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Talking about the shooting will definitely bring some words about shooting bench. According to my experience, most of the regular shooters sometimes miss shots because of the instability of the hands. Shooting only depending on hands is a kind of old concept as shooting bench is there for supporting you. With the help of this bench, you can take time for aiming accurately as you don’t need to take the pressure in your hands. As a result, many shooters, along with me, use shooting benches for accurate shooting without feeling pain in hands.

The best shooting bench needs to be comfortable as seeking for comfort is the main reason behind using a shooting bench. Keeping this in mind, I have selected the best 5 shooting benches available in the market from my experience and user’s experience.

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5 Best Shooting bench for 2017

Over the five of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. X-Stand X-Ecutor Shooting Bench Black

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X-Stand X-Ecutor Shooting Bench is a table style shooting bench for the people who want to take a stable shoot by being seated. This shooting bench is a stable piece of the sturdy steel construction. Let’s see the other features that have the influence on making it the best shooting bench rest available in the market.

If you think of aiming, this bench has the best shooting bench which is coated with non-scratch and non-skid rubber. It is safe for your gun. The rest can be adjusted exactly in the height which the user demands the help of the micro-adjust tuning knob. The aiming is more comfortable and accurate because of the 360-degree swivel and adjustable seat.

The table top/ bench top is constructed of metal and covered with a slip-over cover. The seat is a comfortable sitting platform which can carry the heavy load of fat people too. The whole structure is manufactured for stable performance with guns of different weights and sizes. There are two built-in gear pouches that allow the user to keep the mobile phone, moneybag, food, and bullets. If you want, you can keep any small thing in the pouches.

This is probably the best portable shooting bench with the weight of only 35 lbs. One person can easily carry it to the shooting ground. The portability is ensured further with the folding system. This can be folded and reassembled easily for user comfort. The folded position of this shooting table allows the user to transport to any place or store at any place without being too worried.

According to the users, this shooting bench is the best according to the cost. This sturdy and well-built shooting bench is a great choice if your budget is low. The combination of portability, user-friendliness, and strength has made it one of the most favorite benches to the users.

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2. Caldwell Dead ShotChairPod

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Caldwell DeadShotChairPod is the best shooting bench for providing maximum accuracy. The ultra-stable design of this shooting bench provides this much accuracy.

There is a comfortable chair added in this shooting bench that allows the user to sit comfortably and aim. This chair is featured with multi-bearing swing arm system for comfortable arm placement and movement with minimum movement of the body.You can easily move the chair to 360 degrees if you need. So, there is no need to leave the chair, set it up and sit again if you get another target in the different angle.

This is the best portable shooting bench with its extremely lightweight design. You can carry it on your shoulder easily. For easy portability, this chair includes straps that help you to carry the whole setup. You can fold the whole thing up and take on your shoulder without any problem.

You don’t need to be worried about the type of gun you use if you chooseCaldwellDeadShotChairPod. The shooting bench rest in this chair pod will allow you to use any kind of guns and crossbows with a balanced adjustment. No matter how long or wide the gun is or what is the shape, the rest of this shooting bench holds the weapon firmly and giver your chance to keep your arms free for using binoculars or having some tea.

This shooting bench is simply great for any type of shooting, no matter what the range is. This is quite durable too. At the end, it can be said that this is a great user-friendly shooting bench which ensures the combination of lightness, comfortability, and stability.

But there are some problems with this shooting bench. This shooting bench provides no scope for keeping extra ammo. Again, some users have noticed that it needs more support. People over 6 feet tall find it hard to use this shooting bench.

Overall, this shooting bench is not perfect, but the bench rests for an average person.

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3. Caldwell The Stable Table

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Caldwell The Stable Table is a good piece of shooting table from Caldwell. It is the perfect shooting bench for maintaining user expectation. It is manufactured by providing the highest value to the users depending on the price.

This is the exact shooting table that users want. There are a padded seat and plastic molded table top in the whole setup which stands on the rigid-metal under the frame. The table top is featured with wholes that can be used as handles or holders the cleaning forks. There is enough space on the table top for keeping some ammunition besides keeping your gun on it.You can also add adjustable rails on the table top for preventing your ammunition from rolling off.

The padded seat will provide sitting comfort but there is no backrest. The height of the padded seat is adjustable for user comfort.The whole setup can be moved 360 degrees for shooting in any direction. This feature has made this table usable for both left-handed and right-handed people. If you want, you can adjust the table for single shooting position. The tripod designed frame is made of durable steel that ensures strength and durability. It has fewer joints than some other shooting tables that make the table perfect for various types of shooting.The bench comes with an adjustable cleaning fork that keeps your gun stable for cleaning.

