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5 Best Bug Spray for Home Reviews 2024 – Expert Buying Guide & FAQ

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best bug spray for home

“Oh my God! I’ll just kill’em all.” This is how I reacted when I first saw bugs in my room. I literally started killing them one by one wherever I found them. And I eventually got tired after a few days of enthusiastic bug killing missions. It is practically impossible to make your home bug free by killing them one by one. Because, even if you can kill hundreds of bugs, you won’t be able to get rid of the microscopic eggs that bugs lay on your mattress or furniture. And the eggs will just keep regenerating the bug population. This is the common scenario of the most bug affected houses. In such a situation, what they look for is the best bug spray for home.

And bugs are just one category of insects that might invade your lovely home! Your house might also get invaded by insects like mosquitoes, hornets, bees, ants, flies, or spiders. However, bugs are the most irritating insects I’ve ever encountered in my home. They’ll not only bite you, but also embarrass you in front of your friends or colleagues or neighbors. I’ll tell you two reasons why. Number one, how would you feel if one of your colleagues points at a bug that came out of your dress? And number two, your neighbors won’t allow you or your children into their house if they know that your house is infested with the bug. Because a single mother bug has the capability to infest the whole house. Yes, bugs are that dangerous!

Apart from the embarrassment, bug infestation at a serious level will definitely rob your good night sleep. The bugs hiding in your clothes, mattress or furniture will never miss their chances to give you “SWEET KISSESS”. And you’ll find yourself to be itching here and there almost all the time. By dint of advanced technologies, many companies have come forward to restore your good night’s sleep and save you from dire embarrassing situations. However, finding out the best pest control solution can be a confusing situation. Don’t worry! In this article, you’ll learn about five of the best bug killer spray for home that will keep your sweet home free from infesting insects like bugs. Besides, there will be a buying guide for you to ease your decision-making process.

Top 5 Best Bug Spray for Home Reviews 2020

1. Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray

Ecoraider is one of the best bug sprays available in the market. According to a study published by the Entomological Society of America, this is the only natural pest control product that works 100% effectively. Besides, the USDA Public Health Pesticide Program for eradicating bed bug infestations in public housing termed it field proven. Hundreds of positive user reviews also prove the claims.

The most important feature of this product is that it is manufactured from plant extracts. Usually, pesticides are produced using harsh chemicals. But rest assured that no such chemical ingredients have been used in this product. The spray won’t harm your children and pets. Just make sure that they enter the room when the applied liquid has dried.

On top of that, the spray is dermatologically safe. Test reports from Product Safety Lab say “EcoRaider causes none to minimal skin irritation”. Just spray on the bug nest. Don’t hesitate to apply directly on your mattress and other sensitive places; it is safe. Besides, it has a residual protection of two weeks, meaning you’ll enjoy long term protection.

Some Highlighted Features

  • Toxin-free and dermatologically safe
  • Plant extracted active ingredients
  • Two weeks residual protection


  • Perfect for use in sensitive places like clinics, schools, etc.
  • Free of harsh chemical components
  • It attacks neuron receptors that are found only in invertebrates


Many users have complained that it smells like cedar after spraying. However, the spray worked well for them. Getting rid of the devil is worth dealing with a little plant smell, right?

2. Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin

The Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin is mainly manufactured for professionals. Particularly, it is the best pest control spray for homes in case of a scorpion infestation. But, it is also well capable of dealing with other insect infestations both inside and outside the house. Besides, the b-cyfluthrin pesticide has been used in the micro-encapsulated element that ensures a long 90-day residual effect.

Don’t worry. Once the applied pesticide dries up, it’s totally safe for your pets to step on the places the spray was applied. Just make sure to use gloves while applying the insecticide. And keep your kids and pets away from the house from the time you start spraying till it dries up. Besides, you and your family members are less likely to feel any kind of skin irritation.

When you prepare the solution, keep in mind that 1oz concentrate is more than enough for 1 gallon water if you are dealing with standard bugs, spiders, roaches, etc. But if you are facing a scorpion problem dose up the concentrate to 1.5oz. The perfect time to apply the insecticide is from April to October at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks.

Some Highlighted Features

  • 0% Cyfluthrin
  • 90-day residual effect


  • Suitable for use both inside and outside the house
  • A very low mix rate of solution does the job


Many criticized that the concentrate doesn’t work that well with spiders. But if you’ve sprayed properly, don’t expect it to work overnight. Rather, be patient, the spiders will die eventually.

