Top Makeup Hits of 2021

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Top Makeup Hits

Every year new beauty trends come in, the sleek and stylish divas walk the ramps with new makeup looks and steal the show. Cosmetic companies compete in a fierce competition to launch new products as the trends are evolving viciously.

From weekend vibes to weekdays working hours, from day glory tonight in shimmery outfits, the specialists take care of every aspect before giving life to their imaginations. They surely strive hard to put the best on the table.

Sometimes it is about the glossy lips and sometimes the vibrant eye shades, sometimes it is about the nude hues and sometimes the highlighter game. The taste of the beauty keeps on changing, and so are the trends.

As the world is becoming more and more automated and robotic, everyone seems to have less time. The instant facials are going to be the top highlight throughout the year. The mask sheets are considered best for the instant glow and facial feel. It is the perfect solution for many who struggle to take long hours off their busy schedules. This is the first and possibly the longest trend of the year 2020.

8 Top Makeup Hits of 2021 (Trending)

Pastel Eyes To Flatter

As we all know eyes are the main feature that holds attention and eye makeup is the complete game changer. It can make or break the entire look in an instant. Pastels eye shades are getting popular this year since the beginning. They give a childlike innocence to the face and women all over the world are playing with mixing and matching of different shades. Since the more women are now interested in the no makeup lookor closer to neutral makeup, the pastel hues in eyeshades are a big thing.

Wild Lips To Spice Things Up

Lip color is the one thing that may keep on changing its shades, but it is never out of fashion. It is the most talked about and most anticipated thing of the entire makeup industry. This is the favorite subject every year, and nothing has changed this year as it is still the one thing that can steal the attention easily.

However, it can also be the most controversial thing as this year the lip shades are all about being bold, bright, and fearless. When we say bold colors are trending, we don’t only mean the traditional blood red and hot pink. According to the makeup artist Mary Irwin, ladies will be seen wearing all sorts of hot colors which include yellow, blue, purple, and green too.

Statement lips from dramatic red to glossy black to hot pink to cheerful purple are trendy. The only rule for the lips in 2019 is if it is bold, bright, and can stir the controversy it is trendy.

The End Of An Era

Top Makeup Hits 2019

There are many ladies out there who do not put a foot out without their eyeliners, but we have sad news for them. It is the high time to ditch your most loyal companion since high school. The women are favoring more natural looks, and eyeliners are way too dramatic for that. It may still work for a few looks but generally, it is time-consuming and intense which is not required anymore.

Razor-sharp harsh liners are not be seen this year anywhere. It will perceptibly take some time to get used to no liner lids because we have been seeing for too long now, but it will be a nice change.

The Makeup Kit In Shiny Armor

Cover your carpets and furniture every time you start to put on makeup because the glitter is about to conquer the world. Many high-end cosmetic brands have launched their glittery products and celebrities are donning the shimmery look globally. London, Paris, Milan, and New York fashion week all showed models dipped in glitter.

The shimmer gives a whimsy look and add flair to the personality and isn’t it what we all are looking for? If you want to wear it like a pro, then the best way to start is with the eye shadows. It is the easiest and chick way to add the sparkle in your persona.

Smoking Hot Beauty Still Reigning High

The timeless look of smokey eyes is not going anywhere even in 2019. It is a staple look for many of us for special occasions for years, but now it is blending in with the routine looks that we sport every day.

Geoffrey Rodriguez, a celebrity makeup artist, believes that 2019 is the year that will give birth to the warm toned eyeshade look. This look can be achieved almost without effort with blend-able brown eye pencils by combining them subtle shades of gold or brown. This look is incomplete without the brown mascara.

The Secretive Lashes

The Secretive Lashes

Now that we have mentioned mascara let’s talk about what kind of mascara will be trending throughout the year. The topcoat mascaras in vivid colors are making all the heads turn. Pick a color that you love and go ask for the mascara in that shade. Apply it directly or for more deeper and secretive look coat it on already applied mascara. Your eyelashes will work as a canvas this year.

Lime It Up

Lime color has become a huge deal in 2019, and it will be making headlines the whole year. Eyeliners and eye shadows in lime color are a thing now. It could be seen on runway models, red carpet celebs, and on normal people walking the streets.

Eyebrows Better Be Virgin

If you are the lucky one, who was born with amazing eyebrows congratulations! You are going to get all the praises because the trend of virgin eyebrows is back and going in full swing. There is no need to neat them in any way as even the bushier ones are considered fashionable. If you really have the urge to define them in some way then use the brow pencil or brow care.

For the majority of us who are not born with great eyebrows no problem! We can still paint them in a natural way, and no one will ever know. It only requires the right skill.

Try these trends and mesmerize the people around you. Be trendy, be stylish, and be fashionable with these trendsetter tips. Go gorgeous get the world on its knees.

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