Unlike some folding style shooting benches, the portability of the Caldwell Stable Table doesn’t depend on the weight. It depends on the setup of the bench. The whole bench can be broken down into seven pieces quickly and carried easily to another place. Those parts are designed to adjust quickly too.

Like all other shooting benches, this also has some cons that should be kept in mind. First, the con that has users found is the weight. This shooting table is not light at all. When all the parts are adjusted, the table gets a weight of 60 pounds. Again the table moves a bit at the time of the shooting.

Overall, Caldwell, The Stable Table is a shooting bench which is a combination of stability, durability, and user-friendliness. It is perfect shooting bench for a large number of shooting style.

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4. Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled DFT 2

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Coldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 can be called as the top-rated shooting bench because of the presence of dual frame technology (DFT). According to the manufacturer, it ensures industry’s best recoil reduction system. However, let’s dive into the deep of its features and specifications.

Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 is a great tool which provides a long range of versatility. The mechanism of it allows the user to slide the front cradle back and forth easily along with the frame. As a result, the user can easily fit any rifle or shotgun of any length virtually. With this opportunity, the users find this sled extremely useful for use with different types of guns.

The front rest of this lead sled is covered with non-marring material. This non-marring material saves the finish of your gun from scars and keeps your gun well finished. So, don’t be tensed about the safety of your favorite gun.

In order to provide you the advantage of aiming properly, the rear part of the sled can be elevated up to 2.5 inches.For this feature, it has an oversized wheel and smooth ball bearing so that the user can smoothly elevate it and gets the best possible outcome of elevation. The whole sled gets support by the rubber tip feet. The rubber tip adjusted with the feet prevents it from slipping away even when heavy shots are fired.

Experienced users have found some sides of this sled which make it a little bit tough to use. The rear elevation seems to be okay but not excellent to some users though it is improved.

Overall, Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 can be said as a well built, user-friendly, versatile and strong lead sled available on the market. This is a good choice for you if you are a regular user.

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5. Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Bench

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Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Bench is a quite good shooting bench with a lot of comfortable feature for shooting. This shooting bench is designed for helping the shooter in both field and range shooting. This can be called the best shooting bench because this is extremely user-friendly with a lot of features. Let’s take a look over those.

The first thing to talk about this shooting bench is the build quality. This shooting bench is made of a rigid tubular frame which is strong and stable enough to bear the weight of a heavy weapon. Though it is able to bear a heavy weapon, it is actually a lightweight shooting bench.

The weight of this bench is only 20 lbs which have made this extremely portable. Outdoor users can use this easily for hunting as it can be easily taken from one place to another. The portability of the bench is ensured more by the structure of it. The whole structure can be folded for carrying easily. It also provides the scope for easy storing.

The V-notch gun support is padded for the safety of the finish of the gun. It can be elevated easily for ensuring the right aim. In order to place gun of any length, the gun support can be adjusted in 4 different places according to the demand of the user. The integral spotting scope provided with the rest can be attached either on the left side or right side, depending on the preference of the user, with 4 different places on each side. The height of the scope is adjustable for accurate aim.

The connection points attached to the legs are heavy duty MG-42 Machine Gun style points that offer 2 different types of elevation and a storage or transport position. This feature allows the user to use this bench comfortably and stores and carry easily. The M-12 T-bolts confirms the security of the connections.

The drawback of this portable shooting bench is the height. It is perfect for staying low, means shooting from the ground. Like other table type shooting benches, this doesn’t offer a height for shooting. This is a negative point for some users.

Overall, Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Shooting Bench is a user-friendly shooting bench with the combination of lightweight, portability, and strength. For shooting from the ground, it is undoubtedly the suitable shooting bench.

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Buying Guide for Shooting Bench

To shoot properly you need concentration, aim and probably the shooting bench. Why shooting bench? These will help you to place your gun and aim properly. The use of shooting bench also makes you feel comfortable. Comfort is a must for shooting because maybe you need to wait for more than one hour to get your target. There are some other features that must be present in the shooting bench in order to provide perfect shooting. From my viewpoint and experience, some of those features are-

  1. Comfort: Comfort is a must when you are talking about a shooting bench. Waiting for the target for a long time will surely need a comfortable position of the body. The uncomfortable position of the body will distract your concentration. So the seat must be comfortable.

