Weight Loss Secrets – Best 5 Weight Loss Secrets that Work

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Today I am going to share 5 weight loss secrets that I give to my patients to follow their diet, but mostly achieve their fat loss goals and achieve full health.


Do not lose motivation, it is normal to get to the office, to the gym, start your new program full of desire with a unique feeling of I want to start!

Like when you go on a trip and you want to go; Well in the holidays generally that tickling is not lost, but that talking about keeping the motivation throughout the process of improving my habits and lifestyle, can be complicated and tedious.

Look for motivation Where?

My secret is to look for it in people who have gone far and keep you inspired; And also in people who are overweight, older than yours or some disease and still put all their strength and desire to improve daily.

Inspire yourself to inspire! If you are looking for Renovate, maintaining high motivation will be fundamental to stay focused!


Forget your weight, remember that if you just look at the weight, it will be a poor indicator of your progress.

A poorly designed plan can effectively cause a great loss of weight, but if in general that amount of kilos lost are of muscle mass we will be making the problem worse.

Instead of obsessing about your weight, focus on your% fat. The best thing that could happen to you is to lose a lot of size, cms and to be compacting; And contrary to the weight is changed almost nothing, that translates to conserve good muscle mass, muscle tone, and a lot of fat loss.

Your challenge will be the% fat and the cm’s less. Renew not only the wardrobe if not mind and body, go running more than 10 km on weekends,


Forget the results depend on just one thing, Think it depends on whether you buy the super fashionable food or the specific supplements or maybe be in the best gym, fashionable. Renew yourself! None of that, the results will depend largely on the focus, commitment, constancy and discipline you have with your goals and priorities.

Thinking that as opposed to helping you will bring you a further fence to achieve your weight loss goals in fat, gain muscle mass or improve your health; On the contrary, the food can be carried with the simplest.

Many of these products, food, I only consider them “accessory products” that will make the plan a few days different or more fun, give it color, or something other than my food, exactly as an accessory to my look of the day, but will never be a basis for my diet!


Try to focus on small change for enjoying you weight loss programs. Don’t go in gym more then 6 times in a week, go running more than 10 km on weekends.


  1. Don’t  exercise: Start 2 to 3 times, 30 minutes, complete 1 month doing so and gradually your body will ask for more movement.
  2. Don’t drink water: Start your day by taking 2 glasses and before sleeping 2 more.
  3. Don’t diet: You don’t need to do it, learn how to eat, including food natural state with ideal amounts. It will make you on track to achieve your weight loss and looking nice lifestyle goals.



weight loss secrets

As simple as starting to sleep.

Did you know that if you do not get enough sleep, even though you are doing the best eating plan, eating the best foods, super foods, supplements, or doing the best workouts, it will be almost impossible to lose fat.

At night there are important processes that will help us to lose weight quickly and not only that, they almost have the magic wand to say if you lose or not fat, among many things … so to sleep, ideally taking advantage of the sunlight.

In other words, forget to reveal yourself.

Well with these simple 5 weight loss secrets you can start practicing them and start to renew yourself if you see are changes of habits, a way of seeing things and make a more positive environment towards our goals of slimming and improving health.

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