Best Bat House Review 2019 [Updated] – Buying Guide and Installation Process

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Best Bat House Review 2019 [Updated] – Buying Guide and Installation Process
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Today, we will talk deep about the best bat houses to get!

While bats may not be anywhere close to the choice-pet of a homeowner, having them around your home can be a blessing. As much as you want to prevent them from getting inside your home, you also need them parading outside as your garden buddies. Because they are insectivores, bats are beneficial for getting rid of various plant pests from your garden.

They attack and feed on night flying insects such as gnats, moths, midges, beetles, grasshoppers, bugs, and mosquitoes, which could damage your fruits and vegetables when unhindered and even lead to serious diseases like malaria, anthrax, cholera, fever, and others. More so, the excrement from the bats serves as an excellent source of natural fertilizer.

Luring bats to your garden or retaining the ones around can be pretty difficult since they often feel threatened by humans. This is where a bat house comes to help. With the best muffler of bat house kit, you can easily get the bats to stay around so that they can prevent those annoying insects from feasting on your crops. Before we review the top rated bat houses available today, let’s consider the most common reasons why you need a bat house in your yard.

Why you need the best bat house?

The first and probably the most important reason why people build or purchase a bat house is to get rid of the pesky bugs around their property. While the activities of these insects extend throughout the year, they are most visible during warm climate conditions. Combating these bugs can be a major milestone especially if you are trying to avoid harmful pesticides.

Herein, setting up a bat house is an easy way to reduce the activity of most of these insects. Bats are well known for feeding a large number of insects – especially those that cause a lot of damage to plants – which is why they are commonly used for pest control.

Besides their bug-eating habit, bats are also good pollinators, well, night pollinators to be precise. Like bees, they have a “thing” for plant nectar’s and as such are needed for distributing pollen around. Your plants can range from normal vegetable farm to topical crops like agave, azaleas, or guava.

Another benefit of luring bats to your yard with the cheap bed house is because they release the best kind of natural fertilizer; their poop (guano). This can be attributed to the high level of bacteria and fungi it contains as well its “perfect” NPK ratio. So, if you want to have any flying rodent in your garden, it has to be the bats, and you want them eating and pooping around. Okay?  You will definitely need the perfect bat house plan to get them coming in their numbers.

Top-Rated Bat House Comparison Chart!

Model Dimension Weight Capacity Shop
Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat house 14 x 5 x 24 inches 11.65 pounds up to 300 bats Check Price
Songbird Essentials SE570 Five Chamber OBC Bat House 7 x 20 x 23.8 inches 24 pounds up to 600 bats Check Price
Looker Songbird Essentials OBC Single Chamber Bat House 14 x 4 x 24 inches 10 pounds 100 bats Check Price
Uncle Dunkels Triple Chamber Bat House See manufacturer’s website See manufacturer’s website up to 300 bats Check Price
Applewood Outdoor Premium Bat House 15.2 x 10.4 x 4.7 inches 4.1 pounds See manufacturer’s website Check Price

5 Best Bat House Review 2019 [Updated List]

1. Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat house

The Triple chamber bat house is a bat accommodation that promises to attract at least 80% of the bats in your colony which is quite impressive compared to smaller bat houses in its category which may only have 10% success. It is made with red cedar and consists of an exterior of high-quality grade plywood.

This does not only make it attractive to the bats but also helps to provide adequate protection from the elements. The landing pad of the bat house is covered with nylon mesh which helps to ensure easier movement and grip while its design is expected to provide proper ventilation.

This helps to enhance the comfort of the bats. While this product might be on the pricey side, it is one that promises to give you great value for your money. And this explains the great customer feedback it has received from various places so far.



The house has a dimension of 14x5x24 inches and a weight of 11.65 which is quite satisfactory. This makes it suitable for bat colonies of various sizes. According to the product Manufacturer, the bat house can accommodate up to 300 mosquito-eating bats.


If you don’t have any DIY skill set, then you don’t have anything to worry about as this bat house comes fully assembled. However, you may need to apply some paint to make it lighter or darker depending on your location. If you plan on mounting the bat box on a tree, then some additional hooks might be required. Luckily, there are mounting holes on top of the house which makes it ready for mounting.


Like we mentioned earlier, this bat house is made by Looker Products in the US using cedar and plywood. Given that cedar is the best available material for constructing bat houses, this product definitely has a guaranteed quality.