So, manufacturers use a foam pad to provide comfort. But the foam padded seat is not all for providing comfort. You need an adjustable hand rest that will allow you to keep your hands properly. Otherwise, there is a chance of your hand getting jammed. Sitting in a comfortable position with pain in hand will not be good for hunting. So look for the overall comfort provided by each shooting bench if you want to buy the folding shooting bench.

  1. Space: Here space means the space for keeping your things and the space for yourself, both. The table top of the shooting bench must have enough space for keeping your extra ammunition. This facility will prevent you to get up and get ammunition again and again. Extra space will also provide you the chance of keeping food and drinks. You need those, don’t you?

Space for you means sufficient space for your comfortable movement. Tall people find it hard to move comfortably in most of the shooting benches. Looking for enough space at the time of buying a shooting bench will make your hunting experience sweeter.

  1. Portability: Portability is another feature to look for at the time of buying the best shooting bench. This is important because hunting needs movement. If you practice outdoor shooting by the side of your house, maybe portability is not an issue for you. It will be a big issue for you if you use the shooting bench for hunting. Sometimes you need to chase your target. In this case, portability is really important.

Lightweight is a must for ensuring the portability of the shooting bench. The lightweight one is easy to carry and replace. Some portable shooting bench comes with straps and lace for easy carrying. Shooting bench can be called portable if that can be easily broken down and carried inside a bag. But, weight is a big issue here.

  1. Durability: Suppose, you own a great shooting bench which is perfect from every angle and every type of shooting but not durable at all. You need to buy one regularly after a few days. Will you like that? Maybe you will or maybe not. Definitely, I will not use that. To me, the rifle shooting bench is a durable one with other good features.

A durable shooting bench offers the chance of getting familiar with it. You will find it comfortable to use if you get familiar with a shooting bench. This will never happen with new benches. So, durability must be a criterion to buy the best shooting bench.

  1. Stability: Shooting benches are used for aiming the target properly so that the bullet doesn’t miss the target. As shots are fired from a long distance, a little change of the angle can miss the target.

At the time of shooting or hunting, you have to struggle to be stable if you don’t want to miss a shot. It is so tough to stay in the same position for a long time. If this struggle fails because of the shooting bench, what will be your reaction? You won’t be happy at all.

So, the shooting bench must be stable for perfectly shooting the target. Don’t forget to check this.

Buying the best portable shooting bench may take a few days for researching perfectly. The shooting benches available in the market have come with a lot of user-friendly features. So, it will be tough to choose the best one. I suggest you go through shooting bench reviews posted by the users. Those will help you to make the buying decision easier.

Take note of the positive and negative points that the reviews say, compare those with other benches available and choose the best one for you. Don’t buy one without comparing the features because which is good for one may not be good for you. Instead of checking by other’s eye, check by your own eye.

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Why will you need shooting bench?

Best portable shooting bench

Shooting bench is mainly for supporting the shooter to place the gun or crossbow. Carrying the gun in hands for a long time in the same position and wait for the target is not easy at all. Shooters have to struggle a lot to keep the gun in position while waiting for the target. So, they fail to hit the target most of the time. This is the immediate effect.The longtime effect is the muscle pain that is felt by the shooters.

Shooting bench is invented to free the shooters from the hassle of holding the gun for a long time. Shooters can keep the gun on the shooting bench and wait for the target for a long time without any hassle.

If you don’t use shooting bench and you need to free your hands, you can do it. But after you have done your work, you need to adjust the aim again. Shooting bench is there for making you free from this hazard. After adjusting the shooting aim, you can keep your hands free for eating, drinking or anything without being worried. As the aim is fixed, you can easily shoot when the target is in your range.

Shooting benches offer the user to be comfortable at the time of shooting which is very much important for the shooter. Proper concentration can’t be gathered without the comfort. Without proper concentration, shooting won’t be smooth. So, you will need shooting bench for smooth shooting and increasing accuracy.

Final Verdict

A good shooting bench multiplies the fun of shooting, I have noticed this. Comfort is not the only matter, the user-friendliness of shooting benches will change the experience of hunting or shooting. From my experience, once you will get used to the shooting bench, you will be surprised that you haven’t used it earlier. All you have to do is finding the best shooting bench according to your shooting type. Once you have chosen the best one for you, you will get the experience of more accurate shot with less effort. Cheers.

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