Beauty Tips – Hairstyle Ideas for Women

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Hairstyle Ideas for Women

One of the best things to have afro hair is that you can change it when you think it is. Straight, curly, wavy, braided or in a weave, any style of afro hair that you like means that you can switch it in seconds. Beautiful hair is essential on a special occasion and many women know how vital it is for their careers. They also know why! The key of success is commonly tied to however you appear. Long hair volume is full and easy for care. But if you’ve short hair then you will know the difference between the extension and the hair density.

If you never have an extension and considered to get it, or if you’re trying to find recommendations on managing any of you presently have, this post is for you. Several times I wear extensions because I think it will be helpful to compile all of my tips and tricks in a blog post. Consider your comprehensive guide on hair extensions from how to apply them from different strategies and care for them. Let’s get started


There are several different strategies used to set up extensions. I am personally a fan of clip-in extensions but each has its own personal choice. If you are still deciding that any strategy will be right for you then here’s the low down on everyone:

  • Clip-in hair extensions: These are pretty obvious. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to take at your convenience. I recommend using silicon-covered clips to avoid unwanted hair loss.
  • Bonded hair extensions: This is where your natural hair is fused using different keratin strands heat.
  • Tape-in hair extensions: Tape in Hair Extensions: This is where bogus, or tiny strips of hair, combined with the small parts of your natural hair using dual-sided tape.
  • Weave (or sewing-in) hair extension: Your natural hair is strained in rows throughout your scalp and knitted on the brides using hairstyles.

Type of Hair

Fun events: All hair extensions are not the same. There is a huge difference between real people’s hair and synthetic hair. You’re going to give more for human hair. I consider extensions an investment and you want the highest quality there, otherwise, your locks will not be fooled, anyone. Extensions made from essential human hair will give you natural results and blend easily. There is also the ability to print your hair extensions so that they can match your current ‘do. There is something else to consider: Extend your hair density when shopping for extensions. If they are too heavy they can cause a breakdown in your roots. You want to make sure your extension comes from ethical sources. If you work with a professional stylist, they will be able to advise you on this.

Hair Care

First and foremost, always be gentle. You treat your extension as your natural hair. For optimal longevity, try not to wash them very often or coat them with hair products. If your product is to use, keep oils far from the roots or else you can remove your extensions. Avoid excessive tugging while brushing them and always detangle from the bottom up. If you have to dry your extensions then make your hair rough with your fingers before using the brush. Don’t tease your hair before fitting your extensions! This will not only break your hair but also cause potential hair loss. Finally, if you are sleeping among them, then push them annoyingly so that they are not bothered.

Styling Tips

The whole purpose of getting extensions is to form them appear as if your natural hair.  If you have straight hair or a sunny oven stick, then perhaps your extension will be pretty obvious. I recommend a layered haircut or being used to curling your hair on a regular basis. That method you’re less probably to show the world your extension secrets!  If your extensions want to see a sim lesson, be prepared to spend a little more time on your hair than usual. Tip: For extension longevity, go lightweight on the hair product.

And there you have it! This may be a face-off, but I promise that if you follow these tips your extensions will be nice and lasts for a long time.

Home Maintenance

If you are usually the type of one that simply rolls out of bed and tosses your hair in a ponytail, you are going to change your life. Hair extensions are best-made when they are styled, which means that you want to invest time in their time to shower or curl them.

You will be the tender as you brush them. Todd suggests grabbing your hair like a piglet so you can brush the lower part without putting too much pressure on the bond.  Hair extensions also can tangle and find yourself in knots simply, so you want to take some extra time to brush them. Always brush your tips on your scalp to prevent tangling, and take your hair every few days to make sure tangles are not made around bonds.

As for your shower program, a salt shampoo also can facilitate keep the hair healthy. You need to choose a shampoo that makes your hair grow faster. It is also a decent plan to condition, but in the lower half of the hair, it is not very close to the bond.

Is it worth it to invest in human hair?

Absolutely Todd commented, “Human hair is always the way to go. Always keep a reputable company to ensure good quality. You may have to spend more to create the most natural appearance. The artificial hair is usually shinier, there is an unnatural feeling and not the shape like a real thing. Do not hold on. “If you want good results, definitely do not try to spend this! Make sure to certify your extension, and invest in high quality, natural hair.

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