5 Best Electrical Wire Reviews 2024 – Expert Buying Guide

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best electrical wire review

If you are a fun of quality stuff, electrifying your house using the best electric wires will be the best choice you ever made. Nowadays, there are many electric wires with different brands making it overwhelming to buy the best wiring kit for your home without the relevant background information about electrical cables.

You may be wondering of what benefit is an excellent electrical wire; after all, a wire is just a wire, right? Well, there are many benefits that the best electrical wires provide including energy efficiency, durability, good electrical conductivity, value for money, and reducing electrical energy loses among other benefits.

We have scrolled through the market and investigated on your behalf, the electrical wires in the market in terms of quality, price, and value to make the process of selecting easier for you. Let’s dive in and have a look at the top-rated electrical wires there are for 2020 and later.

Top 5 Best Electrical Wire Reviews in 2022

1. Romex 63949232 50 ft. 8/3 Black Stranded CU SIMpull NM-B Wire

Romex 63949232 50 ft. 8/3 Black Stranded CU SIMpull NM-B Wire

The Romex black stranded CU SIMpull NM-B wire is a product manufactured by the Southwire Company known for innovative and high-quality electrical wires.

This wire is coated with patented SIMpull jacket for the flawless stripping, pulling, and installation of the wire. The most common use of the Romex high-quality copper cable is residential wiring especially the 6-gauge wire because it can be branched out for connecting switches, outlet circuits and other tons of wiring. Its capacity to hold 40 amps makes it ideal for household use with ovens and ranges including other heavy consumption household appliances.

It also comes as a unit of 8 gauge and 50ft long enough for extended wiring options while its black PVC jacket is robust enough to protect the four inner wire conductors from popping out and other damages. It is however recommended that you desist from using the wire outdoors or in damp basements unless the cable is sealed with some conduits.


  • This is a high-quality cable made of quality material
  • It is designed with patented SIMpull sheathing special for Southwire wires for easy installation
  • The wire is anti-corrosive
  • It has both 8-gauge and 6-gauge options
  • Made in the USA
  • The 50 ft coil is plenty of cable for wiring projects


  • It is unsuitable for outdoor installation¬†
  • It is highly-priced

2. Southwire 63948422 50′ 10/3 with ground Romex brand SIMpull

Southwire 63948422 50' 10/3 with ground Romex brand SIMpull

The Southwire Romex Brand SIMpull NM-B non-metallic sheathed cable is ideal for general wiring requirements including business premises, stores and homes. The cable can be used in both exposed and concealed working location provided they are dry, and the temperatures are within 90 degrees.

The voltage rating for the cable is 600 volts evidence that the cable is high-quality and offers good value. It consists of four conductors and comes at 50ft measurements of the 10-gauge cable.

The Southwire cable is also encased in a heavy SIMpull cable jacket which makes it easier to pull, install and strip. The cable’s heavy gauge wire also makes it suitable for all 240v residential applications such as heavy appliances, water heating and other applications that require a minimum of 30 amps of electricity.


  • This cable is made in the USA
  • It has a voltage rating of 600 volts
  • It offers value for money given the reasonable price
  • It is made of superior quality and lasts long
  • Convenient for most residential applications


  • It is not ideal for moist surfaces.
  • The sheath of the wire is not robust enough as one could expect

3. GS Power 14 Gauge Copper Clad Aluminum Primary Cable

GS Power 14 Gauge Copper Clad Aluminum Primary Cable

The GS Power gauge (CAA) cable is built for low current applications. It does not follow the American Wire Gauge standard but has a higher resistance making the American standardization invalid. The wires come in 10 rolls of 100ft per spool in a color set of red, black, green, brown, purple, grey, orange, yellow and white.

The single conductor wire is stranded with copper aluminum, insulated and jacketed with flexible PVC coat for protection. The wire is feeble and corrosive, so it is not ideal for exposed wiring, but the low price makes it worth buying for the small wring projects.

It is ideal for low consumption of power uses like LED lighting, home theatre connections, car radio stereo among other uses that barely require much electricity. It is recommended that you avoid these wires for residential wiring, or any other heavier installation uses for that matter.


  • The wires are very cheap.
  • They have different coatings for better installations.
  • Perfect for automotive wiring.
  • Come in 100ft spools ideal for long tubing.
  • They have ideal packaging making them convenient to carry


  • They are thin and brittle
  • They have low durability

4. 16 GA Primary Wire 10 Roll Color Combo 100 ft per Color

The 16 GA (CAA) cable is also a low current cable for light electric connections such as car stereo, home theater connections, and amplifier connections among other low electricity consuming devices.

This bundle of cables comes with ten color options of 16 GA cables in 100 ft spools. Insulated with flexible PVC jackets, the wires are single conductors with copper-clad aluminum made for the specific purpose of protecting the inner cords from popping out and electrocution. They are however very light and corrode on exposure to water and moisture of any kind, and do not, therefore, lasts long.