Landing Pad

The landing pad is coated with nylon mesh which makes it possible for the bats to easily maneuver, and even small bats can maintain a comfortable grip.

  • Quality materials.
  • Attractive design.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • 80% success rating of attracting bats.
  • Very expensive (it actually costs a fortune).

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2. Songbird Essentials SE570 Five Chamber OBC Bat House

The Songbird Essentials is a high-quality bat house plan developed after a decade of research. It is approved and designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation which makes it a reliable habitat for housing your bat colonies. No doubt!

It comes equipped with several features which don’t only make it attractive to bats but also able to withstand the elements. Made with cedar, it provides adequate protection for the winged mammals, especially during harsh weather conditions.

In return, mosquitoes and other night-flying insects are kept away from your home by the bats. So, if you have mosquitos invading your home every evening, you’ve got served. To allow the bats easier entrance into the house, it has an extended landing. Also, proper ventilation is maintained for convenient living.



The SE570 Five Chamber OBC Bat House is made with cedar and ¾-inch exterior plywood. This makes it resistant to the weather thereby providing adequate safety to the bats. Like we mentioned earlier, cedar is the best wood type available for making bat houses.


This brown colored bat house is made in the USA by Songbird Essentials. It is approved by the Organization for Bat Conservation as a high-quality habitat for housing chiropters. Given where the product is coming from (USA), you can rest assured you are getting the very best.


This bat house has a dimension of 7x20x23.8 inches and a weight of 24 pounds. It comes with five cells which are expected to accommodate up to 600 bats. This is approximately twice as much as what you get with the Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat house though with a larger weight. This secures it as a perfect choice if you're looking for an affordably sizeable bat house.


Like the Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat house, the SE570 has interior mesh nylon which makes it easier for the bats to maneuver. A quality netting is also provided to ensure easier grip and landing for the bats.

  • Suitable color for almost any region.
  • Large and substantial in size.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Easy mounting (thanks to its flat back).
  • Quality materials.
  • Adequate ventilation (or air circulation).
  • The product is heavier than other options (this is expected considering its capacity).

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3. Looker Songbird Essentials OBC Single Chamber Bat House

Like the SE570, the Looker Songbird Essentials Single Chamber Bat House is also designed and approved by OBC which guarantees its quality and suitability as a useful bat house. The major difference between both habitations is that the latter is smaller as reflected in its name.

It has a single chamber which is obviously not large but still provides enough room for small colonies. This actually holds up to 100 bats. Just like the SE570, this bat house is made from cedar which is resistant to rot and insect attack. And also has exterior plywood back which is one-quarter short of an inch.

The interior consists of a rough surface and nylon mesh which allows for easy grip and maneuverability. The design also features a ventilation slot which allows for proper air circulation while the landing is also provided at the house entrance.



Like we mentioned earlier, the Looker Songbird Essentials Single Chamber Bat house is the same item as the SE570 except for the fact that it's smaller with a dimension of 14 x 4 x 25 inches.


With a weight of only 10 pounds, you will agree that this bat house weighs like a feather. However, this is not astounding considering the fact that it has only one chamber.


Like Triple chamber bat house, this bat house is also manufactured by Looker and made with the same materials of cedar and a high-quality grade plywood exterior; even the design is pretty much the same. So we may just conclude that the Looker Songbird Essentials Single Chamber Bat House is just the smaller version of the SE570.

 Made in the USA

The mere fact that this product is made in the US is a vouch for its quality. So you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Best wood material.
  • Versatile design.
  • Easy mounting and placement.
  • Proper air circulation.
  • Strong build and highly durable.
  • Small: only suitable for small bat colonies.
  • Some users complained that the product is a little more expensive than some competitors.

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4. Uncle Dunkels Triple Chamber Bat House

Given their dedication towards preserving all bat species, it is expected that their endorsement of any bat house should send a strong message as regards to the quality of the bat house. Thus the Triple Chamber Bat House by Uncle Dunkels needs no more recommendation after its endorsement by OBC.

As its name indicates, this bat house boasts three chamber spacing which is expected to accommodate up to 300 bats. As estimated, the sizing is in accordance with all of the requirements by OBC which is a stamp to the quality of the bat house.

Compared to other bat houses that are not approved by OBC, the Uncle Dunkels triple chamber is safer and 80% more effective. It's no surprise it has received a lot of positive feedback from customers.



