How to Lose Weight with a Skateboard

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How to lose weight with a skateboard

Gaining weight by consuming a lot of fatty substances is very easy. But getting rid of such fats is not possible just by stop eating such fatty substances. Additionally, you have to do intense workouts to break such dense fats. So, it shall be always better to consume food items with low fat. But what is the situation of the folks who have accrued great weights?

Apart from doing regular weight workouts, folks should concentrate on exercises pertaining to skateboard also to get fast results. Skateboarding is not an exercise which is done in typical gyms but, they are done in parks and streets at any time. There are also persons who do skateboarding all the time. In this article let us discuss various skateboarding techniques with which an individual can lose his weight.

It’s always prescribed to control gaining fat with proper exercises. Because, after you gain fat, it harms your body and reducing fat takes many exercises and efforts. Many people use fat freezing belts to freeze fat in a short time. However, prevention is always better than cure.

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1. Advent to the skate parks

First of all, you have to make a casual visit to your nearby skate park. Since it is a specially designed location for practicing skating tricks, you can see many skateboard enthusiasts working seriously on their boards to achieve better results. Having a look at them shall induce your thought exorbitantly to do the same tricks. This instigation and passion for skateboarding is the first step that a newbie needs to cultivate.
Once you fix yourself about doing tricks on the skateboard you will start to move to the skate park regularly which shall buy you a lot of friends. Now that you have earned enough friends you can start to skateboard on your own with the help of your friends. Therefore, taking interest in skateboarding is the most important habit which you have to cultivate within your minds before stepping ahead to lose weight in skate parks.

2. Stretches

The primary quality required for a skater is his ability to stretch. Without doing proper stretches you will be like a wooden piece sitting idle on the skateboard. You won’t be able to do any tricks using the skateboard due to your inflexibility. Rise up and do some stretches that can relax your muscles and make your body more pliable. That way, you can increase the energy levels and reduce the risk of injury.
Stretches are broadly classified into two types. They are a static stretch and dynamic stretch. Static stretch lowers the performance and the strength of your muscles whereas the dynamic stretch works oppositely by increasing the performance and strength of your muscles. Also, note that doing any stake board tricks without warming up your body with adequate stretches shall result in improper performance and sometimes it can cause chronic sprains.

3. Don’t do it alone

Apart from the normal skate parks, streets, rails and benches skateboarding can be done anywhere in the streets without any sort of issue. Before heading to your skating venue it is always better to go in pairs. Have your buddy beside you every time while you skate which shall ensure the safety of your buddy and you as well. If you happen to encounter a sharp rock and stumble from your board resulting in serious injury then you need someone to help you. Hence, it is always best to skate with a companion regardless of the place you skate.

4. Tone your muscles

A healthy body is always valued by the appearance of the physique of any person. You don’t have to head up to your nearby gym to see good results. Instead, you can just jump over your board and simply skate throughout a long distance which makes all your body muscles to be toned appropriately. Especially, muscles at the lower abdomen like calves, hamstrings etc get a massive workout thereby making your appearance distinct.
Also, while skateboarding, keeping your core region-focused and strong is very important in order to keep your board balanced. If the center of gravity of your body moves away from the core, for sure you will get stumbled. Meantime, your hands should also be used to balance your weight on the board which in turn sculpts your hand muscles also. Collectively, skateboarding shall be very helpful in sculpting and chiseling your body muscles thereby making them strong and healthy.

5. Fat reduction

As you know, there are good fats and bad fats which reside in our body. Good fats are used to reduce the cholesterol level and the bad fats do vice versa. The fats which get deposited dissolve only you work out hard. Excess fat is stored in the form of glycogen in the body. When your blood glucose is low, the glycogen breaks down and forms the glucose resulting in the burning of fats.
When compared to running and hitting hard at the gym, skateboarding breaks down your fat very fast and you can see astonishing results in no time. Prolonged skateboarding shall keep your core region hard and repeated tricks shall make the muscles at your lower abs to contract and relax often thereby ripping all the muscles and bestowing you with an attractive look.

6. Get adequate rests

Getting rests is also equally crucial to working on your board. The muscles when subjected to severe workout, muscles tear and then get rebuilt again and this is how the muscle grows. Tearing the muscles alone shall lead only to pain. Hence, it is essential for a skater to get enough and adequate rests after you finish your skating. You need to give time to your muscles to recover from the tears it has undergone. Only then, you can be able to continue your achievements at the skate park. Also, make sure that you do static stretches to relax your muscles after your daily ventures.

7. Precision and coordination

Only some of the tasks in the world require all your sense organs to work with coordination to achieve the result. One such task is theft. Of course, it is something bad, but for sure you need to keep your sense of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling alert while doing it. Similarly, skateboarding also needs all your senses to coordinate in the best possible way to achieve something out of it.
Once you make a decision while doing a trick, all the muscles should exactly do their work at the appropriate time to do it. Prolonged practicing with this concept shall substantially increase the concentration and memory power of an individual which also helps him to become a quick learner.

8. Cardiovascular problems

Due to the increased fat content in the foodstuffs, taste and the contentment given by some junk foods people consume such junk food in excess resulting in obesity. More commonly, obese people have become the primary victims of cardiovascular diseases. Heading to the gym and doing workouts shall be really monotonous.

People expect some methodology to reduce their fat without getting too many worries. Of course, skateboarding can help people with this issue. But, losing fat with zero strain is not at all possible. Comparing to normal gym exercises, skateboarding can reduce body fat at a high rate, but you have to do undergo some strain to achieve it. Unlike gym workouts, skateboarding shall instigate you to do repeated tricks and moves and once you start to do them you will never give up your skateboard. After that, you won’t skateboard for health purposes but in terms of enjoyment.

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