The Best Places to Do your Whole-Body Vibration Training

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Best Places to Do your Whole-Body Vibration Training

Fitness can be a funny thing. There are some workouts you can only do in specific areas, while there are some you can just about anywhere. Lifting weights, for example, can only be safely done in the gym. Here, you can control the weights you’re lifting and get a gym buddy to spot you. Yoga, on the other hand, is an exercise anyone can practically go anywhere. You can do yoga at home, in the office, in the park, even on your bed. And yet, while both are completely different, they give you the same results: a fitter and healthier body.

One exercise that you can also do anywhere is whole-body vibration training. Although it’s not as easy to just start doing on the spot like yoga, you can still perform this exercise just about anywhere you want. Provided you have a handy vibration machine with you, you’re good to go. But where should you do whole-body vibration training? Here are a few suggestions.

Your Bedroom

You can do just about anything in your own bedroom, including whole-body vibration training. In fact, as long as you have a machine with you there, you can instantly start this therapy as soon as you wake up. At least, when you do so, you’ll start the day fresh, more relaxed, and energized. And at night, after a long day at work, you can relax and prepare for bed by going at it again. This way, you’ll also burn off the calories you ate throughout the day. You also don’t have to worry about the machine getting in the way as there is a lot that’s small, compact, but still effective.

Entertainment Room

Most of the time, when you’re working out, you’ll need a distraction to chase away the thoughts of pain. Why do you think gyms have TV sets and play all sorts of loud music on their sound systems? The same applies to whole-body vibration training as well. Although this exercise is not as physically taxing, it still pays to distract yourself while doing it. This is why another great place to go for some rounds is in your home entertainment room. In that one area inside your house that’s all about keeping you distracted, you can do whole-body vibration training while watching TV or listening to music.

Office Corner

Companies nowadays understand the importance and benefits of having physically fit and energized employees. There are some that have incorporated small gyms in their offices or allow their workers to work out a bit in between tasks and assignments. If you want to take a break to exercise in the middle of your workday, then get a vibration machine for the office. You can place it in the corner so that it won’t be in anyone’s way, and when you some minutes to spare, you can have a session or two on it. since it’s a relaxing exercise, you’re more likely to feel refreshed after and to continue with your day ahead.


Sometimes, the best sort of exercises are the ones under the sun. Why do you think people jog in the morning or swim at noon? The sun helps them feel energized to work out and do all sorts of activities to maintain a fit body and improve their physical health. Now, you can also do the relaxing exercise of whole-body vibration training under the sun in your own backyard. Connect some extension cords together to reach the outside so that your machine can still work properly. When you’re on the machine, you’ll be able to lose weight as you stand or sit there enjoying a great day outside.

In a Studio with Other People

Part of what makes exercising enjoyable is getting to do it with like-minded people. Whether it be through yoga or Pilates classes or meeting new gym buddies, exercising has become a new way of meeting new people and forming friendships. Although whole-body vibration training is more of an isolated exercise, you can still do it in a studio with other people. In fact, there might even be classes of this therapy right there in your town. And if there isn’t, there’s nothing stopping you to starting a class of your own and meeting other people who enjoy the same type of workout that you do.

A Quiet Scented Room

Part of what makes whole-body vibration training so enjoyable is that it’s a relaxing exercise. It isn’t like jogging of push-ups that can be physically taxing and might strain your body if you go too far. With this form of exercise, you’re simply letting the machine do all the work and you’re just sitting or standing there. If you want a full relaxing treatment, you can also do this therapy in a well-scented room. Get a few candles or fill an area with fresh flowery plants to create the perfect relaxing space for your whole-body vibration training. You won’t regret doing so.

Living Room

Doing whole-body vibration training in the living room is practically the easiest and one of the best options for anybody. There’s more space as compared to your bedroom, you can invite other people to join in on your fun, and if there’s a TV set there, you can still do it while you’re watching your favorite programs. And when you’re not using the machine, you can just store it on the side until your next session.  There’s practically no reason why you shouldn’t do it in your own living room. There’s also no downside, just a couple of positive reasons as to why you should do it there.

This is just some places you can do your whole-body vibration training. There are loads more possible places to do it, and once you find that perfect spot, you go right ahead with your session. And don’t ever let others steer you away from this exercise. just because it’s not that popular, doesn’t mean it doesn’t procure the same physical effects. After a session or two of whole-body vibration training. wherever you choose to do it, you’ll be feeling healthier and looking fitter than ever before.

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