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This FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ) about our website. You will get brief details about our website and all of our working process. We suggest to our valuable visitors to read our FAQs carefully before starting to visit our site.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions of TheSmartWeightLoss.com

Question: What Is TheSmartWeightLoss.com?
Answer: TheSmartWeightLoss.com is a fitness and exercise related website. We help users to make an intelligent purchase. We help people by fetching out the best quality gym equipment, fitness products and best bets for people of any class or budget limit.
Question: Do you sell any products directly? I want to know about the motive of your site.
Answer: We don’t sell any product or service directly.  We help you to select best various products which are completely based on user’s experience, expert’s analysis from various sites and our research.
Question: Is the product being tested by you?
Answer: Before the product is presented you it should pass our every single step of the filtration process. From being chosen to representing in the site. We have specialized team members who are working uncompromisingly to serve you so we can do it.
Question: Why you think you one of the best fitness and weight loss products reviewer ?
Answer: TheSmartWeightLoss.com has an organized a big team. All members are expert and skilled in their own sector. They collect all information by hands on and real user feedback for every single product for our valuable customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recumbent Bikes

Question: What is the Recumbent bike? Are they comfortable?
Answer: It’s called a ” recumbent bike “. “Recumbent” refers to the position of the driver. They are also called, but less often, horizontal bicycles. In English, they are called recumbent bicycles, recumbent bikes, recumbents or simply bends. There are also reclining tricycles.Actually, the typical question they usually ask me is: That has to be very uncomfortable, right?  It’s funny how we relate comfort with familiarity …

Actually, the typical question they usually ask me is: That has to be very uncomfortable, right?  It’s funny how we relate comfort with familiarity.

They are very comfortable. The reclining seats are larger and one is actually sitting, not perched on a small saddle that usually causes numbness and friction. The handlebar can be either up the seat, at shoulder height, or under the seat in a position where the arms hang naturally.

Question: Are they difficult to assemble?
Answer: No. It might take you a little time to get the feel of the bike. There is more than one kind of bike as among conventional bikes: some are speedy, racing, and others are even and steady, of cycling. Another factor that you should remember is that when pedaling in a recumbent you will use various muscles than in a conventional bike so that even if you are a pro at cycling you will have trouble climbing hills until you grow these new muscles.
Question: I'm still slow. What do I have to do to go faster?
Answer: Since it takes some time to develop the leg muscles that are used in the recumbent ones, the more you practice before you gain in speed, depending on the intensity of the training and your physical form. Whatever happens, do not give up!