How to get fit for backpacking

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How to get fit for backpacking

If you think you are a little bit out of shape or not prepared for a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon or maybe you think you have gotten too old for it then read this article. I will show you how to get fit for backpacking.

So why should you bother to make an effort to get fit for Grand Canyon hiking trip? you should collect also best hiking shoes for a hiking trip. If you are not prepared for it you would not be able to make the trip. So you would not be able to enjoy it if you are not prepared and your muscles are not conditioned for these types of defense.

How long of a time you need to prepare? If you have not been staying fit, you should start about two months before your hike.

How to prepare?

Practice your sport

The best way to practice for any sport is to do that sport. So the best way to make for grand canyon is to hike up and down mountains, hills or canyons with somewhat similar elevation to what you will experience in the canyon. Some people like to train with a fully loaded backpack. But I think you can do without a pack. I recommend you to use trekking poles in the Grand Canyon to take the stress off your knees and to propel you up the hills. But to do so, you should train with your polls before you go because it will fatigue your arms and shoulders after a long day on the trail.

Run Sprints:

The second best thing you can do to prepare for Grand Canyon hike is to run sprints. You can run on flat ground but running on hills is better


Another great exercise is lunges. You can do these either as a forward lunge or reverse lunge. The reverse lunge will be a little bit easier on your knees. You can do 100 of these. Once you hit a hundred you can weight yourself up with a few dumbbells, gallon jugs whatever weight you can find to add a little bit more stress to your legs. Lunges are great because you can do them just about anywhere even when you are traveling. You don’t need any equipment at all. All you need a floor and enough space to be able to do the lunge.

Low Back Barbell Squats:

Low back barbell squats are king of exercises. There’s really nothing that will exercise all of your legs and hips but barbell squat will do it. However, it is a Little bit tougher on the back and you do need a rack in order to do this properly safe.

Here you have got some option, and you are probably not going to have time for all. So what’s the priority? First of all do the exercise one that you will do most often with the height consistency, height duration, and height intensity. It’s more important that you exercise often and hard than to get too obsessed overdoing one particular type of exercise

Do the one that you find that you hate to do the most, not one that hurts but the one that really gives you the most issues because that’s probably where your weakest and where you really need the most improvement.

Watch this video to learn how to get fit for backpacking:

Hope you have learned something for how to get fit for backpacking that will help you enjoy your next backpacking or hiking trip into the Grand Canyon.

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