Benefits Of Night Sights In A Glock

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Benefits Of Night Sights In A Glock

Darkness simply hides everything just outside your view. It is nearly impossible to take aim. There is no reason to have a gun if you do not shoot it accurately. Night sights can help you in darkness and you can shoot easily. Though many use a flashlight to the Glock, it is not helpful to see your sights.

A night’s sight can be a lifesaver for you. There are a lot of benefits to using it. In this article, we will highlight those amazing benefits of night sights in a Glock.

How Does A Night Sight Work?

Night sight is an alternative sight that glows in the low light so that you can aim better. Typically, you can find a few different types of night sights. For example, fiber optic is a colored piece of glass that gives light to glow. Nowadays, Tritium is more popular for night sights. It is a radioactive material that creates its own light.

Bright and colored night sights are much better for low-light shooting rather than white dots. However, many Glock don’t feature a night sight. Buying a separate night sight can save in the long run. Click Here to read the best Glock sights.

Benefits of Night Sights

  • You can shoot accurately in low light or even no-light conditions. Using night sights, you can see your sights in the dark. You can target quickly and shoot. It is a smarter option for the users.
  • Some Glock comes with sights, manufactured from the factory. The additional night sight is much better than normal sights. So buying the specific night sight for the Glock is worthwhile.
  • You can choose your favorable night sight colors. Some colors like red get lost against backgrounds. So having green or yellow night sights makes it more visible. Picking different colors of night sights makes more sense, especially for color blind folks.
  • Many people lose sight of the brightness of the muzzle flash and create problems with shooting in the dark. You can easily make an aim against the muzzle flush in low-light. However, many also recommend picking up a CCW flashlight all together.
  • Night sights aren’t just work in the dark, it also makes them visible in the daytime. Typically, you can see a white ring for the times because the glow is washed away by too much light.
  • While you are on the nightstand and let’s assume you are not perfect about gun locating. At this moment, you can easily spot your gun in the dark. Further, if you drop the gun on the spur of the moment, you don’t need to look on the ground or through grass, you can easily spot your pistol.

What About the Disadvantages?

There are some disadvantages you might expect for some reason. Like most optic fiber night sights are cheaply made and break easily. So make sure of the durability and strength. Also, in a defensive scenario, you may take some moment to align the 3 glowing dots. You have to be just good enough to shoot.

Sight can not be fundamental for shooting. You need to get your drawdown and be able to target quickly without any sight modification. This will be more effective. You should use the night sights only in the dark but you should improve your instinctive shooting.

Benefits Of Night Sights In A Glock


A Glock helps you to protect yourself from severe harm. A night sight makes better chances of aiming properly when you are in a dark scenario. This is helpful in many ways. But ensure that you are purchasing the perfect night sight with the best quality. Otherwise, it won’t be useful.

  • Updated January 31, 2023
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