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What is the Best Sounding Mufflers in 2024? – Auto Expert Review & Buying Guide

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Best Sounding Mufflers

Modification of a car does not always cost you much, especially when it is about your car’s exhaust system. In fact, it is a quick and affordable way to reduce the noise of your car with the best sounding muffler for v8 truck


Furthermore, the performance mufflers will help you to reduce the car’s noise with something pleasant to hear. Not only that, it can bring a noticeable boost in vehicle’s performance by releasing stranglehold on the engine. However, choosing an exhaust system might seem difficult for you and it indeed it is.

Nowadays, lots of brands are producing various kinds of performance mufflers. Depending on the way you expect your car to sound, our top 5 picks of mufflers can help you in this regard.

Editor Best Picks!

Why Do You Need the Best Sounding Muffler?

As a family guy, you do not want your kids to wake up just after starting your car engine. The exhaust that the internal combustion engine produces, an improper muffling system is responsible for making such disturbing noise. So, for the sake of your kids, you should look for a muffler that can reduce the exhaust noise.

An ideal muffler ensures the best exhaust system possible for your budget. Not only a muffler can reduce the noise, but also it is a crucial part of the exhaust system that increases the performance of your car’s engine. Hot fumes can overheat the engine and make it fail altogether.

Hence, a muffler will efficiently make your car’s engine healthy and your cabin neat and clean. Another reason that you should consider getting a muffler for your car is, it helps to reduce sound pollution. In most cities, you cannot intentionally make noise. If acted otherwise, you will end up getting pulled over.

Best Muffler Brands Comparison Chart!

Model Dimension Weight Exterior Shop
Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler 27 x 9 x 6 inches 12 pounds Polished Check Price
MagnaFlow 14832 20.2 x 10.7 x 5 inches 12.9 pounds Black Check Price
Thrush 17651 – Welded Muffler 20.5 x 10 x 4.2 inches 10 pounds See manufacturer’s website Check Price
Walker 18558 SoundFX Muffler 42 x 10 x 8 inches 14 pounds Smooth Check Price
Dynomax 24215 Race Bullet Muffler 17.5 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches 4.14 pounds Aluminized Check Price

Top 5 Best Sounding Mufflers in The Market 2022 – Reviewed

1. Thrush 17651 – Welded Muffler–  Thrush Welded Muffler Review

If you are thinking about changing your slow-flowing muffler with something better, then Thrush 17651 welded muffler is the one that you need. Its 100 percent welded construction with aluminized cover for resisting corrosion ensures the durability. So, it is durable enough that most other mufflers in the market.

The backpressure is modified overstock by 30 percent. It helps to produce a deep performance tone during acceleration. Furthermore, it boasts a high-temperature metallic finish on it with the Thrush logo embossed on cover, which looks stunning.

Top Features

High-Temperature Metallic Finish: The durability factor is vital for the mufflers, as they stay hot and have to go through tough situations. With its high-temperature metallic finishing coat, you will not have to worry about its durability. Such a coating will easily last longer.

Double Chamber Design: For the sake of your engine’s performance, you need to ensure that you are choosing a muffler that will make the way easy for the stream to flow. Herein, its dual-chamber design will help the stream to flow swiftly. Also, the dual-chamber especially contributes to producing a deep aggressive exhaust sound.

Aluminized and Welded: This top-rated muffler is 100% aluminized which is corrosion resistant and got full welding for intense hours of cruising. So, even though your vehicle performs heavy-duty tasks, these two key features got the muffler covered ensuring extended durability.

Deep Aggressive Tone: If you are looking for a muffler to amplify the stock exhaust sound to a bit louder, you would be glad to know that, this muffler got that very aggressive tone. Even though the dual chambers create an aggressive tone, but it sounds profound. So, the loudness of this muffler will not be ear hurting for most of the people. This kind of muffler is ideal for street racing.

  • Double-chambered design for better flowing.
  • High-temperature metallic finish.
  • Welding ensures extended durability.
  • Deep aggressive tone.
  • The sound is a little loud for older people and kids. So, you cannot install it in your family car. The noise is noticeable during idle and low speed.

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Thrush 17651 – Welded Muffler Video Review: 

2. MagnaFlow 14832 - Magnaflow street series muffler

MagnaFlow 14832 is made to rule the street with its stainless-steel body and race-ready power. You will notice the dramatic change in the power and performance of your vehicle. The exhaust gasses have to face minimum restriction for maximum rubber-laying power. Tips to the inlets are polished with stainless steel, which gifts a shiny look to the muffler.

