How Expensive Are Electric Scooter – Electric Scooter Cost

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How Expensive Are Electric Scooters

The price of electric scooters depends mostly on its motor, built, and design. So you can expect that the better-looking and better performing it is, the price goes up as well. The pricing can go as low as 100 bucks up to a grand. So when buying electric scooters, you must know your primary purpose of why you are buying. This will ensure that you can utilize the scooter according to your needs and will not overspend for it.

There are several questions to ponder on if you want to know if you will go for the cheaper electric scooters or the more expensive ones?

Cheap versus Premium Electric Scooters

There are several factors to keep in mind. This will ensure that you’ll get the most out of your money regardless of your budget. So let us start discussing them to see what electric scooter is right for you.

  • Cheaper electric scooters usually have a lower motor capacity. So it means that the lower wattage your motor has, the shorter the run time you will have. If you just plan to use it for very short distance strolling then it is okay to go for the cheaper ones. On the other hand, if you usually stroll for several hours a day then it is great if you choose the premium ones. This is because they have bigger motors which means they have a longer runtime.
  • Premium electric scooters possess more expensive components. The good side of these expensive components is that they can last extensively. So you do not have to replace them from time to time. This is perfect if you plan to use electric scooters daily as wear and tear of parts are more susceptible. If maintenance costs are not a problem for you then premium electric scooters are the better option.
  • If you are the type of person who is particular to the looks then you must go premium. More expensive e-scooters tend to look significantly better compared to the cheaper ones and it is expected.

Always remember that if you would want the best electric scooter then you might as well do not make everything under budget. If you want to go for better quality electric scooters then you must spend a little bit more than usual. Premium electric scooters do not come cheap but expect the quality to be great.

One thing is for Sure

In life, I have proven that money cannot always buy happiness but it can give you better products. Just like in scooters, you can buy a better-looking and better in terms of performance if you will invest more money into it. At the end of the day, you’ll surely never regret it as you can use it basically for a lot of uses such as the following:

  • By strolling around the neighborhood
  • Help you on your errands
  • Get you to work
  • Save you some sweat instead of walking


We have proven that electric scooters come at different prices. It only comes to how much you are willing to spend to buy one. It will determine the quality and the number of features that you will be getting because the more expensive the electric scooter is the more premium experience you’ll get. Price is definitely the main factor that you should look for but always take note that it must never compromise the quality and performance as well as the e-scooter that you’ll be getting.

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