Top 5 Expert Ways to Trick Out a Tavor

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Top 5 Ways to Trick Out a Tavor

As a new rifle in the market, the Tavor is slowly becoming the choice of many shooters all day long. Compared to other advanced rifles around, they lag behind in terms of the accessories they boast. However, shooters all over are working towards improving the Tavor to reach the levels of other market rifles.

How can you trick out your Tavor? Right, there are a lot of means of doing such a project. Our discussion herein will touch on the five excellent ways professionals employ to trick Tavors. Tactical exposure will provide people lagging behind an idea of how to make their Tavors a bit advanced for us.

Top 5 Expert Ways to Trick Out a Tavor

Advanced rifles like the AR gained popularity due to the accessories they boast. Not all people like Tavor rifles, however, there is a section who feel much comfortable with them. Tavor owners are going to the extent of doing some modifications on the rifle to make it the perfect solution for them.

No matter the kind of competition Tavors receive, they have proved to be more reliable options around. In terms of its construction design, we should accept how the manufacturer created it. Those who have gotten the opportunity to test it have cling to its shooting style. They are enjoying and reaping big from the work of this ugliest rifle around.

Now, sure, these rifles have evolved for quite a couple of years. Today, Tavors have complete replacements on their match triggers. Consequently, they boast extra accessories that boast more on stability and various advanced style ergonomics. This is a great improvement especially to a machine that is newest in town. Let’s now look deeper into a few ways to trick a Tavor.


Most shooters prefer stock forends most for their rifles. However, they lack the idea that they can still mount bipods on these forends with the help of the sling stud. Whichever forend you choose, there is an option that provides you room to mount your bipod. An example of a modern bipod mount in the market is the TAR PODIUM model. These models deliver push buttons and can replace bottom grip plugs.

  • Optics

For quite some time now, people have considered the Mepro 21 optics their favorite in this industry. The Mepro 21 stands out due to their excellent delivery speed as well as they don’t use batteries to function. However, there exist several low power variables in stores that do great on the Tavor rifles. For instance, we have the Millet DMS-2 1-6x24mm scope variable optics. Such optics are essential for improved precision when using the Tavor. A good thing is that they provide improved precision with an increase in the distance.

Most people haven’t tried using Tavors when in long-range shooting missions. However, they are capable of delivering once modified with powerful optics. Tavors can deliver 3-inch groups at a long-range distance of up to 300 yards or more. You can still modify the Tavor with a higher power optic to provide you more precision.


Trick Out a Tavor

Tavor manufacturers designed the rifle specially focused for shooting purposes. The rails of the Tavor all combat with the AR accessories including the lasers and the lights alike. Mounting anything under the forend automatically hurries a crowd.

Now, how can Tavor owners deal with such a crowd that forms when they mount anything under the forend? Right, Tavor owners are quite fortunate since various companies nowadays offer different forends that deal with such a crowd. We now have the M-Lock and Keymod forends in the market that serves best in the Tavor rifles. Consequently, companies are still offering rails with all extension options in any of the forend they prefer to use.

In addition, nowadays, companies offer i-inch optional tactical light mount to Tavor owners. This uses the unused space within the forend you have. There are forends even designed with more space and mounting flexibility of accessories. Choose a forend that will let you mount all your accessories of choice easily to get best results from them.

  • Triggers

Most people referred to the Tavor as the ugliest rifle around when first introduced into the industry. Writers wrote all what they saw about them and they almost turned down prospects who needed to give them a try. The Tavor trigger was among the components that made writers term the rifle ugly. Actually, during that time, Tavors had heavy and combat triggers.

However, a few days later, Tavors received rescue when they received sub 5-pound trigger match packs. Swapping them was something of less than 20 seconds. Still, there exists trigger packs that work best with the Tavor rifle. However, Geissele and Timney trigger packs take a slot topmost of all for the Tavors. The packs deliver wonderful single and double stage triggers.

  • AR Accessories

Lastly, we need to discuss the AR accessories in our topic today. Additional accessories usually add up more weight. However, there are few handy accessories you can add to a Tavor and still they don’t add too much weight to the rifle.

Now, above we have discussed a few ways Tavor shooters can trick their Tavor rifles. Even though most people call them the ugliest rifle models around, they play their part excellently. Once you incorporate the above ideas, believe it you will invest in advancing your Tavor all day long. Look at where they don’t perform perfectly and find out a good replacement to provide you utmost performance.


Tavor rifles form the newest rifles we have around. Most people can say that they are gaining popularity with no reason at all. Those who see nothing in these rifles probably haven’t tried them yet. However, Tavor shooters have the experience to share. With just a little modification, they make the best rifles worth investing. Go through the possible ways to trick a Tavor and believe it, nothing is more than this rifle. It’s a low-class model but yet you get the best from it.

  • Updated January 31, 2023
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