The 15 Best Hunting Tips to be a Complete Hunter

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Surely you’ve heard more than one and more than two, but the reality is that not all hunters follow them.┬áIf you want to be a hunter, do not miss the opportunity to read and practice our best hunting tips.

  1. Be an example

Always follow the laws. Hunting always less than the established quotas. Work to improve the habitat of your preserve, this way you will be able to take care of the fauna. Do predator controls. Join organizations that care for the environment and hunting, and encourage your friends to do so.

  1. Be modest

Never presume about your ability to shoot, or your dogs. Hunting is not a competition and you can always learn things from your companions.

  1. Get lost but not at all

It is always good that someone is aware of the area of the preserve through which you will leave, although you prefer to go alone. No need to give details about what you intend to find -or what you know there is- in that area, simply report for safety, in case an accident should occur.

  1. Do not be a despot

You may have hired the services of a guide for a specific hunt – and pay him, of course – but remember that it is another hunting companion. You should even show him more respect than usual because without him you could not reach the good areas of the farm, he is known as the palm of your hand, you do not.

  1. Do not ever talk anymore

Especially in the case of companions’ dogs. Even if they ask you not to criticize them, you can make some constructive comments, but remember that they are your faithful companion and that you have never failed or will. Will dispense with your company, not you can.

  1. Honor the hunt

If you only care about what you can hang on the wall or the pictures, then hang the shotgun. A hunter must honor the hunt as an activity, the pieces, and the games that they play.


  1. Listen to the experts

Do not think you are the one you know the most, there will always be someone who knows more than you; you should not contradict those people, or tell them how things should be done. If something gives you knowledge is the experience and our elders are more than that. Listen to them, you will see how you learn.

  1. Know your prey and choose ammunition well

Before going out to hunt, you must know your prey perfectly, its anatomy, its preferences, its food tastes … everything. And above all, choose well the ammunition with which you will go after it, the ultimate goal of the hunt is that the animal does not suffer; besides being able to take advantage of the meat. On the other hand, you must make sure that you adapt well to the caliber, if you choose a very powerful one, you may not hold back well and you will lose effectiveness.

  1. Check your equipment

Before you start each season, and days before each day, check all your equipment in your hunting bag, so you will avoid unexpected damage at the most inopportune moment. Take your gun to your gunsmith for periodic reviews. This way you will have more success options.

  1. Keep Calm

The first shot is the most important, it does not matter if you control your rifle perfectly and the recoil or the bolt is not a problem, if you do not hit the first shot, the others will be more precipitate.

  1. Try not to shoot long distance

Ethical hunting is about giving the animal opportunities. Do not shoot at a long distance, unless it is totally necessary, as for example in wildlife management tasks, irremediably necessary.

  1. Hurry up but take your time

Relax, we have not gone crazy. You must be quick at the time of approaching the weapon and aiming at the piece, but not for that reason you should be precipitated in the shot. Grab air, wait for your moment and only when you are sure you pull the trigger, if you rush you can lose the piece that has offered you the most beautiful cast.

  1. Adjust your weapon well

You must think that you will not only hunt with winter clothes. Adjust the stock of your shotgun or rifle scope so that it is not short or long.

  1. Keep your breath

Be careful when you face the rifle. If you put the air on top of the visor in winter you will fog it and you can lose a good set for such a simple detail. Hold your breath as your face, aim, and after successful shooting release it little by little, this will help you with your precision.

  1. Test different brands and weights

Not all brands of ammunition work the same for all weapons, let alone each hunter. On tastes there is nothing written, says the saying. Try different cartridges or bullets, with different charges, until you find the one that most suits the modalities you practice.

Best Hunting Tips to be a Complete Hunter ( Video Reviews )

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Wyatt Baker - July 4, 2021

a complete guideline for a beginner, thanks for sharing this kind of informative article.


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