The Best Foods To Gain Weight and Muscles Fast!

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Best Foods To Gain WeightYou need to eat the right foods to gain weight quickly. This is a hard and true fact! Many people neglect their muscle gain diets while they toil away experimenting with the latest and greatest bodybuilding training routines only to discover that they have little muscle gain to show for it.

The reality of gaining weight or muscle mass is that success lies in the numbers. The difference between someone who gains weight and muscle mass quickly and someone who doesn’t is usually just hidden in the details. In this case, the difference in a number of calories you consume v.s. A number of calories you expend on a daily basis.

In order to gain weight, you need to consume (eat) more calories than you expend (burn) most of the time. This results in a surplus of energy or calories.

Your body has no choice but to do something with the excess energy. In order to deal with the energy surplus, your body will either store the excess energy as fat or use it to build more lean muscle mass.

Eating the best foods to gain weight can help you immensely!

If you grasp a basic understanding of the nutrients required to fuel muscle growth, it will become obvious how you need to eat if you want to gain weight and muscle mass at the same time.

A word of warning…

While it is certainly possible to gain weight and muscle mass at the same time without also gaining an appreciable amount of body fat, it is not possible to gain weight without also gaining a bit of fat. Anytime you increase your caloric intake, you run the risk of putting on some unwanted fat.

This is why bodybuilders plan their nutrition and training schedules in “bulking” and “cutting” cycles. They know they’re going to gain a bit of fat when they up their calorie intake, that’s just how it works! But they have learned to offset the fat gain by moving into a training and nutrition cycle that allows them to shed all of the new fat, but retain most of the new muscle mass.

The thing to keep in mind here is not to go crazy with the excess calories. Make adjustments gradually over a 1 – 2 week period, and analyze the results. If you’re not gaining weight, increase your calories somewhere in the 250 – 500 calorie a day range. If you’re gaining weight, but also too much fat, simply decrease your calories by 250 -500.

Alright, no need to beat a dead horse here, I just wanted, to be honest with you and let you know that anytime you increase your calorie intake to gain weight, you will also gain a bit of fat. So it’s a good idea to plan your more aggressive weight gain/muscle gain cycles for the winter months so that you have a bit of time to shed the excess fat before you hit the beach!

If you’re looking to gain weight as fast as possible, you need to be eating a healthy dose of the right foods at the right times. And the alternative way to gain weight fast, you need to be weight training exercises by the exercise benches. Below is a shortlist of some of my favorite foods to gain weight.

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The Best Foods To Gain Weight Fast…

In order to gain muscle mass, it’s important to eat enough muscle building protein.

Here are my personal favorites when it comes to high-quality lean protein: the amount of Beef Provides Lean Muscle Building Protein

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Ground Turkey Breast
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Lean Cuts of Beef (eye round, sirloin tip side steak, top round are great choices here)
  • High-Quality Whey Protein Supplements / Powders 

Here are my favorite carbohydrate choices for weight and muscle gain:

  • Oatmeal (flavored or plain)
  • Whole Wheat – Whole Grain Bread
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Potato
  • Yams
  • Fruit
  • Ego Blueberry Waffles (Not the best, but I love them!)

If you want to gain weight, you need a number of calories that you’re currently eating. This is usually easier said than done! If you’re having a hard time eating more food, a great way to add extra calories to your diet without causing you to feel bloated all of the time is by adding in some heart-healthy fats.Also, If you want to gain weight & muscle fast by weight training exercises. I think this article will help you to do this practically.

Best Foods to Gain Weight ( Video )

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