Things to Keep In Mind While Making a Gym at Home

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Things to Keep In Mind While Making a Gym at Home

Working out and bodybuilding is an essential part of some of our lives. Whilst most people tend to think bodybuilding is an obsession, but for us, it is a way of life. The pump that we get during a workout is an incomparable experience, and some even compared to climax during intercourse. Regardless, all of us love to go the gym. But, sometimes, due to work or other constraints we are not able to dedicate time to make it to the gym. If that is the case for you then building a gym inside your home might be one of the best decisions you have taken. However, there are some caveats to it and today we will be talking about things to keep in mind while making a gym at home!

Benefits of having a gym at home:

Even though you have realized the benefit we still want to touch on some of the benefits that you will enjoy of having a gym at your home. And those are:

  • No Excuse. Whilst sometimes we tend to give ourselves a dumb excuse to miss a day at the gym, having a gym at home we will have no excuse to give! So build yourself a gym at home and become a buff dude and get that awesome physique.
  • Rest days. Rest days are important for lifting and bodybuilding. You can do light weight training during rest days at your home gym. This will enable you to train during rest days and even during a recovery period. As you might not be very motivated to go to the gym during a recovery period, having a home gym will help you with that.
  • Cutting out your gym. You can focus to build a gym specifically for upper body and buy all the equipment for it. This way you can go to the gym for lower body and train your upper body at your home gym. You can save a lot of time, especially if your gym is far away from your home.
  • Motivation. When you have a gym at your home you level of motivation and dedication will skyrocket. There will be no excuse to not have that ideal body! As during some days making it to the gym can seem impossible. With work and or studies, we have no time. Having a gym at home will motivate us to dedicate time to workout.
  • Saving money. You can cut out your membership of the gym altogether. You can make a full-fledged home gym at a reasonable budget and save on those yearly gym memberships! You can invest the saved money to build a better gym at home and buy new pieces of equipment.
  • Privacy. This is something which is very important if you are serious about bodybuilding. Sometimes when we are at a public gym we tend to lift weights due to peer pressure with a bad form. Just to prove something to the people surrounding. Overall, this is bad for your body, however, having a gym at home means you will be training with weights that you can handle in proper form! Also, no one will be watching you, so yeah; you could do those silly looking exercises without having to worry too much!
  • Your partner! If you have a partner living with you who is not into lifting, then you can get them to start lifting. This will motivate both of you to work out together and live a healthy life! Working out together will also improve your relationship and improve your bonding!

Soundproofing is essential:

When it comes to making a gym at home you definitely need to soundproof your gym room. As you will be grunting and slamming the barbells and the dumbbells on the floor you are likely to be very loud. Not only that you definitely don’t want to bother your family members with your workout sessions. Also, soundproofing will give your floors and walls and added protection from those heavyweights. You can easily soundproof the room cheaply with some interlocking flooring mats and sound absorbing panels.

DIY and Save Money!

Whilst it can be tempting to go all out and spend your fortune on gym equipment, there is absolutely no need to do that. You can build a lot of gym equipment yourself very cheaply. Dumbbell racks, squat rack, bench press, bench etc all of these types of equipment can be built by yourself. Don’t spend a lot on equipment. Also, stay away from buying an equipment that you don’t need. There is absolutely no need to buy an elliptical as that exercise can be alternated with a free hand exercise without any equipment. Just get the bare essentials you need to for full body training. A squat rack, dumbbell rack, pair of dumbbells, bench press, barbell and some weighted plates will do for a new gym. You can add equipment with time. You can even get second-hand gym equipment at cheaper prices if your budget doesn’t allow!

Flooring and ceiling:

If you live in an apartment then it is absolutely crucial that you get very thick flooring. You do not want to disturb your dow stair neighbors with your weightlifting regimen. The sound of dropping heavy weights on the floor is the last thing your neighbors want to listen to. Give them some privacy and make sure you have good floorboard with thick carpet and then add another layer of foam pads on top to solidify the floor from leaking sound. Likewise, if you build your gym in your basement then you don’t want to be bothered with the noise from upstairs. So soundproof your basement ceiling and also the floor above to workout at peace. Just make sure you are not bothering anyone with your lifting regimen!


To conclude, these are some of the tips that you should definitely keep in mind while building a gym at home. And remember, there is no need to go overboard on spending a lot of money for your home gym. Be minimal and focus on compound exercise and get pieces of equipment for those. Focus on being the best version of yourself without trying to show off your home gym. Only get equipment that are essentials!

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