Tips for Your Partner to Accompany you Hunting

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Tips for Your Partner to Accompany you Hunting

Does your partner frown when he sees you go out the door to go hunting? Do you count the remaining hours for the closure to arrive? If you face this type of situation it is because you may not have known how to start the love of your life in the wonderful world of hunting. 

Ask him to accompany you

Have you done it already? Did he say yes? Then go to number two. Still, have not asked? Continue reading.
It seems a simple aspect, right? Well, some people do not ask and complain that they are not accompanied by their partners. You just have to think about how you started, did you get invited, right? It was probably your father, your uncle or a friend. Well, this case is the same, it’s more, maybe it’s looking forward to it and it’s just waiting for you to ask.

Try to exchange hobbies

If you reject the offer – and your requests fail – take a step back and try another alternative. Have you ever accompanied her in her favorite activities? If the answer is yes, then you can try to reach an agreement to accompany you. If the answer is no, then you have pending tasks. Go with your partner on your bicycle routes, accompany her to yoga or anything that will amuse her; and when you have done it, it will be your turn.

Take it easy

If your partner has not walked more green than the lawn in the pool garden, do not take it on the first day of opening to the partridges, or after the goblins throughout the day. Try to teach it as a child is taught – but remember that it is not – with great patience, and let him ask all the questions that are necessary. Good training can be a roll of pigeons in a half-closed season when the temperature is more benign and you will not be in the position for a long time either. It is a great trick for your partner to hunt with you on more occasions

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Do not give anything of course

Since you leave the house and take the car, do not take anything for granted. The first thing you have to do is to ask your partner how much you know about the type of hunting you are going to do and the target pieces, it may have caused you so much interest from the beginning that you could soak in the subject so as not to be left behind. From there, and when you know what level of knowledge you have, you can start to explain new things, but first, you must know, there is nothing more boring than you try to explain what you already know.

Let him participate in the whole process

If you decide that your partner is going to hunt with you to stalking let her investigate the traces that you find and the traces that she discovers. Encourage her to participate in the last part of the process -if it’s lucky that day-, and let her help you pluck the pigeons, or skin the roe deer, and you’ll see how much more fun it will be and you’ll get her “stung” the bug ‘even more. Only then will you be more likely to decide to repeat.

Make him feel part of the group

If your partner accompanies you on your first day with your friends, include it in the whole experience. The previous planning, the stories, the jokes … all the hunters know that there is nothing that one more than all that. Do not try to act differently because your partner is present, if you behave differently then everyone will feel more uncomfortable.

Treat your partner like any other

Do not treat your partner like a child. As we have described above, you must make him participate in all decisions, in fact, you can let your apprentice choose the path to follow. Just do not try to deceive him with bad tricks. Do not confuse with the age of the animal that you have achieved, if you do a double and she finds the largest piece that is not what you were looking for … Definitely, do not do what you would not like to be done.

Alternate modalities

Not everyone likes the same types of hunting: some like the waits of wild boar, others are passionate about the average Veda, others partridge is what drives them crazy … Remember that every person is a world and that tastes like there is nothing written, try to teach the varieties offered by the world of hunting and so it will be she who can choose what you like or what you most like within your possibilities. It’s the best way to get your partner to hunt with you.

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