Top 5 Best Reloading Scale in 2024 [Updated Reviews]

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Best Reloading Scale

Every one of us is in deep love with our own Guns-and-Bullets game. But reloading your own ammo of the firearms isn’t the tea of everyone’s cup. As you’ve managed to land on this page, you’re surely one of those few brave hunters.

To be a master with your shooting accuracy, it’s in the rulebook to make precise and optimal ammunition. And as it sounds, it’s not an easy nut to crack.

If you’ve got a superpower of precision in this case, then it’s okay. But what most of us seasonal hunters do, isn’t even close to perfect reloading.

So, what do we do?

Well, in 2020, we’ve got a number of best reloading scales that measure shot, powders, bullets, and ammunition each time we reload our firearms. The benefits they serve are-

  1. Maximize the hand load potential.
  2. Provides extra precision to achieve 1/10 grain accuracy.
  3. It extremely fits within small budgets.

So, these were the good news. The bad news is, it takes a handful of research to pick up the popular reloading scale. To be frank, it’s not hard only, it’s as hard as finding a needle from a pile of the needle.

But as you’ve already managed to gather the courage, the rest can rely on us.

This review today is aimed at sorting out the top labeled reloading scales for money. The products that we’ve picked up, are considered from viewpoints of design, performance, durability and of course- price.

Not making the introduction longer, let’s get started.

Now let’s check out the reloading powder scales reviews below.

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Top 5 Best Reloading Scale Reviews

1. Hornady 50108 Electronic Scale, 1500 Grain – Best Electronic Reloading Scale

Hornady 50108 Electronic ScaleHighlighted Features:

  • The dimensions of the Hornady 50108 Electronic Scale are 4.8 x 9 x 7.1 inches which indicate it is really compact in size.
  • This device weighs only 2 pounds so you can see how easy it is to carry this powder scale.
  • Amazingly the Hornady 50108 best Electronic Scale contains two different calibrations for multiple usages.
  • A large LCD and clear display are available with this device. So, you can easily get the readings and there is no disturbance while getting the readings.
  • Contains a 220V adaptor that helps to keep the charge of the machine for a long time.

Sometimes when measuring you need different calibrations. But not all the reloading scales are capable of giving you such benefits.

This is different in case of the Hornady 50108 Electronic Scale. Because this amazing scale can give two calibrations of weights. So, for this reason, it is one of the best reloading digital scales.

It is also the best digital powder scale because it can measure weighs of 0.1 grain as well. Only a few reloading can measure this accurately and the Hornady 50108 Electronic Scale is one of them.

Moreover, you will see that this amazing digital reloading scale can measure up to 1500 grains, unlike most other devices. You can see the weight range for measuring with this scale is quite large.

As you know that a digital scale should have a large and clear display so that you can see the values accurately.
The Hornady 50108 Electronic Scale, 1500 Grain will provide such display. Also, the display is LCD which makes it the best digital reloading scale.

Aside from all these, you will find that this amazing electronic beam scale includes 220v adaptor for which it can take charge for a long time. And if you ever forget to unplug the charger the device will not get damaged.

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  • Works amazingly with reloading.
  • Gives accurate results compared to beam scale.
  • Compact but works efficiently.
  • The usage is very easy.
  • Quite sensitive to accurate results.
  • Gives faster results.


  • Electrical interference may alter the values.
  • Calibration takes 15-20 minutes.

2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

Highlighted Features:

  • The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge reloading scale can work at a great speed.
  • It also has a high efficiency in measuring the weights.
  • The weight limit of this machine is quite large. It can measure up to 0.1 grains to 1000 grains.
  • Charging the machine is quite easy because it has overcharge protection.
  • It contains three-speed settings which are capable of giving different speeds.
  • Moreover, the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge has a large and comfortable display and smooth and easy to operate keypad.

If you are looking for the best reloading scale that you can use to measure a good range of weight then you are looking at the right place.

Because the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge is capable of measuring from 0.1 grains to 1000 grains. So, this is a huge range to cover. And for this reason, it is considered one of the perfect digital scales.

This amazing product is capable of measuring even powder. It is designed for great efficiency and also it can calculate and measure the results at a great speed.

Amazingly the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge comes with a large backlit display. You can easily read the values from this easy-to-read display.

Not only you get easy to read display but also you will get an amazing operating keypad. This keypad is very easy to operate. This makes it the best digital scale for reloading.

There are two dispense options in the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge. These options are manual and automatic. You can use both the options for calculating the values you want.

Another awesome fact about this tactical scale is that it has three-speed settings. So, you can change the range of speed to any one of these.