3. Termidor SC Termiticide – Best Bug Spray for Home

This is yet another top pesticide for professionals. It is best for termite and ant infestations. However, it is also suitable for treating beetles, bugs, centipedes, roaches, spiders, paper wasps, etc. Termidor will eliminate insect infestation within just 90 days. On top of that, the product is capable of protecting your house or office for more than 10 years if you apply it as an in-ground barrier.

Termites and ants can’t detect Termidor. So, when termites or ants come in contact with Termidor, their whole colony will be eliminated gradually. You’ll be able to treat almost any kind of termites like Formosan, dry wood and subterranean termites with Termidor. This is probably the best solution to termite or ant infestation within its price range.

Before you buy Termidor, you must know that this particular product is not suitable for indoor use. However, if you find a termite or ant nest inside a wall void, you can apply Termidor in that void to treat the infestation. Otherwise, this product should be used outside the house only.

Some Highlighted Features

  • Non-repellent
  • Odorless


  • Long term protection
  • Termidor in-ground barrier works for years
  • Low mix rate: 20oz bottle enough for 24 gallons water


Termidor SC Termiticide is suitable only for outdoor applications. Only the wall voids inside the house can be treated with Termidor in case of live infestation. So, be mindful of the fact.

4. Green Cleaner 749806

Now, if you’re a farm owner and your crops is infested with insects, Green Cleaner 749806 if the perfect solution for you. You probably wouldn’t find a better solution to treat your farmlands in this price range. This product is also suitable for professionals who deal with farmland insect infestation.

The Green Cleaner 749806 is particularly suitable for treating mite infestation. It will kill all the mites and destroy the eggs as well. The best thing about this product is that you can use it to treat plants of all ages, starting from clones. You can use this natural product even on the harvesting day.

There are many other insecticides available in the market to treat insect infestation in farmlands. But, unlike other insecticides, Green Cleaner doesn’t become immune to spider mites. According to nature or infestation, mix 2oz concentrate to prepare 1-4 gallon solution, 4oz for 2-8 gallon solution, 8oz for 4-16 gallon solution, 32oz for 16-64 gallon solution and 128oz for 64-256 gallon solution.

Some Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for plants of all age
  • Spider mites don’t get immune to it


  • Apart from killing mites, it destroys their eggs as well
  • Doesn’t harm the plants


If you don’t follow application guidelines properly, the product won’t yield expected result. Green Cleaner is an effective spray for sure, but ignoring the directions will probably waste your time and money. So, go accordingly!

5. Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer

The Flowtron BK-80D is probably the best option for those who need wide-area coverage up to 1 acre. Its non-clogging grid won’t allow insects to accumulate. Besides, the product is waterproof and rustproof. That means you’ll get uninterrupted service during the rainy season as well.

Among the similar products available in the market, this 80 watt product is the best insect killer. The powerful bulb featured in this product is designed to last for a long period of time in harsh environment. Many users reviewed that they’ve used one bulb up to one year. The bulb replacement process is also quite easy allowing you to enjoy hassle-free service.

On top of that, the power consumption of Flowtron BK-80D is very low. Even a full day operation will cost only pennies. How economic is that! The only negative side you’ll find in its price range in comparison to other similar products. However, years of quality service will definitely make that up for you.

Some Highlighted Features

  • Highly efficient and non-clogging grid
  • Weatherproof and rustproof structure
  • Easy to replace bulbs


  • Power consumption is quite low
  • Solid construction ensures durability


You would be very disappointed looking at the Flowtron BK-80D power cord length. It is only around 8 inches long! However, an extension cord will easily solve the problem.

Buying Guide About Best Bug Spray for Home 

best bug spray buying guide

It’s time to know how to find out the best pest control spray for homes. Deciding which one is the best pesticide suitable for your situation is very crucial. Here is a simple step by step buying guide for you so that you can make your decision easily without making any mistake. Don’t neglect these factor mentioned below while buying your desired product.

  • Objective

This is probably the most important thing you need to address before you buy the best bug spray for home. Although this is one of the easiest decisions to make, it is the most crucial decision as well. First, you need to scrutinize the infestation you’re dealing with.

Why is this important? Because every insect infestation needs a specific type of insecticide that suits the situation best. Say for example, you don’t want to use plant pesticide to treat bug infestation or vice versa. Or, some infestation needs higher dose of insecticides.

Besides, how you want to deal with a situation also determines your objectives. Like, if you want to take preventive measures you’ll need to apply different insecticide than those suitable for remedial measures. It’s simple as that. So, you need to understand your objectives of using pesticides first.

  • Types

There are several ways you can categorize insecticides. Based on how the insecticides work, these products are divided into three categories: systemic, contact and ingested.

