Top 5 Cheap Vanity Table Reviews in 2024 [Updated]

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When it comes to grooming or making one look glamorous makeup is a must. Makeup is something that can make a person look handsome and stunning regardless of gender. Aristocrats especially the queens and the princes were very fond of applying makeup to make them look amazing.

Furthermore, people of almost all classes have been applying makeup since the ancient period. For keeping all the makeup components organized, a fully-fledged cheap vanity table is essential. We all know that home is the most comfortable and serene place in the world. A cheap makeup vanity table will enable you to keep all your makeup ingredients well organized and give you the liberty of applying it sitting at home.

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When it comes to buying the best makeup vanity table, it is never an easy task as you see tons of such things out there. But they all are different from each other in terms of quality, features, colors, space, price, and so on. So, finding the right one is quite a trouble for some work.

Here we are to help you find a good quality cheap makeup vanity at a very reasonable price. In this article, we are going to take a deep look at the white-colored makeup vanity table set only.

Cheap Vanity Table Set Comparison

Top 5 Best Vanity Table Reviews

1. BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror & Cushioned Stool, 5 Drawers 2 Dividers

This is an astonishing white-colored vanity table set made of E1 grade environmental MDF, which is comparatively bedroom dressing table but comes with very good quality and design. The design of this best vanity table set may look simple but still, it is very elegant in look.

It comes with a 360°pivoting mirror, crystal knob, wooden legs, and of course a free cushioned stool. It is a long-lasting and secured table set courtesy of the solid wooden table and bench legs. The table contains foam with a 100% polyester seat cover and EVA anti-slip mats.

This vanity table set can also be used as a regular study table or a piece of furniture for your bedroom, bathroom, closet or hallway as the mirror is removable.

The BEWISHOME vanity table set will be an ideal gift for any woman.  This vanity table set is spacious with 5 drawers and 3 compartments which offer you adequate storage space for your makeup jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, perfumes, lotions, and other beauty supplies.

This table set is quite easy to assemble. This vanity table set comes with a decent size of 31.5″L x 15.8″W x 53.5″H (80 x 40 x 136cm). By all odds, as a birthday present or Valentine’s gift, your daughter and girlfriend will love it.

Dimension: This table set has an amazing dimension of 35.5 x 20 x 15 inches

Weight: This table set weighs 42.8 pounds.

Key features:

  • one rectangular-shaped mirror
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble or move
  • Decent size
  • Durable and secured
  • Multipurpose use

 2. SONGMICS cheap Vanity table, Tri-Folding Necklace Hooked Mirror, 7 Drawers

This is also a white-colored table set from Songmics which is very attractive and fashionable in look. This table set has adequate storage capacity. This table set comes with 7 drawers and 2 makeup brush holders to help you organize all your beauty secrets and Jewelry with ease, thanks to the large table surface of 13 3/8″, even with tabletop drawers sitting on top, there is still more than enough room on the table. It has a unique Tri-folding Mirror which offers a full view so you can make sure you look great from every angle, Besides, 4 additional necklace hooks behind each side mirror.

The size of this top-rated makeup Vanity table is 42 1/2” L x 18 1/2”W x 59 5/8”H (108 x 47 x 151.5cm), Vanity Stool, this adult height vanity set offers ample leg space under the table, even swivel chair can get in and out easily.

This makeup vanity set is almost completely assembled, simply add the legs and the mirror to the vanity and it’s OK for use. So, it is super easy to assemble.

The classy looks and solid construction of the table set mean it would last well over time, and surely this charming vanity will be an ideal gift for your wife, daughter, or granddaughter on holidays and other special days. Its unique design has made it essential for any woman.

DIMENSION: This table set comes with a dimension of 42.5 x 18.5 x 59.6 inches

WEIGHTS: This table set weighs 73.7 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Tri-Folding Necklace Hooked Mirror
  • Adequate storage capacity
  • Classy looks
  • Firmly assembled
  • Ideal for women
  • Medium weight

3. SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-Folding Mirror Makeup Table, 5 Drawers

This is another amazing white-colored best makeup vanity table that comes with a tri-folding mirror of which two are 180° folding mirrors and the other is a center mirror to help you view your face or hair from multiple angles. It has 1 large top and 5 drawers which offers you ample storage space to help you easily organize your jewelry, cosmetics and hair accessories. This table set comes with multifunctional features. It has a free cushioned stool as well.

SONGMICS cheap makeup vanity can be used as a nightstand to save your bedroom space. It has a very delicate design. Its Curved table corners are designed to protect children from bumps, vintage ring handles on the drawers are equipped for easy pull-out, and decorative twills add elegance to the vanity set.

DECENT SIZE: It has an amazing size of 42 7/8’’L x 18 7/8’’W x 56 3/8’’H (109 x 48 x 143cm), which is perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, closet or hallway.

