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Top 10 Most Popular Adidas Shoes Review 2024 – Helpful Buying Guide

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Top 10 Most Popular Adidas Shoes

Adidas is a very popular brand for a reason. Because shoes vary in form, style, and purpose, you must understand what you want your shoe to do before you determine you’ve found you “it” sneaker.

Are you going for a run? Are you racing? Are you hanging with your friends?

No single shoe does all of these things. These ten popular Adidas shoes fit the bill for any single one of those purposes. So know what you’re looking for, and read on to learn about the ten most comfortable Adidas shoes in no particular order.

Top 10 Most Popular Adidas Shoes Review 2020

Three things combine to make particular Adidas shoes rise to the top of their brand: comfort, fashion, and form. The shoes will have one of the three characteristics, and the best ones have all three, where comfort meets fashion that also makes you perform at your best.

1. Adidas NMD

If Twitter indicates popularity, then the Adidas NMD tops the list with millions of hashtags and growing. Adidas launched this unique shoe in 2015. It has only grown in popularity since them.

The NMD is known for its comfort and style, with a wide selection of colors. It works well for the urban nomad with an on-the-go lifestyle thanks to a full-length Boost midsole. Feeling like you’re walking on clouds sure helps its popularity as well.

It also has a one-piece Primeknit upper part of the shoe, making it easy to pack and bring along on trips away from the city.

2. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

Released in 2015, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 is nearly impossible to keep on the shelves because of their massive popularity. Iconic figure Kanye West made the shoe popular and continues to keep its reputation high in the shoe market.

While the shoe may not look like the most attractive shoe at first glance, it certainly turns heads. Seeing it on the feet of the West only increases its popularity more. It is a comfortable and uber casual shoe that looks somewhat like a slipper on a sole, but with style.

3. Adidas Superstar

The Superstar is the granddaddy of the Adidas market and this list. Adidas released the Superstar in 1969 as an innovative basketball sneaker to compete with the Chuck Taylors of the time.

The shoe has lasted, fifty years now and is still a great seller. With its shell-toe design and contrasting three stripes, the shoe is iconic Adidas at a glance.

4. Adidas Stan Smith

Much like Kanye West popularized the Yeezy Boost, tennis legend Stan Smith popularized the Stan Smith, one of the most popular Adidas sneakers ever.

The Stan Smith features a low-cut silhouette and white leather upper with perforated three stripes on the side. Wearers also see Stan Smith’s face staring back at them every time they tie their tennies because it’s stamped on the tongue.

5. Adidas Ultra Boost

One would think 2015 was a big year for Adidas, with three of the shoes on this list introduced that year. The Ultra Boost came into production that year. It was a new type of running shoe at the time with a unique running silhouette.

Sneaker lovers across the globe welcomed the Ultra Boost with open arms thanks to its comfort and style. It has a Primeknit upper set and a full-length midsole made of Boost, Adidas’ innovative cushioning system.

6. Pharrell Williams x Adidas

If Kanye West is the most influential Adidas collaborator, then Pharrell Williams is the second-most influential Adidas collaborator. Williams helped popularize the shoe named after him, making it extremely popular. It’s also expensive.

The Pharrell Williams x has a high heel cup and a one-piece upper set combination. It looks more like a slip-on shoe with laces than a tennis shoe, which makes it comfortable and thus popular.

7. Adidas Original NMD_xr1 PK Shoes

The NMD_xr1 PK pairs the old with new, taking a heritage style and combining it with a modern design. It has a fresh, innovative look and performs well, riding much like a responsive shoe.

As a bonus, in addition to performing well under the pressure of athletics, it has style, coming in retro, contemporary, and classic colors. You can find the shoe that matches your personality.

8. Ultraboost Ltd Running Shoes

A seamfree design makes Ultraboost Ltd an ultra-comfortable shoe. Adidas used its common Primeknit construction and stretch web technology to boost the comfort level of this performance shoe. The shoe both adapts and molds to the runner’s foot.

The comfort factor of this shoe along with its durability makes it a fantastic shoe for running long miles. The supportive plush midsole returns energy to the runner with each step.theUltraboost is the workhorse of this list, functioning more as a technical shoe than a fashion sneaker.

9. Adidas Originals  Prophere

The Originals Propher is function meeting fashion as one of Adidas’ most stylish trainers. If you want to train in style, the Prophere is your shoe with its dramatic silhouette and wide assortment of contemporary and fashionable colors.

With its high sides, oversized proportioned sidewalls, and embroidered toe trim, the shoe screams of urban cool. It features flexible knit construction, making it both supportive and comfy.

The Prophere works well for a run, but you can also wear it just look like a stylish runner.

10. Adidas Original Deerupt Runner Shoes

The Deerrupt Runner was Adidas’ way of stunning the shoe world with simplicity. A low-top training good for running, the Deerrupt has a simple, stylish, and streamlined silhouette. Where some of the other shoes on this list may come across as complicated, the Deerrupt has this uninterrupted flow from toe to heel.

Plus, it feels good when walking and breathes well in hot weather. It comes in many colors and features a lightweight ride, like wearing socks with a sole.

Determining which shoe works best for you will require some research. Some Adidas superstars reviews will help you find even more information for the shoe that you need.

Form, Fashion, and Function

Finding popular Adidas shoes does not take much work. They’re everywhere. Knowing which one works well comes back to what you’re looking for. Beautiful form, unique fashion, and outstanding function mark Adidas well.

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