How to Maintain a Smartwatch

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How to Maintain a Smartwatch

If you want to get the most out of your smartwatch, you need to know how to stay with it. These devices cost a fortune, and you do not want to keep buying one every other day. So, you should know how to maintain your smartwatch to increase its longevity and performance. Have a look at the following tips.

How to Clean a Smartwatch

Well, to understand how to maintain a smartwatch, you should learn how to keep it clean.

Before then, you need to appreciate that it doesn’t have an ordinary screen. You see, traditional watches have a plastic or glass screen. But, the smartwatch glass or display is a touchscreen, and; should not be wiped with damp clothes when the power is on.

You need first to turn it off, and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe the display clean. Otherwise, you might end up distorting the settings. When you are using the microfiber cloth alone, you don’t need to turn the device off.

We recommend the microfiber cloth; unlike ordinary towels and papers, it does not leave any stubborn particles behind.

Ordinary household chemical glass cleaners are not appropriate for cleaning electronics. You should avoid them when wiping your smartwatch.

Advanced smartwatches are waterproof. So, their internal hardware seldom gets wet. Keep your device away from water and harmful chemicals.

Before you swim or take a shower with your smart wristband on, you need to make sure it is watertight. If possible, avoid taking the chance. If you must, then, keep the soap and detergents away.

To clean a leather band, you need dedicated leather cleaner together with a conditioner. This keeps it clean, and protected too!

For silicon bands, you can wipe with soapy water. Metals such as stainless steel may need you to rinse in warm water then dry in the air.

Nooks and crannies can get clean quickly if you use a towel damp with isopropyl alcohol.

I recommend that you clean your smartwatch at least twice a week.

How to Replace a Smartwatch Battery

Cheap (both price and quality) smartwatches have cell batteries, and you can easily change them by yourself. But, the majority of smartwatch models have internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

When the charge dies off, users recharge the watches. For a good battery life, you need to charge only with the genuine charger that you get from the manufacturer.

To replace such batteries, you will have to take the watch to an official service center. This is because the internal hardware needs to be detached from the bands and exterior cover. In most cases, watertight smartwatches have a unibody design. Only an expert can replace without damaging the waterproof seals.

Replacing a Smartwatch’s Wristband

To take good care of your smartwatch, you may need to replace the wristband. Some models don’t allow this, but for those that do, a spare band must be fitted appropriately on the watch. A replaceable wristband is a feature that is worth considering when buying a smartwatch.

What to Do When the Smartwatch Breaks

Well, here, you need to take it to a smartwatch repair shop. Many users say ‘there is no smartwatch repair near me.’ But, you can ship it back to the manufacturer for repair- if the model is expensive and worth the price.

Remember, smartwatches are a little complicated. If the display breaks, it’s not easy to repair it at ordinary shops. Thus, you need to be sure that the manufacturer can help you fix your device.

The rule of the thumb is to buy models whose warranty covers breaking, and then, take good care of it. For instance, Samsung smartwatch repair is available for genuine customers. The company also offers a 24-month warranty that allows you to send the watch back to them for repair. It’s not free, though.

Now, you know how to maintain a smartwatch. You need to use the tips in this article to get the best out of your watch. How do you maintain your smartwatch? If there’s a point, we left out in the post, feel free to let us know. Share with us below!

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