DIMENSION: This table has an amazing dimension of 42.9 x 18.9 x 56.2 inches

WEIGHT: This table set weighs 73 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Simple white color yet so eye-pleasing
  • Amazing design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed for multipurpose use
  • Free cushioned stool
  • Spacious and medium-weight

4. Mecor Vanity Table Set Oval Mirror/ 5 Drawers

This gorgeous white-looking modern dressing table set is made of hardwood plus MDF, durably constructed with wood legs to ensure enough support and a long time to use. It comes with 5 drawers and a large table surface to give you enough space to store all your components. The drawers of this desk are very easy to slide in and out with unique handle designs.

It has an oval rotating mirror at the top part of the dressing table which is very smart looking and a free cushioned stool. It is quite easy to assemble. The mirror can be 360° spinning and adjusted to your preference, and the top part of the dressing table is detachable. So, anyone can use the table as a regular writing table.

DIMENSION: The Mecor makeup Vanity table has an amazing dimension of 31 x 16 x 54 inches

WEIGHT: The Mecor table set weighs 35.3 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Splendid design
  • Large space to store or display things
  • Long-lasting
  • Free cushioned stool
  • Amazing oval rotating mirror
  • Highly adjustable
  • Lightweight

5. Giantex White Bathroom Vanity Jewelry Makeup Table, 3 Drawers

This is an amazing white-colored Bathroom Vanity Jewelry Makeup Dressing Table Set with a free cushioned stool. This teenage top-rated vanity table set comes with 3 drawers which are spacious. In addition, the spacious tabletop offers ample space for you to display your cosmetics, jewelry or decorative stuff. Three drawers with small round mental handles are easily pulled out or pushed in and offer sufficient room for you to classify your jewelry. The shelf on the two top drawers can also be used for showcasing or storing your stuff.

The table set has an exquisite round mirror. The mirror is firmly assembled on the table edge and supported by two beautiful wood poles. The size of the mirror is almost perfect for you to watch your makeup or dress. The grave flower pattern shows classic design and the white color better highlights you in the mirror and makes you focus on yourself rather than other stuff.

The Giantex set is very elegant and sleek in design. This table set may look very simple. But Simplicity makes you feel fresh and natural and match any decoration of your room or home. Curved legs add resin factor and give strong support to the table and stool. In addition to working as a vanity dressing table, it can also be used as a perfect nightstand in your bedroom and office table in your home study when the top mirror is removed.

Even more, the height of the stool legs perfectly matches that of the table and mirror. The cushioned seat makes you feel soft and comfortable when you sit on it. The amazing flower pattern on the seat shows exquisite and fine craftsmanship.

Dimension: 35.4 x 14.2 x 56.3 inches

Weight: 51.4 pounds

Key Features:

  • Spacious tabletop
  • Comfortable to use
  • Nice and trendy round mirror
  • Free cushioned stool
  • Beautiful flower pattern on the stool seat.

Top-Rated Vanity Table Buying Guide

cheap vanity table buying guide

Before buying a top-rated vanity table set you need to ponder some things which will help you buy an ideal one in the long run.

When you go shopping for the best vanity table set, it helps to consider carefully the following things:–

  • Color

Color comes first in terms of choosing anything in the world. As we know everyone has his/her own liking for color. So, you should choose such a color for your vanity table set that best suits the color of your bedroom or bathroom or where you intend to keep your dressing table.

  • Design

Design comes second when you make a move to buy a vanity table set. There are so many designs and varieties available on the market. You will see lots of vintage or classic and modern stuff out there. Choose one that appeals to you most.

  • Space

When it comes to buying a bedroom dressing table set, the space of a vanity table set is a very important thing to consider. Before buying a vanity table set, you need to think carefully about how much space will be enough for keeping all of your beauty supplies and other accessories organized.

  • Material

You need to take a vigilant look at the material of the vanity table set that you want to buy. The material that is used to make the table set is very important because it indicates how long the table set will last. Materials play a vital role in terms of durability and security. 

  • Budget

When it comes to buying a makeup table set, the budget becomes the main factor. It is true that the best quality vanity table set comes at a cost. So, take a deep look at your budget and go for one according to your budget. Don’t worry; there are lots of low-budget makeup table sets available on the market but they still, offer very good quality and design. In addition, you can compare different products and read user reviews which will help you to find a quality vanity table set at a reasonable price.

  • Weight

Your vanity table set should not be overweight. Being overweight causes problems in moving or setting makeup vanity. So, buy one that is either lightweight or medium-weight. A lightweight or medium-weight dressing table will allow you to move or set it according to your preference.

  • Usability

At last, you need to think of the usability of a vanity table set whether it is easy to assemble or not. Moreover, you need to learn whether it has the feature of multipurpose use or not.

Buying Guide for Makeup Table Set (Video Review)

Final Verdict: 

To sum up, makeup is a process by which everything needs to be perfect.  This is why you need the best makeup vanity tables for flawless makeup and obviously, for proper management of your jewelry, cosmetics, and other makeup components.  Everyone has his/her own taste and liking. So, buying a vanity table depends on the individual’s choice.

Here, we have tried our best to cover the cheapest yet comfortable and gorgeous-looking vanity tables. We have talked only about the white-colored vanity tables. The reason is that white is said to represent simplicity in this universe.  These are the cheapest vanity tables available on the market currently. Therefore, make up your mind and order one with confidence.

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