How to Wash a Car by Hand Step by Step

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How to Wash a Car by Hand Step by Step

Are you satisfied with your car wash service?

I can never be satisfied with the work of others No matter how well their services.

Besides the mental satisfaction, you can save some of your money. Moreover, sometimes sharp and spiky materials for use in commercial car washing that very much harmful to your car paint.

So. The safest method is to wash your car by hand at your home.

Here is step by step guide on how to wash a car by hand

Our main Focus is washing a car exterior by hand. Before you have to detail your car interior properly.


Now keep reading!

Step: 01

Getting ready to Wash your Car:

The car will be obviously parked in shade. Direct sunlight makes your car hot while washing and dries your car quickly. So quick drying has hampered the whole of your cleaning process.

  • Observe that all windows are shut and dragging inside the antenna. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep water from getting inside the car.

Step: 02


Assemble all that you will require and keep them near to your car so they’re quickly available. Some basic items need to work:

  1. Bucket
  2. Brush
  3. Hose
  4. Car wash Detergent
  5. Sponge
  6. Towel
  7. Wash Mitts
  8. Rubber gloves

Step: 03

Fill the bucket with clean water and add car wash detergent properly. Follow the direction of the bottle for water and detergent ratio. You should fill two buckets with water and detergent

Step: 04

Fill another bucket with plain water. Plain water will be used for rinsing. Whether you need only one plain water bucket but you can also use one more bucket for rinsing.

Step: 05

You can use a handheld vacuum for cleaning the narrow place where water hose cannot reach. Then hose off your car to detach and melt the dirt. Never use a forcible spray of water from the hose, it can blow the paint and scratch on it. Try to target the spray of water downwards on the surface.

Step: 06

Detailing car wheels first. So wheels are the dirtiest part of your car. So Good practice is to clean it first. To complete this operation you must use a long and skinny brush. If wheels look like dirt free then you can simply use sponge or mitt to clean.

Step: 07

Using a large mitt to wash your car. Before you start scrubbing the body of your car, Moisten a large mitt or sponge in the water with soap. Wash out any dirt in it, and start applying it to your car. Never use a brush on your car body.

Step: 08

Wash your car part by part. Begin at the top. If your car too much dirt then keeps the soap and water on work. Must avoid extreme scrubbing the dirt on your car body. It can damage your car paint.

Step: 09

After rinsing each part, you have washed it. When you’ve washed one part, rinse off with your hose. This will stop suds from drying on your car paint and recoloring it.

Step: 10

As your progression from one part to another, It’s vital that you use the hose to keep the whole car wet. This will help to leave water spots. You can be capable to dry the car with a towel before air dries.

 Step: 11

If your tiers have absorbed dirt from the road, you cannot clean them successfully only using mitts or sponge. Use a plastic brush to clean the tiers and side wheels.

Step: 12

Use the jet from your hose to rinse the bottom of your car from different angles.

 Step: 13

Dry your car with clean and fresh towels, Make sure don’t stand one drop of water on your car after drying.

 Step: 14

Then apply a water repellent treatment to the glass of your car to improve visibility.


Now you know the essential steps to clean a car by hand. You know what? There is no silver bullet to maintain your car body as new, but only regular maintenance keep your car in the best conditions.

Here is a video review of Wash a Car by Hand!

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