The Uncle Dunkels Triple Chamber bat house is handmade from high-quality wood materials such as reclaimed tree bark and exterior grade plywood. The hemlock is eastern while the screws on the exterior are all rust proof; the glue used on all the joints is also resistant to water. This arrangement helps to keep drafts away and maintain a dry interior.


In addition to its proper sizing to according to OBC specifications, this bat house also features a polyethylene mesh which is used inside the chamber as well as the landing platforms. The staples used in securing the mesh are all resistant to rust which may be initiated by bat urines or any other means. This ensures the longevity of the bat house even in harsh weather conditions.

Waste Tree Bark

The tree bark used in building this bat house is sourced from lumber and existed previously as a waste material. Its conversion and application for bat housing are not only economical but innovative. The bark is specially treated by kiln drying to repel all kinds of evasive pests which may want to get in especially when the product is being shipped.

USA Made

It's not a new thing to value products that are made in the US given the country's reputation in producing quality items. The story is not different in the case of the Uncle Dunkels Triple Chamber bat house which is a product of perfect craftsmanship and best choice of natural resources.

  • Natural bark exterior.
  • Elegant perch design.
  • High occupancy rate.
  • Reliable protection from the elements.
  • Warm interior, which is ideal for bats.
  • Item is a bit heavy which can make mounting a little hard.

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5. Applewood Outdoor Premium Bat House

Another bat house plan that has received a lot of attention since it came into the market is the Applewood Outdoor Premium Bat house. Like others in the fold, many customers have described this bat house as a lifesaver when it comes to eliminating mosquitoes and other pests that make life unbearable for you.

This bat shelter is handcrafted just like Uncle Dunkels' Bat House and also makes use of some of the best materials available. If you don't have DIY skill sets, then you have nothing to worry about as this product comes fully set up and ready to install. Let's briefly look at some of its amazing features.



Like some of the other bat house on the list, the Applewood premium bat house is constructed with a top grade cedar material which puts it ahead as a desirable shelter for the nocturnal creatures. The cedar used is extremely thick which further guarantees its dependability. As the best bat housing material available, cedar is resistant to rot and cannot be damaged by insect attack.

Mounting Hardware

Many bat houses are either too heavy to mount, or the installation manual that comes with them is not clear enough. Luckily, the Applewood has a comfortable weight of 4.1 pounds which makes it very easy to lift for mounting.

It also comes with mounting holes which have already been drilled including three exterior deck screws 2.5 inches. The instruction manual is well detailed, and you can mount the house on an elevated platform like a pole, a tree, or even your house as long as it's outside.

Heat Retention

This bat has a standard sizing of 15.2 x 10.4 x 4.7 inches and a grooved interior which consists of a fine landing board. The arrangement makes the housing cozy and very attractive for bat habitation. No wonder it's one of the perfect shelters available for the nocturnal creatures.

Money Back Guarantee

In order to guarantee its performance, this bat house comes with a money back guarantee offer which lets you ask for a refund in case you are not satisfied with the product. As such you can rest assured you are spending safely.

  • Top grade wood material.
  • Made in the US.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Great satisfaction.
  • Nice design.
  • Small interior; which may not be large enough for some bat colonies.

Buy on Amazon

Cheap Bed House Buying Guide

How to buy bed house

Opting to buy a bat house instead of purchasing one is a good move as it helps you set up an accommodation that will attract the winged mammals. Unfortunately, a large number of commercial bat houses in the market are often inadequate and cannot serve as a proper housing for the bats. They either lack proper design or the materials used in constructing them are not up to the right standard.

Sometimes it can be a matter of using the wrong placement of not properly resolving sun exposure. Except this is your first time purchasing a bat house, you will agree that bats are usually picky about their dwelling. Even the house painting, which is often overlooked by most homeowners, can attract or repel them.

This is why it’s very important to carefully consider every single detail ranging from construction or shape to mounting before making a final choice. With the perfect bat house properly positioned and installed in your backyard or garden, you can rest assured of luring even the wisest of chiropters. Below are the most notable factors to consider before putting out your money for any product.


Size is probably the most important criteria for choosing a bat house since bats usually settle in colonies. If you have an idea of the colony you are currently housing, then you should be able to decide the exact dimensions that would make a perfect housing. However, make sure you buy a house that is large enough to accommodate a maternity colony.