Basically, systemic insecticides are applied in the soil. You’ll need to dig a drench and apply the insecticide into the soil to be absorbed by plants through their roots. Later, the insecticides will get stored on the leaves, branches and fruits. As a result, if any insect harming the plant will eventually die.

The second category of insecticides works only when insects come in direct contact with the insecticides. That’s why they are categorized as such. Generally, the common insect sprays that are used indoor are contact insecticides. As they only deal with the insects that come in direct contact, it’s not the best weapon as a preventive measure.

Apart from these two categories, you’ll find some other insecticides that work only when they’re ingested by insects, roaches or rats. These insecticides are known as ingested insecticides.

So, at first, you need to understand your situation – what type of infestation you’re dealing with and which category of insecticide you need.

  • Chemicals Used

The ingredients that are used to manufacture insecticide are very important factors that you need to consider. The ingredients will tell you whether the insecticide you are planning to buy is capable of treating the infestation you’re dealing with. You might also encounter some pesticides that are very strong than you actually require.

Some might argue that killing the insects is the main objective; if that is served, it doesn’t matter whether the insecticide is very strong or something else. But, let me make it clear – strong pesticides have their side effects or negative sides as well.

You’ll find many pesticides are labeled as “for OUTDOOR use only”. Do you know why? This is because they are harmful for indoor environment. Your family members and pets might be affected by those insecticides if used indoor. Do you want that?

On the other hand, you’ll find some of the pesticides are manufactured using natural ingredients like plants, roots, leaves, etc. Such insecticides are safe. However, you must read the instructions thoroughly after buying a product. The instructions based on the ingredients of that particular product are given for your safety.

  • User Reviews about Top Bug Spray

If you’re really too lazy to go through all the previous steps that I mentioned, you should look for reliable user reviews. Such reviews from users also have great significance even if you’ve followed all the mentioned above steps. Let me explain why.

Even after following the steps, the possibility still remains that you might make a wrong decision. But, if you go through some user reviews that are reliable, you can easily make the right decision.

You can take reviews from your neighbors, friends and relatives. You can even read reviews online, thanks to advanced technology. People now love to post comments online if they’ve used any product or bought any product from somewhere. They even add photos and videos with their comments. So, their reviews will definitely come in handy if you’re in a dilemma.

I’m confident that by following these steps properly you’ll be able to choose the insecticide that suits your situation best.

How to Use Home Bug Spray Safely

Frequently Asked Questions on Bug Spray for Home

In this section of the article, I would like to address some of the important issues related to pest infestation and pest control spray. I’ve chosen three of the most frequently asked questions so that you can have some idea about these issues.

Is bug killer spray safe for kids and pets?

Answer: You probably have already got some idea about this issue by reading this article. It solely depends on the type of insecticides you’re using. Some of the insecticides available in the market are manufactured using very strong chemicals that are harmful to human beings. While some other pesticides are not suitable for indoor use. Such pesticides are not safe for your kids and pets.

Can pests trigger asthma?

Answer: Yes, some pests are capable of triggering asthma. Generally, people suffering from asthma or children whose father or mother has asthma are prone to asthma attacks triggered by pests. Cockroaches, mice and bugs are the common pests that can trigger asthma in children.

For this reason, you should do check your house periodically whether the house is infested by pests. Even if you find only a few of them, there is a possibility that your house might be infested. So, it’s better to check regularly.

How long does it take to work after initial treatment?

Answer: Generally, people get so panicked in the face of infestation that they want the pesticides to work immediately. Or, they want pesticides that will make their house pest-free overnight. But, pesticides don’t work that way. Depending on the type of pesticide and infestation, you’ll see the results.

Some pesticides kill pests at contact while some need a longer time to work; some are used as preventive measures while some as remedial measures. Sometimes, the infestation is so bad that even strong pesticides need a long time to eliminate all the pests. I hope you’ve got the answer.

Bottom Words

This is all about choosing the best bug spray for home. Don’t panic in the face of pest infestation. Just analyze the situation thoroughly and properly with patience. Then find out the pesticide you need to handle the infestation. If you don’t want to take the risk of making any mistake, simply call your local pest control agencies.

The products analyzed in the article are the best insect killing tools in their respective fields. You’ll also find some other products that work pretty effectively as well. But before making the decision to buy the best bug killing spray, don’t forget to consider the steps that I mentioned.

And you probably have understood that it’s not possible to declare which one is the best insect killer without reviewing some important factors. So, it’s best for me to refrain from making any comment on which one is the best pest control spray for homes. Wish you a happy life free from pest infestation!

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