While charging the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge you do not have to worry about unplugging it. Because it has an option to protect the device from overcharging. As a result, the device won’t get damaged.

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  • Good for low volume hand-loading.
  • Calculates the values very fast and accurately.
  • Can load accurately and consistent rounds.
  • Setting up this device is very easy.
  • Has a large clear backlit display.
  • Contains easy to operate keypad.
  • Can automatically load the next charge.


  • The trickling may take a while.
  • Charging takes sometimes.

3. Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 Touch Screen

Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 Touch ScreenHighlighted Features:

  • Contains a touchscreen controller that helps to operate the scale very smoothly and easily.
  • Uses advanced technology for which it can contain the feedback of the users and then reuse that feedback for later usage.
  • Includes a quick drain option that helps to clean the device easily and more efficiently.
  • The advanced technology also helps to calculate and identify the value that you require accurately.
  • Can calibrate within only three minutes which helps to calculate any value you want with ease.

Unlike most other scales, the Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 comes with a touchscreen controller. However, this is not only easy to operate but also very user-friendly.

The Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 uses an advanced technology that will help you to calculate the results accurately. Also, it will help you to calibrate the machine quickly.

Another awesome feature of the Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 is that it uses a technology that can store user’s feedback. If you give feedback to correct something it can automatically store this correction for future reference.

The Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 can also calculate the results faster and accurately. So, from this electronic powder scale reviews, you can see how amazing this machine is.

You can clean the device easily after using it. Especially when you use any powder substance on it.

Moreover, the Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 calibrates really fast. It takes only 3 minutes to warm up so you can start doing your calculations faster and better. Now let’s check out some of the highlighted features.

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  • Gives more accurate results.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Works as a good powder dispenser.
  • Calibrates faster than most other scales.
  • Great tool for any reloader.


  • Charging is not very good.
  • Needs unplugging for resetting.

4. RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale, Green, Left/Right – Best Mechanical Reloading Scale

RCBS M500 Mechanical ScaleHighlighted Features:

  • The dimensions of this product are 6 x 9 x 12 inches making it very compact in size and it takes less area to operate.
  • It weighs only 1.2 pounds so moving it around is not very difficult for you.
  • The RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale is made out of the best quality material which makes it one of the best powder scales for reloading.
  • Includes the feature of repeating results. This means after getting a calculated value you can repeat the calculation process again.
  • The most amazing fact about the RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale is that it works without batteries. No worries about charging it.

For getting the best mechanical reloading scale you can rely on the RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale. Because it uses the best quality materials for construction.

Though the RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale works a bit slow it includes technology that will help you to get the most accurate results. But as you know that beam scales are a bit slow, so this is considerable.

The results that you get from the RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale is repeatable. That means you can repeatedly get the results for your calculations so it is very helpful for you.

This popular scale is very compact in size. For this reason, you can easily carry it along with you. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Another amazing feature of the RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale is that it is very light in weight. So, for this reason, operating is also very easy and comforting.


  • No batteries are required to operate.
  • Carrying is very easy for the lightweight.
  • It takes less area of the place.
  • Can repeatedly calculate the results.
  • High-quality materials for a long lifespan.


  • Works a bit slower than other scales.

5. American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale

American Weigh Scale Gemini Series PrecisionHighlighted Features:

  • The GIMINI-20 is a portable scale meant for weighting things like powder, gems, bullets.
  • The scale Comes with great accessories like the case with calibration weight
  • Comes with Flip-down shield for safeguarding delicate weighing surface.
  • Easy to remove stainless steel weighing platform.
  • It can weigh in 6 different weighing units
  • American Weigh Scale comes with a powerful 10-year warranty.

The GEMINI-20 is one of the best powder scales for the money. It will be a great product to measure powder, bullets, even for chemicals and gems.

The Gemini 20 will be a perfect choice for weighing small amounts of volume between 1 and 20 grams.

The scale will need 2 AAA batteries to run on. It will come with a carry case, it’s will be easy to use it anywhere you want. You will also get other accessories like calibration weight, a small tray, and tweezers.

With the help of these accessories, you will get help with reloading and calibration. Like most other scales you just have to put the Gemini 20 on an even surface to get an actual measurement.

It has a flip-down shield that protects the surface while it’s not being used. During your use time, the 0.001-gram increments will ensure your results are correct.

This Gemini-20 is capable to weigh in six different weighing units including grains, ounces, and carats. There have only 4 buttons to operate the scale, and they also provided separately on and off buttons so you don’t accidentally press the wrong button.


