Best Essential Oils for Joint Pain and Inflammation Review 2024

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Essential Oils for Joint Pain and Inflammation

Inflammation is not a pleasant situation of your body. It bothers you, seriously. So, if you don’t want to deal with it every day, you need to focus on reducing it. Here comes the role of essential oils.

Essential oils help us in many ways. Reducing inflammation is one of those. But not every essential oil can do this. There are a lot of essential oils that really help you with your inflammation problem. Let’s know about some essential oils for inflammation.

Best Essential Oils for Joint Pain and Inflammation

1. New Plant Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Essential Oils 

This is an amazing essential oil that offers ultimate body care. Coming with active ingredients like ginger root extract, ginger oil and jojoba seed oil, it is one of the great oils that you’ll find in the market.

Use this oil on only external parts of your body. It works great to remove the blocks of the clogged lymph. Thus it efficiently diminishes the swelling from lymphedema and helps you to get improved immunity.

Besides, it works effectively to reduce fat and adipose tissues. Thus it keeps the work process of the body running properly. It also works great to reduce inflammation by decreasing swollen glands. It is also effective after the injury and surgery massages. For reducing waste products and toxins, this essential oil works amazing.

Applying this oil after a warm bath helps you to get the result quickly and efficiently. For lymphatic drainage, you can use it once or twice a day. Have patience and use it daily. You’ll see the results soon.

2. Edens Garden Copaiba Essential Oil

Coming from Edens Garden, this essential oil can be a good friend for you to reduce inflammation and pain. With a sweet and charming aroma, this oil welcomes you to a perfect and effective therapy session every time you start using it.

Being prepared with 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients, it offers superior support to your respiratory system. When applied, it helps you to get rid of inflammation and pain from injury or surgery. The sweet aroma and warmth of the oil help in relaxing and meditation.

For ensuring superior performance in every drop, the production process is supervised thoroughly. Starting from finding healthy ingredients to using advanced blending techniques- every step is controlled under expert supervision.

Each batch of this oil is GC/MS tested after final production. Thus it ensures quality. As it is an expertly formulated and hand-poured essential oil, you can depend on it. No synthetics are used to prepare this oil, so all you’ll get from this oil is 100% safety, purity, and efficiency.

How to Use Essential Oils for Pain and Inflammation

How to Use Essential Oils for Pain and Inflammation

Essential oils for inflammation can be used in a few ways if you are thinking of fighting inflation. These are given below-

  1. Massage: The most common way to use essential oil is by massaging it on the affected area. By following easy massaging methods, you can use the oils at home to get rid of inflammation.
  2. Diffusion: Sometimes, essential oils can be used through diffusion. You’ll find different diffusers for essential oil in different stores as well as online platforms. Inhaling the scent created by the diffuser can help you to fight stress-related inflammation.
  3. By mouth: This is not so much used way, and it is risky too. There are a few essential oil mouthwash found in the market which helps to fight gum related inflammation. But essential oils are not meant to swallow as those are for external use only.

So, before going to use such essential oil mouthwashes, take help from doctors. Also, you’ll have to be very careful while you are using essential oils this way.

Final Verdict

Using essential oils might be a good way if you want to get rid of inflammation. But, the thing is, essential oils are not the final treatment for inflammation. You need to consult doctors and go through medical treatment.

Also, you might be allergic to some essential oils. In that case, the situation will get worse than before. So, before getting essential oils for pain and inflammation as long time treatment, consulting a doctor is a must. Otherwise, you may face some problems.

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