lot more calories every time you drink. In other words, it’s your worst enemy if you want to lose weight. Never underestimate how addictive alcohol can be and never overestimate the power you have to control it.

If you’d like to ask a question or suggest any other ways in which alcohol can interfere with your weight-loss plans, leave a comment below.

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