Scars after a Breast Lift

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Scars after a Breast Lift

You work hard to give your body the attention it deserves, choosing foods that are healthy and getting regular exercise. Adequate rest and hydration are all part of the formula for a strong, fit body, as well as avoiding negative habits. However, there is one thing that you can’t stop. In spite of all of your efforts, the years are going to continue to march on. You’re going to get older. As the aging process continues, changes are going to happen that affect your figure, regardless of your efforts. This especially holds true if you are a woman. One of the main areas of concern is the bust. As you get older, you may notice significant changes in your breasts. While some women are discouraged when their breasts appear deflated with weight loss and changes brought on by pregnancy, others are troubled when their breasts begin to sag. If you have experienced sagging breasts, a breast lift can resolve the problem. Before you move forward, you should know what you to expect. Scarring is one issue that concerns most women.

What Kind of Scarring Can You Expect After a Breast Lift?

When your plastic surgeon performs a breast lift, there are several components to the procedure. One part of the surgery will involve trimming away any excess, loose skin that is allowing your breasts to droop. As you age, collagen production decreases, making the skin less elastic. When your surgeon removes loose skin, it makes it possible to lift up your breasts and keep them in a perkier position. The tissue within your breasts will be reshaped as well to have that firmer, more youthful appearance you used to have before the effects of pregnancy and fluctuations in weight changed the shape of your breasts. Your nipples will also need to be raised so that they are in a higher position once again. The amount of scarring and how your scars appear will depend on the type of incision that your plastic surgeon makes to perform surgery.

Types of Incisions Made During a Breast Lift

Your surgeon can perform a lift known as a crescent lift. This procedure uses an incision that is placed over the areolas in a shape that is similar to a crescent moon. The scar running along the upper edge of the areola is small and not as noticeable. Another type of breast lift is known as the donut lift and makes an incision that is a complete circle around the areola. This will leave a bit more scarring than the crescent incision. The crescent lift and donut lift are recommended for minimal sagging. The lollipop lift makes an incision around the areolas and running down the center of the breast, leaving a scar that is similar to a lollipop. This type of procedure can provide more of a boost than the crescent lift or the donut lift. The anchor lift is recommended for women who have the greatest degree of sagging. An incision is made around the areola, runs down the center of the breasts, and is completed in the crease that runs beneath the breasts. A horizontal lift uses an incision that runs in a horizontal line above the areolas. There is one final type of breast lift known as the scarless breast lift. This type of lift is effective for women who are dealing with minor sagging. The surgeon inserts surgical threads at the collarbone through tiny incisions. The threads will eventually dissolve. They are guided through the breast tissue where they are needed and attached to the collarbone. In the end, they act like a bra that is inside the breasts, giving them a lift. The scars that are left behind on the collarbone are minimal because they are so small.

What Can You Do About Scarring?

While you cannot make your scars completely go away after a breast lift, you can try applying different lotions or creams to the tender skin to help it to heal and make those scars fade. Remember that time is a great healer and will help them to fade more. You can apply vitamin E cream or castor oil to the scars on your breasts once your incisions have healed sufficiently. Aloe vera, argan oil, and scar recovery products may benefit you as well. Even vaseline or a good moisturizer can make a difference, not only improving the appearance of your scars but make your skin more supple as well.

Remember the End Goal of a Breast Lift

While scarring is a matter of concern when it comes to any type of cosmetic procedure, don’t lose sight of the big picture. Think of the boost in confidence you will have when your breasts aren’t hanging down by your belly button anymore. Lift your breasts and you will lift your spirits. Scarring is going to be hidden most of the time. However, your new and improved bust will be visible every day, making you feel like you have recaptured your youth. When a bra isn’t good enough to lift your bust back to where it used to be in your younger years. a breast lift can help.

Jason I. Altman

At Plastic Surgery in Miami, you can turn to a surgeon who will give you peace of mind. Dr. Jason I. Altman primarily focused on surgery of the breast and body including breast augmentation, breast lifting, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. Also, he has a strong interest in revision and reconstructive surgery, always helping patients who may not be satisfied with prior results achieve the look they want.

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