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Best Plastic Welder Review 2024 – Expert Buying Guide & Safety Tips

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Best Plactic Welder kit

In most cases, after breaking anything that is made out of plastic, you either assume it is not repairable hence throwing the item away or attempt to glue together the broken pieces. However, this should not be the case because unlike glue, a high-quality plastic welder is very convenient as it guarantees you that all your fixes are considerably stronger. Subsequently, all the fixed joints remain attached for a longer duration since the heating assemblies of plastic welders can precisely melt even polypropylene. Moreover, this saves you plenty of money from professional repairs with these plastic welders perfect for certain vehicle parts, rafts, kayaks, water tanks and valve handles.

Therefore, if you are searching for the best plastic welder, below is a list of plastic welders which are highly rated by users, and discussing the pros and cons of each plastic welder with this information helpful in making an informed decision as to which plastic welder perfectly suits your needs.

6 Best Plastic Welder Review 2022 [Updated List]

1. Polyvance 5700HT Mini-Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder

Polyvance 5700HT Mini-Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder


  • This plastic welder comes with a complete kit which has everything you would need to carry out repairs on all the different types of plastic; thus, it is a ready-to-use kit that is overflowing with benefits.
  • Usually, the temperature control in this plastic welder can be removed from its carrying case for added mobility.
  • Included in this plastic welder are eight different kinds of welding rods which can easily handle many of the commonly used in the automotive applications. Additionally, problematic plastics such as TPO, TEO, and Polypropylene are not problematic to repair using the FiberFlex universal rod.
  • The QR code sheet has instructional videos that are easily understandable thereby allows you to learn how to weld within a short period. Furthermore, with the 200 watts ceramic core element, you will easily and hastily comprehend how to weld high-melting point plastics.
  • It has two different welder tips for including on the welding rod; therefore, you can swap these tips easily.


  • It is not durable as it quickly gets burnt and damaged due to voltage capacity issues thus making it not a dependable item to purchase.
  • The structural quality of this plastic welder is horrible, and the slight application of pressure results in the filler material detaching.

2. Master Appliance ProHeat Series Plastic Welding Kit


  • It is straightforward to use even if you have never done welding before and has a digital display which clearly shows the temperature as well as the air flow settings.
  • The temperature of this plastic welder varies between 1300 and 1000 degrees consequently making this device adept at handling every type of plastic material you want to be repaired quickly and easily.
  • With its lightweight and compact design, you can conveniently move around with this plastic welder to carry out all your welding activities without experiencing any strain carrying it around.
  • This plastic welder is consistently useful project after project due to its electronic closed-loop temperature control system which continually maintains the temperature level when you fluctuate the air flow.
  • Every kit includes five of the most popular attachments which are explicitly designed for welding applications and usually makes use of speed, tack welding, heat, pressure, and pendulum.


  • It produces a lot of noise while you are carrying out your welding repairs, therefore, making this device quite distracting and uncomfortable to use resulting in low quality work.
  • Even at the maximum fan speed and temperature, this welder still cannot melt any of the plastic rods which are included hence making this device unreliable plus getting it replaced or repaired is almost impossible.

3. Go2Home 1600W Hot Air Gun Plastic Welder Heat Welding Gun Kit

Go2Home 1600W Hot Air Gun Plastic Welder Heat Welding Gun Kit


  • It produces low vibration as well as low noise thus making your workspace quite comfortable and relaxing, with this subsequently resulting in high-quality work.
  • Included in this plastic welder is a sturdy and handy carry case which is ideal for good origination as well as handily transporting this machine.
  • This plastic welder has an adjustable temperature range of 30 to 700 degrees Celsius, therefore, can suitably meet all your needs irrespective of the material which you are welding. Additionally, this plastic welder incorporates a temperature scale; consequently, you can know at what temperature a particular material gets fused.
  • Presence of an electronic heating protection system and a hot protection tube guarantee you that this plastic welder will offer you with plenty of safety as well as an extended period of service, thus making it a bargain considering it is cheaper in comparison to other plastic welders.
  • It is very versatile due to the welding gun’s design which has taken into consideration the universal dimension of the air duct hence making this welder have a broad spectrum of welding activities on which it can be used.


  • The fan of this plastic welder is pretty weak; hence does not heat up.
  • After using this welder for a short period, it burns due to overheating.

