Top 3 Benefits of Assault Bike Workouts

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Benefits of Assault Bike Workouts

Due to its versatility and remarkable benefits, assault air bikes have become increasingly popular in the fitness world. You can find many good reviews about the assault air bike online. This all-in-one machine will give you a full-body workout but it is not for the faint of heart. It has even earned the nickname “Satan’s Tricycle.”

If you love a challenge and are intrigued by all the buzz this piece of equipment is making, check out an assault air bike online. See if you can incorporate it into your training. Here are the top 3 benefits you can reap from using an assault air bike.

Top Benefits of Assault Bike Workouts

1. It burns calories fast

Depending on the intensity of your work out, assault air bikes can help you burn out up to 80 calories per minute. This increased calorie burn is due to the simple mechanism of the bike. Its push-pull-push will make you work hard the minute you give it a go. It’s comparable to a ski machine, only more intense. Even athletes who push and pedal the machine for the very first time struggle to find their pace and end up panting within a few minutes. But mind you, even if you only spend 10 minutes on the machine, you will get a guaranteed calorie burn equal to running 5km (which typically would have taken 35 minutes or more), making all that pushing and pedalling worth it.

2. It boosts aerobic conditioning

Cardio or aerobic exercises (such as swimming, running, cross-country skiing, skating, walking, skating, rowing, etc.) make use of large muscle groups (usually the legs) in our body in a repetitive and rhythmic fashion. The same goes for an assault air bike online. It can help with your metabolic conditioning and improve your endurance. With a regular work out plan using the air bike, your aerobic capacity will build in time without the feeling of losing muscle mass and strength. What is even more convenient is you do not need to have specific skills to start a work out on this machine. You just have to get on it and head on the pushing and pedaling. Its mechanism will give you a continuous and rhythmic movement that will strengthen your heart and lungs and ensure more oxygen gets delivered to your muscles during the exercise.

3. Puts mental stamina to the test

Anyone who has tried using an air bike before will surely testify to a love-hate relationship with the piece of equipment. It will challenge your mental stamina along with the physical counterpart, especially when you use the bike at high intensity. Work out on this epic bike will force you to sustain a positive mindset throughout the pain endured during the session. Your fight or flight response will be triggered, so it is a matter of giving up or testing your own will to go even harder. The aftermath can be very devastating, but it is also worth noting that it is only low impact and won’t destroy your joints. If you want to train your mind and are looking for a mental edge, no matter what your fitness level is, an assault air bike is definitely a tool you should consider.


This piece of equipment may be a beast, but there is no doubt, it’s an excellent choice to help you achieve an even fitter body. It looks simple and straightforward but surely delivers results and will test you to your limits. If you love a challenge, an assault air bike will do you good.

  • Updated January 31, 2023
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