Advice and Toys for Children 9, 10, 11 Years Old

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Advice and Toys for Children 9, 10, 11 Years Old

At this age children increase their individualistic capacity and begin to make their own plans: they watch television alone, they play at the console, they use the computer, Video games, etc. But they also like to play outdoors with their friends with whom the first confrontations, rivalries, enmities, reconciliations arise. In this period, group games such as football, basketball, rubber, hide-and-seek.

It is the end of childhood, the prelude to adolescence. The ability to communicate and express their feelings is a vital task for parents in this period. Finally, healthy lifestyles, tolerance, and respect must be reaffirmed. Games with rules, video games, crafts, and small calculators are the most interesting toys for this age.

You have to buy games and toys that allow them to:

  • Express your feelings:

The ability to express and communicate in an effective way acquires a special meaning in this age. There are toys with themes such as the emotional and sentimental expressions ideal for it.

  • Exercise your cognitive skills:

These skills must be practiced at all ages, to preserve or improve them.

  • Improve motor skills:

The practice of motor skills helps improve their movements The game and sports toys are the best in this regard.

  • Increase perseverance and personal improvement.

Teaching them to strive to improve and be constant will end up improving their self-esteem. The games of thinking, of construction, of crafts, are ideal.

  • Promote self-esteem.

They have to learn to accept themselves, although this is not easy at times. You have to help them maintain a respectful attitude towards themselves.

  • Have empathy.

Knowing how to put yourself in the other’s place will allow you to better understand other people.

  • Have healthy lifestyle habits.

Acquiring them will guarantee a better quality of life in the long term. There are toys that recreate how you have to feed yourself, that remember that you have to do sports, that you have to do household chores.

  • Practice sports and physical exercise.

We must eradicate in children any chance of a sedentary life to prevent childhood obesity and ensure a life with quality and health.

  • Learn the basic rules of circulation.

Children should know the basic rules of circulation to avoid possible accidents, whether as pedestrians or cyclists or drivers.

  • Understand sexuality in a natural way.

Before being adolescents, it is important that children understand and be informed about these issues.

The best toys for children aged 9, 10, and 11 are:

  • Sports toys: rackets, balls, spinning tops
  • 2-wheel bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades
  • Manual and modeling toys
  • Consoles and video games
  • Education toys, best kids calculator
  • Mechanics of metal, constructions, models.
  • Strategy and reflection board games
  • Movies, music, drawing material
  • Remote control cars
  • Experiment games.
  • Updated March 30, 2021
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