Estwing Sportsman Axe Special Edition Review

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Estwing Sportsman Axe Special Edition

​If you are regular in camping and outdoor activities, you have to have a camping hatchet. You can use it for a wide range of works in camping and other outdoor activities. In this case, Estwing Special Edition Sportsman Axe E24ASEA can be the best choice for you.

​The axe is made for rough and tough outdoor activities where normal axes fail. Estwing is the manufacturer which is passionate about making perfect American-made outdoor tools. Keeping the rough campers in mind, this camping hatchet is manufactured with a number of features that provides great look, strength, firmness and long lasting guarantee.


Not the regular campers only, many beginners have also used this camping axe. Most of them have found that this axe is a versatile axe which is suitable for any type of camping. You can use this axe for a wide range of works like cutting woods and meats, hammering something etc.

After this general overview of the tool, you are still confused maybe. Let’s take a look at the details and clear the confusion.

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​Forged in one piece: ​​​​

The tool is manufactured from one piece steel that ensures no joint. As a result, the tool ensures no risk of breaking down at the time of using for chopping trees or any other activities. So, you can be sure that you are safe from the accidents that happen because of breaking the axe.

The one-piece tool is made from the finest tool grade steel. This ensures the quality and durability of the tool. Most of the time outdoor tools go through tough actions and environment. So, being affected by dust and rust is a common matter for the outdoor tools.

But the material of Estwing Special Edition Sportsman Axe E24ASEA ensures the longest dust and rust free tool life. So, you can easily choose this one if you want to get rid of the hazard from buying outdoor axes time and again.

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​Designed for outdoor versatility:

The tool can be called as the all-rounder in case of outdoor use. By being made of one piece finest tool grade steel, it ensures performing tough works. The design of the tool ensures proper balance and temper.

The most important thing is the 3-1/4 inch cutting edge of the tool. This cutting-edge ensures easy cutting of woods and bushes beside of splitting woods for making fire. Besides, it is ideal for chopping meats too. These are not the only thing you can do with this axe. You can easily use it against predators to save yourself if those attack you in the jungle.

This tool also can cut ice if needed. So, it can be seen easily that Estwing Special Edition Sportsman Axe E24ASEA is a versatile one among the outdoor axes.

​Hand sharpened as well as polished:

Estwing always looks for providing quality outdoor tools. So this Estwing Special Edition Sportsman Axe E24ASEA is prepared with special care. The blade of the axe is hand sharpened which ensures the perfection in finishing. The hand sharpening also makes the user sure about the perfection in details too.

Besides, the tool is hand polished. This ensures that this axe is prepared with manual care that a machine can’t ensure.

Thus this tool is more or less built with proper human care to ensure the best quality. Because of this, Estwing Special Edition Sportsman Axe E24ASEA has also got a premium look that is loved by most of the users.

​Genuine and firm lather grip:

The axe comes with a strongly added genuine leather grip. This grip ensures firm handling of the tool. It ensures that when you’ll chop woods or meats, cut trees or use it as a survival tool, the tool won’t fall from your hand.

The firm grip also ensures comfortable handling of the tool. If you can’t handle the tool comfortably, you may face problems at the time of using it. This type of problem won’t occur if you use this tool because of the leather grip and its firm bond.

​Additional sheath for tool security:

Estwing also thinks of the security of the tool after selling it to the customers. So, like other Estwing Sportsman Axes, this best bushcraft axe also comes with a durable sheath. This durable sheath is made of nylon which ensures the ability to save the head and cutting edge of the axe from outside environment.

This durable and firm sheath is made in Taiwan. By being made of quality material, the sheath protects the axe from water, ice, dust, dirt and extreme weather condition. This ensures the durability and safety of the tool. Still, you have to be careful about storing and using the tool.

​Manufactured in the USA:

​If you have a great attraction for the tools made in the USA, this tool is for you. With great quality material and perfect engineering, this outdoor tool is fully manufactured in the USA. So, if your intention is buying an American made product, go for this axe.

​Though the sheath is made in Taiwan, the entire tool that you will use is made in the USA with proper manual care.

  1. The bent handle of the axe is more comfortable compared to most other axes. This offers easy carrying and using.
  2. The one-piece metal from the blade to the handle makes it stronger and durable than axes with separately made blade and handle.
  3. This tool is sturdy enough for handling different types of outdoor and camping tasks.
  4. The design and manufacturing process of the tool has made it well balanced for comfortable using.
  1. The tool seems a bit heavy according to the size.
  2. Compared to a full sized axe, this is a bit more time consuming. But it can be counted as ok.

Final Verdict:

Estwing is a trusted manufacturer of outdoor and camping tools. Estwing Special Edition Sportsman Axe E24ASEA is a product from them with a lot of positive and useful features. If you want to get the feel of using a real friend in camping, you are recommended to use this one.

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