Top 7 proven Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

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Top 7 proven Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine
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To fitness lovers all over the world, rowing machine is the newest sweetheart that gives a full body workout mimicking the performance of rowing a boat in the water. Both individual and a group of people can take part in this workout session and sweat for 30-60 minutes. In result, the attendees are rewarded with weight loss, building and shaping up muscles and of course increased stamina. While using both the upper body portion and the lower, rowing machine makes the heart pumping blood in a healthier fashion while giving the lungs a fully functional state.

Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

There are many benefits of doing this serious aerobic workout. And here are our chosen 7 that are scientifically proved:

  1. Wonder-maker for Cardiovascular Condition:

To people of all ages, exercises concerning cardiovascular activity (aerobic exercise) is an effective way to ensure healthy and longer life. While rowing, heart rate and breath volume increase and the overall cardiovascular fitness get a boost-up. Moreover, rowing involves every major muscle group of the body. In a result, the hurt provides more blood to those working muscle tissue and deliver energy and nutrients to the body cells. In the way of doing this, body buffers away wastes like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The resistance level can be adjusted according to the person’s preference and in that way, one can select the desired heart rate and work out to that parameter. As body always adapts to the newer habits, doing these exercise regularly will register these as core functions of the body and when you will do these exercises again, your already adapted cardiovascular fitness will make it easier for you. In a result, you will gain a better physical condition than before.

  1. Weight Loss:

Rowing workouts are great to lose weight. A regular habit of rowing helps to burn calories, give more energy and stamina and tone muscles to your desire. An hour of rowing burns in average around 600 calories. Comparing this to other instruments available in the market and gyms, this proves to be on the winner list. The workout time may vary depending on the machine specification and attendees performance. Without arm involvement, one would need to workout for about 78 minutes in order to make it equal to 60 minutes. Once combined with balanced and healthy diet, this rowing habit helps to lose weight in a spectacular manner.

  1. Low impact workout:

For the people with overweight problems or illness in the joints, high-impact physical exercises may bring more risks than the benefits. Who are unable to perform weight-carrying exercises (walking, running, hiking, yoga), rowing machine can bring the greatest satisfaction to them. This exercise bears natural motion and low impact, hence putting minimal stress on the joints. This is by far one of the safest workouts that ensure the prevention of injury. After surgery on the knee, rowing can be proved great in bringing strength back in the knee. Besides, correct rowing posture takes the pressure off from the back and put legs on work.

  1. Upper-Body Involvement:

For the regular rowing machine users, this workout gives a boost to the condition of the upper body. It creates an impact on almost every point of the body. If rowing is done in right postures, it provides a strong back and powerful shoulder and ensures to keep the back pain miles away. While rowing, rhomboids in shoulders, lats from the lower back and trapezii from upper back

Get exercised. The heart pumps more blood to every cell working at a faster rate. It causes the improvement of the body muscles. Biceps and abs also get a powerful toned up shape by this exercise and the body flows to a stronger condition. Holding oars in a firm grip for a long time also strengthens the hands and wrists. In a result, the whole upper body gets a worked up beastly shape.

  1. Lower-Body Involvement:

As much as the upper portion of the body gets worked up in rowing activity, the lower portion gets no less than that. In fact, lower portion of the body receives more physical training while rowing. Constant leg movement ensures a pair of healthy legs. In this workout, quads in the upper front of the thighs, gluteal muscles and calves are involved innately and these portions get the most portion of this workout. Besides, working hard on the lower body burns the fat faster.

  1. Increased Endurance

Rowing exercise takes a lot of effort and may feel exhausting at a primary level. But, once someone gets used to this exercise, the body will start adapting to the workout pattern and in a result, the endurance capability will rise to a greater level, more energy will start surging through the veins. In the long run, you will get increased stamina and improved metabolism.

  1. Convenient and affordable:

Using rowing machines is one of those easy tasks that comes in the physical fitness category. Complex workouts often discourage people from starting, whereas rowing can be handled easily from the very first day. Working out on a rowing machine is both convenient to do in a gym and at home. Besides, as this is a straight forward workout, you may make your friends interested in shaping up the body by using this amazing instrument.

By all means, the rowing machine is not expensive, but Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine is huge for good fitness. it will not take all our money and make you regret afterward.  While high-end rowing machines do cost quite some bucks, the basic machines also do a pretty decent job in serving your fitness hunger while keeping the price tag below $200. Though it is easy to use a rowing machine at the gym, you can also buy an affordable one for your home for greater convenience.

While rowing is not the only workout that gives better result in body building with a minimum amount of resource, it is surely one of those few. The disappearance of complexity in use and affordability in price range surely makes it one of the few workout machine types that provide so many scientifically proven benefits. More information about fitness equipment

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Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine (Video)

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