Different tips styles and inlet-outlet configuration options give the very custom looking appearance. The muffler is made of corrosion-resistant metal which is extremely durable. It sounds in a deep tone. The installation of this sounding muffler is pretty straightforward. You can even install it using basic hand tools.

Top Features

Stainless Steel Construction: The premium 400 series stainless steel and intense mirror finishing polish gives a gleaming look from its inlet to tip. Its corrosion-resistant metal ensures that you can rely on its durability for long enough till you change your mind about getting another one. The manufacturer combines the stainless steel and tips to outflow and outperforms standard OEM mufflers by 167 percent.

Restriction Free and Performance: MagnaFlow adopted custom engineering to create such wide-open performance muffler. The minimum restriction can peel-out plenty of power easily. That is the reason behind the improvement of the engine’s overall performance. Hence, this muffler is suggested to the cars with bolt-on performance mod and custom body kit attachments.

High Flow Tuning Tube: The muffler features a high flow tuning tube that balances the requirements of a high revving performance engine. Moreover, it has an internal chamber of 3-inch-wide exhaust which virtually reduces the back pressure that accumulates to the output of most exhaust flow.

The Design: Polished stainless-steel material gives a unique look to the muffler. In addition to that, it hoards a pretty straight-through design with a straightforward intention for providing the cleanest and the most efficient flow for the racer.

  • Generates a smooth and deep tone.
  • Nicely tuned without a resonator.
  • Cabin drone seems to not exist during cruising speeds.
  • Stainless Steel material with mirror polishing.
  • Different tips styles.
  • Welding is not good enough. It can be too quiet for people who need more sound.

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3. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler

If you are looking for a muffler with aggressive exterior sound, then take a look at this model from Flowmaster’s super 40 series.

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler

Its larger case profile will provide you the most needed exhaust sound, and noticeable interior resonance that will bring in the eye-pleasing appearance.

In addition, this muffler is made of 16-gauge aluminum steel, and it has been fully MIG welded for durability.

Top Features

Delta Flow Technology: Flowmaster’s Delta flow technology has been used for their 40 series mufflers including this one too. It's Delta deflectors produce amplified scavenging for providing better performance while reducing interior exhaust sound.

Dual Chamber Design: Its double-chambered design provides excellent performance even on horsepower vehicles. The chambers inside this muffler terminate the produced sound wave and reduce the noise of the exhaust system.

Sound: The exhaust sound is loud enough for you to be able to hear it from the inside. However, the muffler does not sound that much in idle mode, but when you are on it, you can tell it is there. It creates a deep and smooth sound. This sound is ideal for a family car. The noise will not seem scary to your kids asleep.

16-Gauge Aluminized Steel: Flowmaster 953047 is constructed of 16-gauge aluminized steel. It has admirable corrosion and heat resistance. Accordingly, you do not need to depress about its durability when this sort of material is in charge.

  • Deep and aggressive sound.
  • Perceptible interior resonance.
  • The dual-chambered configuration provides better performance.
  • Improved throttle response.
  • The aggressive sound might seem a bit loud inside the cabin. Some of the customers reported the muffler gets quieter after a few months of using.

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4. Walker 18558 SoundFX Muffler

Walker 18558 from SoundFX muffler is engineered with 100% aluminized steel which is durable enough compared to low carbon steel. Further durability is ensured by the mechanical interior joints. Its spun-lock head system helps to resist rupture from backfires.

OE-designed exhaust spots two internal tubes and two partitions. In addition, the direct fitting capability and its universal style give the muffler a quality look and favorable acoustics.

Top Features

OE-Equivalent: As it is a direct fit muffler and designed to match OE muffler regarding shape, size and hanger placement, its installation process for any car is quite straightforward. It is the more economical option as it is not specific to any vehicle.

Reinforcing Bracketed Heads: the reinforced bracketed heads help to improve its structural support and stability. Most of the premature mufflers fail because of rupture from backfires. To avoid this, SoundFX added spun-lock to the shell feature to their mufflers.

Two Partitions Design: The muffler got a double partition internal design that is mechanically joined for preventing spot weld breakage. The inner tubes also avoid flowing tube deformation.

Durability: It seems that all the crucial factors which make a muffle durable, SoundFX has compiled this muffler with most of those factors. Aluminized steel construction resists corrosion. While, for preventing rupture, it has spun-lock heads.

