The Importance of a Proper Mattress and Back Pain are Intertwined

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The Importance of a Proper Mattress and Back Pain are Intertwined
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Importance of a Proper Mattress and Back Pain are Intertwined

You will see that most healthy people sleep well at night. The importance of sleep is to provide adequate rest to your muscles and ligaments along with all other structures especially the spine. When this happens the nerves in your spine also feel relaxed and prevent your back from developing any pain, injury or disorder. Therefore, optimal sleep is essentially important for proper recovery and faster and better healing process.

It is only the right type of mattress that will provide you with a good sleep at night, and also lead to the feelings of rest so that when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshing. You must follow the mattress guidelines to get proper sleep and feel comfortable on it. There are a few specific points for research on the right type of mattresses to reduce the chances of developing back pain and add quality to your sleep.

  • The firmness of the mattress is often the first point of consideration for many. Most people prefer a medium-firm mattress for comfort but ideally, research on the firmness of the mattress is largely a matter of personal choice and certainly not extensive.
  • Age of the mattress is another important point to consider. If the mattress that you currently have is more than 5 to 7 years old it is time to consider a replacement. However, it can be earlier if you find it is providing a good sleep experience as compared to a different mattress that you may have tried in your relative’s home or in a hotel during your business trip recently.

It is found through different medical research studies that participants who switched from an old mattress to a new one experienced a reduction in their back pain and even slept better than before.

Back pain causes

Back pain causes

The importance of sleep is to keep you healthy and free from back pain. However, there are several causes of back pain and all may not be entirely dependent on the quality of the mattress. There are several reasons to say so such as:

  • No single type of bed or mattress works in the same way for everyone
  • There is nothing called best kind of mattress for all back problems and
  • There is no accord for an ideal sleep position.

Back pain can ideally develop due to several factors and the difference in the underlying causes will respond differently to different types of beds, mattresses, as well as sleep positions. Sleeping positions and preferences can exacerbate back pain and therefore are unrelated to the support and quality of a mattress.

Moreover, there are different options of mattresses to choose from with regards to individual preferences and health conditions. Some people may like to sleep on a mattress that will keep them cool and prevent from becoming disturbingly warm at night. There are even a few patients who are recovering from spine surgery may feel relaxed when they lie on their back and a small pillow put under their knees.

Some people may need extra cushioning as well in their adjustable bed or recliner for comfort during their postoperative recovery.

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