The Surprising Link between your Weight and Teeth

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The Surprising Link between your Weight and Teeth

You probably keep on surfing the internet to know more about oral hygiene. Some of the known websites give a good deal of knowledge and allow you to have a better practice in making your teeth healthier. However, it is also necessary to know that the teeth are interlinked with your vital organs in the body. They communicate with one another and share pain whenever necessary. Research has shown that the surprising link between your weight and height can be a threat. A published article in the journal Oral Diseases found out that people who are overweight are prone to oral problems including severe gum diseases and periodontal disease.

The study conducted in Thailand shows a significant figure of 70 % of their population suffer obesity. Citizens who are having Body Mass Index (BMI) of 23 above are prone to this gum infection compared to those who have lower BMIs.

The body’s level of C-reactive protein and white blood cells are good indications of inflammation in the blood and contribute to the oral infections of the mouth. It is shown that obesity is associated with unhealthy habits including the intake of foods that are not needed in the body and can contain harmful substances to trigger health problems. Meaning, there is a big possibility that these individuals become negligent to their oral hygiene. It also considers issues on blood sugar, the intensity of exercise, smoking and other habits which trigger other oral infections. That is why it is very critical for them to know well the attention that their teeth are asking. Here are the most known facts on the surprising links between your weight and teeth.

The occurrence of periodontal disease

The occurrence of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is an immune-mediated problem in which the regular BMI of the person is above the average or normal level depending on age. As mentioned in the research, this oral inflammation affects the teeth and creates another infection in the mouth causing swelling and bad mouth odor. The professor microbial sciences in dental medicine Yiping Han said that this inflammation can contribute to the growth of cardiovascular disease and cancers in the body because one body organ has been affected and most of this part contributes well to the wellness of the person. When it malfunctions, other parts will also be affected. Luckily, Dental Dorks is well-known to create innovations to address this problem. The company is a growing service provider helps to give life tips on how to possibly avoid in experiencing oral inflammation. They provide useful information on healthy practices and even recommendations on how to make your teeth healthier and stronger.

It’s effect on the immune system

Since the body’s condition is no longer at its health level, oral inflammation can also deregulate your immune system from functioning very well. When toxic materials are ready to attack your body, some other infections may likely occur like easily attach to sickness, colds, and fever. These indications are clearly telling you of a complete malfunction of the immune system and the body’s coordination. Salvador Nares, a director of periodontics research revealed that this perception is prevalent to people having BMI with more than 23. People having a poor oral health can increase the chances of allowing the bacteria to invade your vital organs and such serious health problems may potentially occur like respiratory infections, pneumonia, acute bronchitis and even Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Maintaining good oral hygiene

The best thing to recommend for prevention and reduction is only to good oral habit. You should know the food that destroys the enamel of your teeth, and those that may contribute to oral infections. Use toothpaste and mouthwash that is not too high-concentrated because this can affect the good bacteria in your mouth and even can destroy healthy gums. Eat the right food and do a regular exercise as this habit avoid fat formation and helps in circulating blood. Here are the following habits to follow:

  1. Brush your teeth regularly

Brushing your teeth at a 45-degree angle and a circular movement will clean the gum and removes plague. Brush your teeth gently to avoid gums from bleeding and infections

  1. Do not rinse immediately

The fluoride contained in your toothpaste can help in protecting your teeth from bad bacteria and infection. However, the amount should be equally spread and not too many as much fluoride can destroy the teeth’s enamel.

  1. Brush before meals

Avoid brushing your teeth for a long period of time. It should only last for utmost two minutes. It is advised not to brush your teeth 30 minutes after the meal, as some of the food you take can destroy the teeth’s enamel and performs high formation of plague and food cementation. So make sure to drink plenty of water after eating.

Before experiencing oral inflammation, it is good to prevent them from occurring as it can destroy the vital organs of your body aside from your teeth. One factor also affects the other factor. You must consider first putting extra attention to your health than your desires to eat. Foods will be there as always; but once your teeth are affected, its function will never be the same. Have a good oral practice ahead.

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