Walking to Lose Weight: The Benefits of Walking

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Walking to lose weight is one of the best exercises to lose weight. If you are one of the people who have extra fats in some parts of the body and want to eliminate walking, you have to read this. If you walk frequently you will certainly lose weight and you will be able to maintain resistance when you perform any exercise routine, in addition, you will be able to be firm and toned while you lose weight. It is important that on the days that you can not walk you perform some exercises like lifting weights, doing Pilates, and abs to keep your body always moving.


One of the benefits provided by walking are:

With just 30 to 60 minutes of walking daily, with a fast heart rate, you can burn 85% of the calories in the form of fats.
If you walk at a moderate pace, you will build muscles and increase the body’s metabolism.
Walking helps you increase your body’s energy levels.
Also when doing this type of exercises you can exercise at a constant pace, which helps to burn fat during the walking process.

There are some important points to take into account before starting to walk, among these stand out the following:


  • You need to choose the right shoes, they have to be comfortable and must be set correctly for the size of your feet.
  • Choose a good walking route, make sure this is safe and in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Keep walking priority, so spend a little of your time either in the mornings or evenings.
  • If the weather is not suitable for walking to lose weight, you can go to a gym to walk on a treadmill or do other aerobic exercises at home.
  • When you start your walks, you should start slowly and walking short distances.
  • When you feel you can increase the pace of your walk, then add a little speed.


If you want to lose weight by walking, it is important that you start with a warm-up before walking. Warming up is done with the aim that the oxygen levels increase and you have a better functioning of the blood circulation in your body. Warming prevents you from suffering damage to the muscles, so you should walk at a moderate pace of 6 minutes, as time passes you can increase speed.

The last minutes of your walks have to be smooth, so you can have a cooling of the body. This serves to reduce the heartbeat and prevent blood stagnating in some parts of the body such as the hands and feet. The cooling also prevents you from getting dizzy when the blood stops circulating at the same speed in the brain, also prevents you from having nausea, cramps and ruptures in the muscles.

It is essential that you know that as you walk faster, you can burn more calories for miles, so the time you walk is not as important as distance. When you start walking, you better increase the distance before you raise the speed. Also to burn more calories is better to walk long distances, this can help you increase muscle mass, especially in the legs.

A mixture of walking with a healthy diet are the key ideal to lose weight quickly. You must implement an exercise regime with a good diet so that you easily burn fats and you can have a healthier life.

You can watch this video to learn about walking to lose weight:

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