4. Beyondlife 1600W Plastic Welder Welding Tool Heat Heating Gun Torch


  • It is beneficial in repairing most of the plastic materials such as swimming pool linings, kayaks, water tanks, car bumpers among others thus proving to be versatile and useful in a broad range of welding activities.
  • Upon purchase, it comes complete in a robust box which subsequently makes storing and transporting it very simple hence you can undertake all your welding duties quickly and effectively.
  • Because this plastic welding gun is compact and lightweight, it is ideal for moving from one place to another, while still being is robust and durable to last you a long period before necessitating you to buy a replacement.
  • The performance and temperature of this hot air gun are adjustable for both meting points; therefore, this provides you with the flexibility to work on various types of plastics.
  • This plastic welder is affordable but still provides you with high-quality work as well as easy to operate as it softens the parts to be linked professionally.


  • Usually, the gun takes a significant amount of time before it starts blowing hot air hence wastes you plenty of time when you are carrying out this welding tasks.
  • The low price of this welder might make some people assume it is of low quality; therefore, they always will feel disgruntled with this machine’s performance.

5. Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder Heating Gun PVC Vinyl Rod Welding 


  • It is ideal for repairing a broad spectrum of plastic items such as water tanks, swimming pool membranes, truck curtains, kayaks, tarpaulins, car bumpers and others thereby making it a practical and handy tool if you are a professional welder.
  • Weighing less than three pounds, this plastic welder is both compact and lightweight; hence it is easily portable from one workplace to another thereby increasing your overall productivity while carrying out these welding duties.
  • Both the power and temperature of this plastic welder are modifiable to different melting points thus offering you added versatility to work effectively on a broad range of different plastic materials
  • In comparison to other plastic welders, it is cheaper while still providing you with a high-quality jet of soft air that subsequently softens the plastic parts to be joined, thus making it a very professional tool.
  • It is a durable and robust plastic welder gun which will serve you for a longer duration before it necessitates replacement thus proving to be an excellent value for money.


  • Its affordability might scare away potential customers who may prejudge this item to be of low quality plus current users may start seeing fault with it because of their already set mindset that it is of inferior quality.
  • This welder lacks enough wattage which is necessary for bending.

6. Go2Home 1080W Split Hot Air Gas Plastic Welder Welding Heat Gun Kit


  • This plastic gun generates high-quality hot air that heats up swiftly, therefore, enabling you to carry out your welding tasks effectively and faster in comparison to other welder guns.
  • There are nine variable heat temperature settings which are adjustable with the temperature ranging from 40 to 500 degree Celsius thus can be efficiently used in different welding types of plastic.
  • It weighs 1.2kg, and this is lower when compared to an average solder iron consequently making you have an easier time when undertaking your repair work since the process is less tedious.
  • It is straightforward to use whenever you are repairing plastic plus has a flexible and handy design which further make it comfortable to use hence improving the quality of work you are doing.
  • Works excellently with its temperature consistent even after a prolonged period of use and its design makes maneuverability quite easy thus resulting in increased productivity whenever you are using this welder gun.


  • The temperature varied greatly from what was set subsequently leading to the inconsistent performance of this plastic welder, which leads to you wasting a lot of time.
  • Instructions on this item’s user guide are not well written thus making it difficult for you to comprehend what is being stated.

Comprehensive Buying Guide of The Best Plastic Welder

plastic welder kit buying guide

Power of The Plastic Welder

Whereas power is a vital factor to consider when trying determining how useful a piece of equipment is, it can get a bit redundant when searching for the plastic welder kit. Nevertheless, it still is essential for a plastic welder but requires the ideal features for it to make the job much easier.

The power of plastic welders frequently is rated in watts, thus, the more the watts, the hotter the welder can get. However, it requires an air pressure or temperature regulator to prevent this heat from becoming counter-productive. Usually, ensuring the temperature maintains a narrow range to melt the plastic without burning, and this is one of the significant challenges when it comes to plastic welding. Furthermore, burned plastic as well as the seal are fragile and easily break after the slightest stress is placed on them.

Moreover, this challenge is even worse when dealing with hot air guns since the amount of air flowing will intrinsically change the air temperature.

Therefore, the best plastic welder is one which produces enough power but still does not lead to this negatively affecting its practicality.

Pro Tips

There exist three main methods for welding plastic, that is, speed, pendulum, and tack with these different welding techniques neither merely dependent on the application of the equipment nor by the movements.

Also, every technique needs a different attachment, and this has subsequently led to the invention of numerous attachments to aid in their use. With a slight variation in design, each technique can make use of a different attachment.

So, depending on the plastic material being welded, the attachment type also varies with heat guns being useful with more techniques and a broader number of attachments in comparison to contact welders. Usually, contact welders make use of a different kind of attachment, which changes the contact point instead of the superficial component placed on top.

