How To Get in Shape in One Week by Playing Basketball

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how to get in shape in one week

Millions of times, I’ve heard the question that how to get in shape in one week. People are really crazy about fitness and I know, you also wanna be fit and of course within a week. If you can completely believe that getting in shape is definitely possible within one week, then there’s a lot of ways to make that belief come true.

Recently, we’ve published a guide on weight loss secrets to help our fat friends to lose some fat and today I’m gonna show you the secret way of getting in shape. In the last month, one of my university friends has joined the university sports team with a view to getting in shape. You even can do this if you don’t have enough time to go to the gym.

It may seem to you that joining a sports team won’t help you to get fit in one week. But, you know, joining a basketball team or any other athletic team is the most enjoyable way to get in shape. If it becomes so hard for you to believe me, then you can ask about the reality of this fact to any of your university athletic coach.

How Playing Basketball Helps To Get in Shape in One Week:

If I ask you that do you really wanna get in shape, then what will be your answer? If you don’t hesitate to say a big YES, then let’s see how this team sport can help you to make your fitness dream come true.

You know, basketball is a team sport. When you join a university or any other basketball team, then you’ll have to do some workout to play basketball. You may spend 2 – 3 hours in the basketball court. You may practice shooting, you may practice dribbling or even you may start learning the basics of this popular sports.

But, if you want to get fit, then you’ll have to do something more. You’ve to keep in mind that you’ve joined the team not to learn how to play basketball, but to get in shape. So, your one and only duty will be to start practicing only those things which is very effective to burn the fat fast.

Dribbling and shooting are very interesting things to practice for the newbies, but you’ve to practice passing and dunking. Hanging will be a plus after each dunking. You’ve to do so because you really want to get in shape within this week. You also will have to be careful about the attention of your coach. But, if you don’t like to join any sports team, then you’ve to be more dedicated to burning your fat.

Did you ever seen any basketball player who is overweight? This is the main advantage of playing basketball. You won’t find out any basketball player with belly fat. So, playing basketball is really really very effective when you’ve your own in ground basketball hoop installed in your driveway or backyard.

If you don’t have your own basketball goal system, then you won’t be able to dunk and hanging frequently and you’ll need an in-ground hoop because only this type of rock-solid in-ground basketball hoops will let you enjoy hanging whenever you wish. You should know another truth and that is, as a coach of a university sports team, or even as one of your friends, I may let you play with me, but I won’t let you hang on my basketball hoop till the evening and you’ve to practice this sport for more than 7 hours a day if you really want to get fit within a single week.

how to get in shape in one week

So, what are you thinking now? No no, to buy a basketball hoop, you won’t have to break your bank. But if you think that it is impossible to play more than 7 hours a day, then my request is to search for the daily routine of young NBA players and see how many hours a day they practice basketball.

Yes, you have to do such hard thing if you really want to achieve your dream fitness. You know, fitness is not such any cheap thing which can be achieved overnight. Moreover, everybody loves them those who are fit and healthy. So, if you also love fitness and want to achieve it then let’s have a look at the things which you’ll have to do for 7 hours in the next 7 days.

There are some workouts every basketball players do every day. These are warm up exercises, stretching, frog jump and other heavy weight workouts. If you already have a gym membership, then you can practice anything you like. But, if you don’t have any gym membership, then this will be enough if you just do some frog jump, stretching and jump rope before starting your basketball practices.

You’ll have to do those exercises for an hour. This will warm up your whole body and also will secret enough sweat. So, don’t forget to drink some water. Warm water is preferred for the fast result, but if this doesn’t suit you then drink normal water. One more thing will pursue you to start getting fit from this very day is that you won’t have to play basketball for 7 hours at a time. You are of course allowed to take 2 – 3 intervals.

In the morning, you can warm up from 6 am to 7 am. Then, 15 minutes tea break. At 7:16 am you can start basketballing. Don’t think about playmates. Be a one man army and start dunking. It is natural that you won’t be able to shoot the ball through the rim because you aren’t a basketball player.

But, all you have to do is hanging for 10 to 15 seconds after each try. So, what will you try? You’ll try to dunk the ball through the rim. The ball may hit the backboard and come back to you. But, you shouldn’t stop yourself from hanging. In every minute, try to shoot the ball twice towards the rim.

After every shoot, run to the hoop, jump up, hold the rim and then hang up for 10 – 15 seconds only. After that hanging, take a break for another 10 seconds and then make your next shoot. You surely will be tired after 10 minutes but you have to continue this shooting, dunking and hanging for more 20 minutes if you really want to get fit.

Now, after 30 minutes of dunking and hanging, it will be 7:45 am at your smartphone. This is high time you could take a break for another 15 minutes. Within this 15 minutes, you’ve to do another thing. Don’t worry, now you won’t have to do any exercise. Just take your smartphone and visit the YouTube.

Didn’t go to YouTube yet. Hurry on man. And write this phrase in the YouTube search box – “basketball passing drills”. Lots of videos will appear before you. Have a look at the top 10 videos. Watch those videos carefully. No need to watch full videos. Watch as much as you can within only 15 minutes. Okay, if only 15 minutes isn’t enough then you may consider another fifteen minutes.

Now, the time should be 8:15 am. What should you do now? Now, you should practice those moves which you’ve seen in the YouTube videos. I’ve already told you to watch those videos carefully. So, now, it is expected that you have memorized a few basketball passing drills. Practice those drills for the next 60 minutes.

These moves are interesting enough. So, you won’t be tired to complete this session of getting fit. As, you’ve seen those videos, so you have noticed that all the players are fat-free and fit enough to attract the crowds. This is really the heavenly pleasure of being fit. You already have passed 3 hours from the 7 hours of practicing basketball.

You’ll have to complete another 4 hours of playing basketball in the afternoon. So, in the afternoon, repeat the same things you did in the morning. And this time you have to do something new for the extra one hour. Can you guess what will you have to do in this extra an hour?

You’ll have to do jump rope now. Yes, jumping rope for an hour. Pre school kids even can jump rope for about to two hours in their competition. So, you also can do this. Just take a firm decision that you are going to getting fit within this week. Someone may think that getting fit within 1 week is impossible. But it is not impossible.

If you have your own basketball hoop, if there is a jump rope in your bedroom or game room, if you can follow these laborious practices for seven hours every day, then it is obviously possible that you’ll achieve to get in shape in One week.

Watch this video to learn how to get in shape in One Week by playing basketball:

But, I highly recommend you to consult with your doctor before starting these new things. It will boost your confidence if there are no diseases or weaknesses in your body. You’ll get half-fit if your doctor declares that you are physically fit to start getting fit within one week. You know, I just love only one thing and that is fitness. I Hope, you’ll start getting fit from the next morning and don’t forget to post your photo after getting in shape. Our comment box is eagerly waiting to see your photo. Also, don’t hesitate to ask anything related to fitness. We’ll try our level best to help you get in shape in one week.

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