Great Tips To Get Strategic About Your Exercise Routine In 2019

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Great Tips To Get Strategic About Your Exercise Routine In 2019
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Get Strategic About Your Exercise Routine

We all know this:

Active physical activity and exercises are good for the body.

But, most people wonder how to take advantage of its wonderful benefits. Well, here are some great tips on how you can get strategic about your exercises and hoard all its benefits!

  1. No To HANGRY Exercise

What I mean about this is that you should never, ever, exercise on an empty stomach.

If you insist then it will lead to only two episodes that you will most likely not love at all!

First, you risk passing out in the middle of your workout routine. If you are lucky enough not to pass out, that does not mean that your exercise is not affected. Exercising on an empty stomach also means that you do not have enough energy to do your routine properly. Plus, you tend to feel grumpy while exercising.

Secondly, psychologically, it will cause you to overeat after exercising. You will reward yourself like crazy since you exercise really hard and cancel out all the hard work you did.

So make sure that you eat first before exercising. There are types of food suitable for pre-workout eating. And if you are on a specific diet, you might want to carefully consider the types of ingredients you choose and prepare. For instance, when on a keto diet, you should consider the type of oil you use such as MCT Oil vs. Coconut Oil since they have a different effect on your diet.

  1. Exercise But Not Too Much

If you are trying to lose weight, then running a mile out should do the trick, right?


More does not necessarily mean better when it comes to workout frequency. As a matter of fact, a study found out that those who exercise an hour a day tend to lose less weight than those who only exercise for half an hour.

So, always remember that moderation works in your favor hen exercising and have a lot of patience. You’ll get there, eventually.

  1. When You Feel The Pain

Strategic About Your Exercise Routine

If something hurts, stop!

It’s as simple as that!

It is true that you feel some pain and discomfort on your first workout. You get low energy and sore muscles everywhere until those endorphins take over! But, if you feel longer aches and pain, then you really need to re-think your workout routine.

Maybe you just need to take longer rests, reduce your sets or exercise with better equipment. Until you know the source of your pain and fix it, you need to stop and choose a less stressful form of exercise in order to be safe.

  1. Quick Spurts For Quick Results

One study revealed that those who did a 30-second sprint, 4 to 6 times, gain the same heart-health benefits of individuals who do a moderate 40 – 60 minutes of exercise.

Sound great?

So, ditch that hour-long plan and try to do exercises in quick spurts to see faster results. There are 2 ways on how you can get your heart pumping like crazy: sprint around your house or do a 3-minute jump rope. You’ll feel your heart ready to beat out of your chest.

  1. Variety Is The Key

We all know that in order to lose weight, you need to get your heart pumping. So, you might try running miles just to see some result. However, if you wish to see better results and be fitter, then you also need to add some form of endurance training and muscle training workouts.

That, and a good balance of flexibility, stretching and balance as well as posture exercises like Pilates and yoga in order to make sure that you gain muscle strength while also not putting your joints to work in order to prevent stiffness.

Furthermore, you need to remember that you shouldn’t work for the same muscle groups consecutively. Try to follow the 48-muscle conditioning rule in order to give the abused tissues some time to heal.

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