The CAA wire is not recognized by the American wire gauge standard but the wire is resistant than OFC is making it ideal for indoor light wiring.

For enthusiasts who like to make simple stuff and those who love working on car stereo modifications, this is the kind of option you should be looking at for your needs. The multiple color options are also good for wiring as it prevents confusion especially when you are working on numerous connections.


  • The cables sell for a low price
  • The cables are great for automotive installations
  • They come in great packages of 10 rolls
  • Have different color options


  • They are not recognized by AWG
  • They are easily corrosive

5. Southwire 63947628 100′ 12/3 with ground Romex brand SIMpull

Another top quality wire from Southwire is Southwire 12 gauge solid copper cable with ground Romex. It is encased with patented SIMpull Cable unique to the Southwire brand of cables and wires, which enable simple stripping, pulling and installation of the wire.

This is arguably the best quality cable among the Southwire cables and in the current market today. This high-quality cable is made and designed in America for the ideal needs of residential cabling, store and shop wiring among other cabling needs. The cable consists of four well-labeled wire conductors and comes as a unit of 100ft length.

This cable is ideal for any workplace situation, whether exposed or concealed because its quality is outstanding. In operations on a dry surface and temperatures that do not exceed 90 degrees centigrade, the cable is ideal for usage. The cable is installed in vents of masonry blocks and also between tile walls provided they are dry. The cable is rated 600 in terms of voltage rating.


  • The cable is multi-purpose and top quality for all ideal installation needs.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • It comes from the Southwire brand that produces quality products.
  • The cable is perfect for installation in air voids of masonry construction locks and tiles.
  • It has a voltage rating of 600 volts


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It cannot withstand temperatures exceeding 90 degrees centigrade

Best Electrical Wire Expert Buying Guide

Electrical Wire buying guide

Well, you may have all the information and listing about the high-quality electrical wires but you still need to know what makes these wires the best. There are several factors to investigate an electrical wire before you set out to buy it. These aspects are some that you need to check out to ensure you have the best electrical wire with you.

  • What Brand?

You need not to be ashamed of being brand cautious. We are not here to advertise some brands, but it is a given fact that some reputable companies insist on quality above all other factors. Therefore, when buying such a brand commodity, you are assured that what you buy is of the best quality without any compromise.

If there is any fault at all, the brand is always willing to rectify to protect its reputation. Insist on buying the brands recommended to you by electrical and friends who have tried and tested the product and know it is of superb quality because there are also small brands that produce high-quality goods.

  • Is the wire legitimate?

As much as brands produce good quality electrical wires, there are those counterfeiters who try to prey on this opportunity to build low-quality products bearing the brand name. When buying an electrical wire from a particular company, insist on checking the mark of quality by the standardizing authority and looking at the seal that shows it is from that particular brand. That’s not enough; it is recommended that you visit the dealership or outlet permitted by the company to sell the item. Amazon is one sure place to find legitimate electrical wires.

  • What are the wire’s gauge and rating?

Wires come in different gauges rather than a single gauge, and each gauge is designed to hold a specific capacity of electricity for safety. For instance, if you are using heavy machinery or appliances, it is recommended that you go for the heavy gauge wires and when you prospect on using low consumption appliances, you could go for the low gauge electric wires. It is advisable to go for a standard gauge while you are using low consuming gadget because the future is unknown. Using heavily consuming machinery on low gauge wires could still work but on a limited time frame before there is a short circuit or fire.

  • Does the wire provide Protection Features?

Every top brand conducts rigorous tests on its products to ensure they are safe for use. For this reason, they include all the protection features including a robust coating, color labeling the wires with the appropriate colors, high-quality wire, and labeling the gauge of the wire correctly. These measures ensure that short circuits and fires are prevented at all costs and that the user is not electrocuted. v. What type of wire or cable do I need?

You should probably note the difference between a wire and a cable before you go out to buy one to prevent confusion. A wire is a single conductor with only one strand of wire or several strands of wire passing through one insulated channel while a cable comprises of two or more insulated wires wrapped in one bundle wrapped together. When going to buy the wires or cables, it is wise first to consult an electrician to assess the gauges and the length you need for wiring to reduce confusion and back-and-forth journey to the electrical shop. Have all the details recorded before you go for a quote and buy all items as one to attract better discounts.

Final Verdict

“Cheap is always expensive”. That saying applied squarely when it comes to electrical wires because when you fail to buy the best electrical wires for your long-lasting project, you might experience huge losses through energy inefficiencies, constant repairs, compensations for victims electrocution, and worse of all, you might end up losing your precious investment from a fire.

At the end of it all, you might have t redo the whole wiring system. It is rather you cough more for better quality because it is a once-and-for-all investment that is meant to last you for long. With the list of the best electric wires highlighted above, you should have zero effort because we have analyzed all the aspects for you, you only have to decide the one that suits your needs. Have fun wiring your premises.

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