Intended Use

There is no perfect plastic welder which will be ideal for all its consumers. Typically, a professional welder would require an entirely different plastic welder to that which the hobbyist uses to carry out minor repairs. The plastic welders appropriate for experts feature a powerful heating element which usually is equipped with various gauges that control temperature. Additionally, the wealth of the included attachments lets you successfully achieve any type of plastic weld. However, as a hobbyist, you ordinarily require a plastic welder that offers you more speed to effectively make legitimate plastic welds whereas still being affordable and easy to use.

The Heating Type

Generally, there are three different types of plastic welders. The first type is the contact welding which like a soldering iron, heat is applied through its metal tip to the plastic which subsequently starts due to the high temperatures hence forms a desirable joint.

Other plastic welders make use of a focused flame and are closely similar to traditional metal welding. However, these plastic welders utilize super-heated air to melt the plastic, and the air usually does not catch fire but gets hot enough to burn similar to fire.

Finally, the last type of plastic welders utilizes high-frequency or ultrasonic waves to produce heat which consequently melts the plastic. Nevertheless, this kind of plastic welding is only often used by massive, fine or ultrasonic high-frequency projects. Thus, for the limited professionals and consumers, the two kinds of plastic welders which are often used are the contact and hot air plastic welder, with these two being considerably smaller in comparison to ultrasonic.

Furthermore, they both do not need powerful generators similar to high-frequency welders, are very much smaller and are very affordable. Nevertheless, with contact welders, the scale and scope of your project are often limited since the contact tip needs conductive heat. Also, in terms of size, it is more limited; therefore, contact welders frequently are utilized for smaller projects.

With hot air guns, you have the freedom to work on bigger projects; nonetheless, they still need the use of an air compressor. It subsequently leads to an increase in the cost of more equipment to the project since the air gun frequently requires to be of a better quality unlike lots of other pneumatic tools, thus increasing the initial cost even further.

How to Use Plastic Welding Kit With Safety

How to Use Plastic Welding Kit With Safety

Personal safety requires being an integral part while you are carrying out your plastic welding duties. Therefore, these plastic welders need to be appropriately used or maintained to prevent either you or workers exposing yourselves to various safety risks. Discussed below are some safety tips you always need to follow whenever you are using a plastic welder.

Wear Proper Attire and Equipment

Everyone who operates the plastic welder needs to wear fitting protective gear to limit exposure to any airborne plastic, and exposure to both heated surfaces and air. Some of the safety gear includes gloves, long sleeve shirts, pants, and protective eyewear, whereas a respirator is also necessary depending on the ventilation and the plastic getting melted.

Review the Safety Instructions

Always read the safety instructions of this item and in case of any query, contact the sales and services representatives to get further clarification on the item.

Emergency Procedures

Putting in place a clear and systematic procedure to follow in the event an accident occurs will ensure you significantly reduce the chances of you or anyone who gets injured while using the plastic welder from experiencing severe danger.

Clean Work Environment

You need to get rid of any clutter from your workspace thereby enabling you to move freely within this area. Therefore, this prevents you from either spilling or knocking over something which may require immediate cleanup, catch fire or damage to the plastic material. Furthermore, quickly storing the plastic welder to clean a mess can result in inappropriate storage of this item in between use.

Properly Train Your Employees

All the employees who will be using these plastic welder guns need to e adequately trained on how to operate this team, especially, how to switch on and off, run it, what to do in case of an emergency or malfunction, as well as clean it after use.

Review M.S.D. Sheets

Usually, you need to meticulously read the material safety data (M.S.D sheets of the different types of plastic you intend to weld. Furthermore, these sheets should highlight the hazardous ingredients of the plastic, preventive actions, fire and explosion information plus first-aid recommendations. These sheets are readily accessible upon request from the plastic manufacturer.

Watch this Video to Know More Details:

Final Thoughts

We have extensively gone into detail on the pros and cons of each plastic welder, the safety steps to follow when using one and the buying guide when deciding on the best plastic welder. Therefore, you are now better placed to make a prudent decision as to which of these plastic welder best suit your needs subsequently assisting you to achieve your goal whether you are hobbyist or professional.

Usually, if you are an expert, you need the often expensive plastic welder which however can undertake a larger project quicker and with ease. However, if you are doing this for fun, you need to opt for the cheaper alternative plastic welders that are less efficient and take you a long time to complete your welding duties So, it a matter of preference starting with you first understanding your needs before deciding on the heat gun plastic welder to satisfy your requirements.

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