Also, the mechanical interior joints took this muffler to the next level of durability. So, if the durability of a muffler is prior to you, this muffler is all you need.

Sound: Most importantly, the sound that comes out of this muffler is pretty good. It is neither too loud that will hurt the ear, nor too quiet that you will not even know whether it is in idle mode or not.

  • 100% aluminized steel construction.
  • Spun-locked heads protect from rupturing.
  • Interior mechanical joints increase durability.
  • Reinforced bracketed heads prevent backfires.
  • Two internal tubes and two partitions for premium performance.
  • Easy installation without any modification.
  • Front pipe of the muffle can be rusted out in around ten months. The hangers are not appropriately aligned.

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5. Dynomax 24215 Muffler - Best Sounding Muffler for v8 Truck

Dynomax bullet muffler is a compact, round shaped muffler for tight ground clearance. It is fully welded to ensure its maximum durability. Generally, this race muffler is designed for vehicles with limited spaces. The muffler spots high-temp ceramic packing around the perforated straight-through core.

Dynomax is one of the best exhaust brands for racing or any horsepower vehicle. With the help of its CRF technology, it creates an aggressive, deep, and powerful sound that will make you feel enchanted to hear. Moreover, it can reduce the sound up to the level to 4 dbA.

Top Features

Fully Welded Construction: As this muffler is basically for racing cars, the durability is an essential factor. If a muffler only provides the expected sound but does not last one enough, then it is not that a racer would refer. The muffler is 100 percent welded. So, if you are someone who needs to ensure the maximum durability for racing, this might be the right one for you.

Straight-through Design: For a racing type muffler, a straight-through muffler system is more appropriate. If the stream goes through a less restricted muffler system, the more it will increase the engine’s performance.

Deep Sound: This muffler creates deep and aggressive sound. The tone that the muffler creates can take over above 2500 rpm. Most of the mufflers these-days struggle to maintain its ideal tone while acceleration. But luckily, this is not the hitch with this one. The sound remains relatively low under heavy acceleration.

Roving Fiberglass: If the sound of a muffle is not stable and increases after a couple of months, it is something that nobody will like. To avoid such issue, the bullet muffler comes with coving fiberglass system that can control the amount of maximum sound. CRF technology helps the sound to reduce at level 4 dbA. So, with this muffler, you can have total access to its sound system.

  • Compact design for limited space vehicles.
  • Fully welded construction ensures extreme durability.
  • CRF technology for controlling sound.
  • Straight-through design allows the stream to flow without restriction.
  • Exhaust note can be changed after a few months. Initially, after the installation, it sounds lackluster. But the quality improves after breaking in.

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Best Sounding Muffler Buying Guide

buying guide for sounding mufflers

When it is about modifying any of your car’s components, you need to do a lot of researching to select a particular product. There are many diverse brands and models of performance mufflers in the market. Let's make it easy for you and merely highlight key things that you need to consider before buying a cheap-sounding muffler.

1. Vehicle Type:

Depending on the type of vehicle, the muffler will vary. For example, if someone owns a sports car, he needs a particular kind of muffler for the car’s engine. On the other hand, someone who drives a truck needs a different sort of muffler for his ride.

2. Performance & Sound:

If you want more power for your engine, consider buying a race-ready muffler. These mufflers have fewer baffles that do not create a restriction for the air to flow. Less restriction means air can flow quickly, resulting in more air volume and more power.

However, you might face a bit problem if you randomly choose a race-ready muffler. These create more sound than regular mufflers. Your car will be super loud to draw unwanted attention. So, go for a super quiet car exhaust system that will provide you with excellent performance and a pleasant sound as well.

3. Materials:

Performance mufflers these days are mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum. Even though both of the elements are of high quality and durable enough, but depending on the area you live in, you should go for an appropriate one.

If the humidity level of your living area is high, then you should go for a stainless-steel muffler. The reason behind it is that the high levels of moisture are very destructive in the long run. So, your muffler system needs to adjust to the condition too. T409 and T304 are very popular stainless-steel that is readily available on the market.

If you live in a hot and dry area, and the humidity is not an issue for you, go with the aluminum steel-made muffler. The corrosion risk is very low with this weather and hardware combination. In dry weather, the material is not an issue. Therefore, you can choose whatever you like and do not have to worry about sustaining corrosion damage.