However, the general rule of thumb is to go for the biggest housing you can afford. It is better to have spacious accommodation than one that cannot accommodate a small colony. This is important since bats always settle in colonies and not individually. It is advisable to mount more than one bat house especially in a situation where you have larger colonies.


Since bats generally prefer wood, it's common to find houses constructed with cedar, plywood, white oak, black locust, and cypress. Composite materials are also common but make sure it’s high quality. Avoid buying any bat house that is not made from any one of these wood materials because such housing is likely going to fail.

While all the wood types mentioned above are all good choices, cedar is generally considered to be the best because it can withstand any weather condition. Also pay attention to the kind of fasteners, screws, and adhesive used in sealing the joints of the habitat.  Make sure they are weather-proof so that the housing won't easily degrade as a result of exposure to the elements.

Colour Shade or Painting

When choosing a bat house, it's also important to consider the painting depending on the climate in your area. The rule of thumb is that the hotter your climate, the lighter the color of the bat house you should go for. This is important since bats like staying in warm places. Normally, all bats prefer temperatures as high as 85 degrees or more in their dwelling place.

This might not be ordinarily obtainable in a cool climate since the sun might not even last for up to six hours. In this case, it's important to figure out a way of absorbing and retaining the heat released by the sun during this period. If you leave in such region, a bat house with a dark color shade will make a perfect choice. This condition is common in northern states where the sun intensity is usually very low for a greater part of the year.

However, if the local climate in your area is very hot, then you should consider buying a bat house that has a lighter shade while for moderate temperature areas a moderate color shade like grey would make a great choice. Other color options like brown also exist; it all depends on your local climate.

It is not uncommon to find bat houses that are not colored. If this appeals to you then make sure you go for the one that has a clear stain. Of course, the climate condition in your area should also influence your decision.

Shape and Texture

Although the overall shape of the bat house doesn't matter much, it's very important to pay good attention to the nature of the interior. Like many flying acrobats, bats prefer walls that are rough and not slippery. This enables them to have an easy grip and maneuver without any difficulty.

Thus make sure the bat house you're buying doesn't have a smooth surface on the inside. A net would also be needed (preferably nylon) as well as some protrusions to allow for proper ventilation. The shape of the bat house could be cubic, cuboid, cylindrical or more commonly, wedge-like. The shape of the bat box will determine the position of the exit hole.

How to Choose The Perfect Location for Your Bat House?

Besides buying the best house on the market, choosing the right location is also another factor that will determine your success. Bat houses, no matter how attractive they, if not properly positioned, will often remain to the bats.

It is one thing to have a bat house that works; it's another thing to place the house where it can be spotted by the flying rodents. This goes to say that even the best bat house plans in the world can fail if it's not situated in the right place.

Since bats are affected by temperature, it's paramount to always maintain a warm interior. This can only happen if the bat house is located in a place where it has direct access to sunlight. Ideally, the bat house can be positioned facing south, east or southeast depending on the climate of the area. This will enable it to receive at least 6-10 hours of maximum light.

It may help to monitor your yard for a few days to determine the "hottest" spot before going ahead to mount the bat house. Make sure there's so much wind blowing in the area. Bat houses are most effective when they are located in the sun and out of the wind.

Painting is another important factor that determines heat since sun exposure will likely vary depending on the local climate. Black, brown or grey are usually the best colors to use in a cool area where the sun doesn't come out much. However, a lighter color is preferred, or you may just opt for natural wood with a clear stain.

Whether you choose to mount the house on a pole, tree or by the side (or top) of a building, make sure it's 15 to 20 feet high because of bats like being far away from other animals especially those they perceive as predators. Two good examples are humans and cats.

It's also important to locate the bat house not too far from a freshwater source like a stream or pond, though an artificial water source would also do. A quarter mile is ideal.

Check out this Video to Install Bat House Properly:


By now, you're probably seeing bats in a new light and must have decided to get your own bat house. Hopefully, you should be able to pick one of the products reviewed above. Not only they are the best, but they are also some of the most affordable options available.

Don't forget to locate the best position for your bat house in order to achieve amazing results. Luckily, most of the products reviewed above do not offer any installation difficulty; almost all of them come ready to install.

But if you're still hesitant about mounting the house yourself, don't let it deter you from inviting these fascinating creatures to your yard. Getting a little help wouldn't hurt.

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