How to Lose Weight Simply By Walking

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How to Lose Weight Simply By Walking

Many people mistakenly believe that weight loss requires intense exercise. As it turns out, however, that isn’t always the case. It is entirely possible to lose weight with only moderate exercise. In fact, starting a regular walking routine can help you reach your weight-loss goals faster than you might think. If you aren’t a fan of intense workouts, keep reading. The tips below will help you lose weight quickly simply by walking.

  • Walk every chance you get.

Never miss an opportunity to take a short walk. For instance, when you go to the store, park further away than usual to get a little bit of extra walking in. If you live relatively close to where you work, you can walk to and from work each day. Anything you can do to add extra steps during the day can help you reach your weight-loss goals more quickly.

  • Split your workout into multiple sessions.

You don’t have to do all of your walkings at the same time. In fact, taking frequent short walks can actually do more to stabilize blood sugar levels than taking a single long walk. Try walking for 20 minutes after each meal throughout the day. You will still get a great workout. The only difference is that it is broken down into smaller chunks.

  • Find a hilly walking path.

Walking uphill takes more energy than walking on a flat surface. If you can find a hilly walking path, you will generally burn more calories during a workout. You will also stand a better chance of increasing your muscle mass, which can help your metabolism work more quickly. When you come to a hill, slow down a little bit. Lean your body forward to avoid straining any muscles. Move at a consistent pace, carefully monitoring your heart rate to make sure that you are not over-exerting yourself. Over time, you will build up endurance and will be able to tackle hills with ease.

  • Sip green tea prior to your walks.

Green tea can help boost your metabolism and can also increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Sipping on green tea before your workout can help make your walks more effective by helping your body burn more calories and oxidize fat more efficiently.

  • Try interval training.

One of the best ways to burn a lot of calories is by varying your workout. By alternating between intervals of high-intensity and low-intensity walking, you can increase the number of calories that you burn while at the same time boosting your metabolism. The technique is extremely simple. All that you have to do is push yourself to walk as fast as you can for one minute. After the minute is up, go back to your regular pace for one minute. Continue this pattern, alternating between walking quickly and walking at a normal rate.

  • Consider adding extra exercises to your walking routine.

If you really want to ramp up your results, you may want to incorporate additional exercises into your walking routine. For instance, you could walk for a certain period of time then stop and do 20 push-ups. Once you are done with your push-ups, you can then continue walking for another period of time, stopping again to do exercises further down the path. This can help ensure that your whole body gets a workout.

  • Avoid beverages that contain a lot of sugar.

Avoid beverages that contain a lot of sugar.

Sports drinks are not as healthy as you might think. In fact, they are loaded with sugar. Unless you are doing an extremely intense workout, you should skip them, opting for water instead. Otherwise, you may wind up consuming more calories than you burn.

  • Start counting your steps.

Monitoring how many steps you take during the day can help keep you on target toward your goals. Ideally, you should try to take at least 15,000 steps per day. Although this may sound like a lot, it is something that most people can achieve with just a little bit of effort. Of course, you may need to work up to that many steps if you are just starting out. The key is to push yourself every day. Invest in a pedometer or use an app like MapMyWalk to start counting how many steps you take. In addition, try some comfy walking shoes – these from the Cobb Hill Collection are nice.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Interestingly, studies have found that drinking more water can actually help you lose weight more quickly. Over the course of a year, you may be able to burn up to 17,400 extra calories just by drinking 1.5 L of water per day.

  • Choose music that makes you move.

Listening to music can help keep you moving. Put together a playlist of songs that you find uplifting and motivational. When you are listening to really great music, it can distract your mind from your workout.

As a result, the time can fly by, making it much easier to get enough exercise. The key is to choose songs that have a good beat. Avoid songs that are too slow or mellow, opting instead for music that really gets your feet pumping.

For improved safety, only wear one earbud at a time if you are going to be walking near high-traffic areas so that you can still hear what is happening around you.

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