  • Accurate
  • Easy to carry
  • Multiple Weighing Units
  • Comes with a pan for powder weighing


  • For many people buttons are small to use

Here is a Video Review of The Most Accurate Reloading Scale:

How to Buy the Top Rated Reloading Scale

Digital Reloading Scale

There are a lot of digital scales that you will find on the market. But you should only choose cheap reloading scale.

To help you find the best digital reloading powder scale I have made this guide for you. This will surely help you.

In order to find the best scale, you have to focus on some things. These are

  • You have to see the range of weight of the scale. For example, if a scale can measure from 0.1 grain to a thousand grains then it is definitely the best in the market.
  • A reloading machine is better than most other scales if it can calibrate faster. So when you want to buy one make sure to check the calibration speed of the scale.
  • If a reloading kit is fast at calculating the results then you can surely choose this one for you because it is better in performance.
  • A perfect digital scale should be considered the best if it has the ability to charge up faster and keep the charge stored for a long time.
  • You should check if the screen is clearly visible and also if the screen is showing results accurately. If so then you can consider buying that scale.
  • Finally, the best mechanical reloading scale should be light in weight and compact in size. Also, it should be user-friendly and easy to use.

If you see these features on a reloading scale then you can definitely choose that digital powder scale for you.

How to Use a Digital Reloading Scale

For using a scale first, you have to know about the types of the scale. There are basically two types of reloading scale. One can be operated manually but the other one is automatic.

Now in this review, I am going to tell you how you can measure substances with both these scales.

  • Measuring with Automatic Reloading Scale:

It is very simple and easy to measure or calculate values with this type of digital scale.

Firstly, you have to turn on the device. Then use the reset button to set the initial values to zero.

After that, you have to pour the powder you want to measure the weight of. When you pour the powder, you will see the weight on the digital screen.

The weight can be shown in different units. So, you have to set the unit you want, initially. So, you see how easy it is to use an automatic beam scale.

Now let’s proceed through this powder scales review to know how you can use a manual reloading scale.

  • Measuring with Manual Reloading Scale:

This measuring is a little bit different from the automatic. Because here you have to manually find out the values.

There are some steps you can follow. For following this steps you have to know that there are some parts of this scale. These parts are the large poise, the small poise, and the middle poise.

This poise is the square shaped box on the main scale. So now that you know about these parts you have to set these poises to zero.

It is very easy. Simply follow the pointers to set them to zero. After you are done with setting them to zero you now have to put the powder on the hanging plate. Then the pointer will show the weight of the powder you have taken.

In this scale, you can measure the powder in a particular unit but that is not a major problem. Because you can convert the unit with the help of a converter.

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How to Take Care of a Powder Scale

Even if you own the Balance Beam Reloading Scales it still needs some care. Taking care of your digital scale is not that difficult. All you need to know is some basics that will help you to take good care of your scale.

From the powder scales reviews I have given below you will learn about some of the best powder measures. But it is also important to take care of your scale. So below I have given some points that can help you in this case.

  • First of all, you have to see if your scale is manual or automatic or in other words digital.
  • If you have the RCBS M500 Mechanical Powder Scale then you should always be careful about not letting any dust fall on it. Because the dust can alter the readings. So always clean the dust and keep the scale-free from dust.
  • Secondly, you should never use any lubricants or oil to clean the dust. It may smoothen the scale but it will damage the scale in the long run. So be aware of that.
  • In case of removing dust, you should use a dry cloth so that it doesn’t affect the scale.
  • In case you have an automatic scale always keep the scale full of charge.
  • The calibration of the scale may take sometimes which you will find in the reloading scale reviews. So wait for it to calibrate. Do not keep pushing the buttons unnecessarily.
  • Be careful about overcharging the scale. Because it may damage the battery that you are using on the scale.
  • When you clean the scale be careful about using the cloth that you are using. Because rough clothes may scratch the digital screen. So always use smooth clothes in this case.
  • Once you are done with taking a weight of a particular amount of powder, clean the scale clearly. So that no powder is left of the scale.
  • While using the scale you should push the buttons too hard or it may affect the values that you are getting from the scale.

So now you know how you can take care of a reloading machine. Now let’s proceed to the digital powder scale reviews.

But before that, I have added a buying guide to help you find the best digital reloading scale on the market. You can check it out it.

Here is a Video Review on How to Care your Digital Scale: 

Final Verdict

As you can see that in this article I have given the reviews of some of the best reloading scales in the market. You can surely choose any one of the scales from the above.

And don’t hesitate to choose any one of them. Because each of these scales has some unique qualities that can help to fulfill your purpose. Also, the guide will help you to choose the best according to your desire.

And even if you are new to using this device you still don’t have to worry as I have talked about how you can use this device and how you can take care of it.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Best of luck!

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