4. Size:

Considering the size of a muffler is essential, as the smaller mufflers have fewer baffles that cannot reduce the noise like bigger ones. On the other hand, larger mufflers are equipped with more sound-reducing baffles. So, if you want a super quiet muffler for your vehicle, get the larger size.

5. Required Space:

For proper installation, you need to make sure there is enough space undercarriage of your vehicle.

6. Types:

You will find different kinds of mufflers available in the market. Depending on what sort of vehicle you use, you need to choose the appropriate one.

Mainly, they are of three types. These are Straight-Through, Chambered, and Turbo.

  • I. Chambered:

If you are looking for the best sounding muffler for muscle cars and street machines, chambered muffler would be the ideal one for your vehicle. These mufflers are designed for throaty performance sound and reducing exhaust noise in the street.

A series of inner chambers is configured at specific length for reflecting sound waves between these chambers. When the sound wave bounces into each of them, they terminate each other off that results in the reduction of exhaust noise. The number of chambers and their size define the tone of the exhaust system and the reduction in noise.

  • II. Turbo Mufflers:

Turbo mufflers are mainly perforated tubes that lead the exhaust gasses to pass through S-shaped pattern into a muffler. This S-shaped tube helps the gasses make their way through more tubing that results in noise reduction. The sound absorbing material is packed around the tubes for better muffling.

  • III. Straight-through Mufflers:

These mufflers are also known as glass packs. They are designed for the maximum amount of gasses to flow and even for horsepower. These mufflers spot a straight perforated pipe that is wrapped with sound-absorbing material like fiberglass.

This simple design of the pipe allows the air to flow more swiftly and makes less exhaust noise compared to the chambered mufflers. Furthermore, this straight design is more compact than other muffler styles. It is ideal for racing and highly modified cars. Among the custom car builder, it has built a good reputation.

7. Single Exhaust System:

As the name goes, it terminates the exhaust through a single muffler. Mostly, trucks and SUVs use this kind of exhaust system.

This exhaust system is cheap as it requires fewer components and modifications. Consequently, you will get a stealthy look, moderate sound, and better performance.

8. Dual Exhaust System:

This exhaust system for your vehicle mainly terminates through a pair of mufflers and tailpipes. They can terminate both the straight back or from the sides of your vehicle. Dual exhaust system mufflers are of two variants. One is a true exhaust, and another one is just for the appearance as the second one.

A true dual exhaust system would separate both banks of the engine unless there is an equalization tube connected to it. Another type of this dual system exhaust is like a cat-back and axle-back system. The axle-back exhaust system starts before the back axle. While a cat-back exhaust system uses the axle-back system and expands on it.

The exhaust stream is unmerged and exited in this dual exhaust fashion. Both types would upgrade your vehicle’s performance, sound, and appearance.

Installation Process – How Do You Install the Sounding Muffler?

Consider not the installation of muffler usually as a simple bolt-on task. The high-performance muffle would require welding and needs to clamp with specialty hardware. You won't be able to find a direct-fit muffler. Hence, you have to modify the stock exhaust system as the installation process.

If that does not sound good to you, then try to find a direct-fit muffler for your vehicle’s model. Again, finding a direct-fit muffler will not be easy for you. In case you get lucky enough, you will get one for your precious car.

To install the muffler by yourself, the first thing that you need to check is, if there is enough space for the placement. The muffler should have extended piping to reach the exact fitting point. If it does not reach the fit, an adaptor will do the work for you.

Slide the metal hanger into a rubber eyelet. It will work as a support for the weight of the muffler. The rubber prevents the muffler from producing vibration noise.

Before placing the muffler pipe, spray exhaust sealant. Now slide the Muffler’s pipe or adaptor over the exhaust pipe. It should be fitted snugly. Secure the piping with clamp, where one pipe overlaps another.

Now, start the engine to see if there is any leak. Look beneath the muffler and exhaust pipe; the leak would easily be visible if there is one.

Watch this video on how to install the best exhaust system: 


When it comes to buying the best sounding muffler for your treasured car, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, the best exhaust system is one of the crucial parts of any motor vehicle.

The functions that an exhaust system is involved in need proper attention to work correctly. For suitable sound and better performance, you need to select a muffler responsibly according to your car’s capability.

Hopefully, our best five picks of mufflers and the buying and installation guide will help you to decide which one to buy, and make you understand what things you need to take into consideration before purchasing.

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