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Top 5 Best Tactical Vests & Plate Carriers in 2024 [Updated Review]

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Best Tactical Vests

If you are in search for the best tactical vests, you have landed on the correct page. They have always been crucial in safeguarding important organs. You should also be looking out for the best plate carrier along with the vest. Plate carrier setup can make a lot of difference. Difficulty can arise when you look at the number of available options you get everywhere but the good news is that we have worked day and night just to make it easy for you. We did that by accumulating the best plate carrier vests so that buying becomes a child’s play. Buying the wrong this type of tactical gear can make you regret your purchase later on so if you pick one of the five we have here, there will be no remorse.

Editor Best Choice 

1. Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt

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If you used gears from Condor before, there is nothing new for you. You already know how great it is and that is why we have placed it as number one on our list. The price is worth it. The stitching is excellent and there are lots of pockets. The additional belt makes a decent reason to be happier about this. There are several factors to look at when purchasing the best tactical vest and one of them is the hydration compatibility. The back of the vest is dual-ply mesh allowing a hydration bladder. It is an outstanding vest when it is a shooting.

You get item packs: Gerber/flashlight). It has an improved edifice than many others in the same category from other manufacturers. You can tell that because there will be no strange smell coming out of it. There were occasions where users could get a strange or bizarre smell from their material and making the user experience a bad one.  One problem could be that you may feel it be right if you have a chest bigger than forty-six inches. When researching about vests online, this one from Condor will appear to the best military tactical vest. That is true and if you purchase it, for this reason, you will not be disappointed. Users love the assortment of pouches and pockets.

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2. Condor Recon Chest Rig Coyote, Brown, 30″ – 60″

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When it is about the best plate carriers, this one from Condor will reign as the ultimate one. While there are plenty of options to choose from, this is most buyers favorites. In terms of value, this Condor Recon Chest Rig is hard to beat. You can find out its price and be surprised. The accessible cost makes it a must-have for everyone who needs the Military tactical vest. It has gained the icon status and the materials are amazing too. It is a solid option if you want to carry your pistol mags and M4 mags. You can adjust it according to your needs.

While many other vests cause problems if you are wearing a lot of clothes, it just feels cozy with this one. It is difficult to find something wrong with this vest. If you are having an issue with the excess straps you do not have to cut them. You can secure it with the Velcro that comes along with your vest. Once you get it to your size, nothing can get in your way. The vest from Condor combines two important items: the affordable price and the coziness. It is ideal for use during the cold days. If the temperature is low outside, this can be more than just an average vest. It allows you to wear winter clothing and feel comfortable.

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Condor Recon Chest Rig ( Video Review)

3. VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig

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It is perfect if you love AK or use them. You will know that many other vests are not able to support the AK magazines. The shape of the magazine is different making it difficult to carry. If you use AK kind of rifle, get this for your ease of use. The chest rig can hold two AK magazines which gives it the ability to carry 6 standard AK magazines. There is no need to worry about the hooks as they will be held in place suitably. Adjustment is simple and you can make the length and width according to your size. The straps are comfortable as they are padded. The AK users love this. Most buyers are AK users and they have been saying good things about this vest ever since they bought this. The materials used to build this is of high-quality thus we have it on our list. The Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment style webbing over the shoulders could be a nice way to carry a flashlight or knife. The price of this one is also reasonable making it an appealing one. The mags fit it tightly and the adjustment is sufficient. It is one of the affordable tactical vests which is both versatile and easy to use. You do not need to spend more to get the top military tactical vest.

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VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig (Video Review)

4. VISM by NcStarMolle Pals Vest

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When it first arrived, its price was more than it is today and it has always been affordable. It is lightweight making it easy to use. It has Molle in most places and comes in sizes medium to extra-large. There is a strong pistol belt attaching securely to the vest to keep the whole setting in position. You get three buckles in the front, six adjustment straps on the side, and the modifiable shoulders make it fits you with ease.  Although it does not come with a hydration bladder it can hold one securely.

There are additional pouches for magazines. One thing about this is that even though lightweight is a big advantage it can backfire or rebound. If you are not careful you might tear it even though the stitches are of excellent quality. You might tear through the mesh making it an unusable vest. There is a nice padding within the user and the plate carrier. If you can have a plate carrier that is innovative and smart, you can be sure to win in your combat. It is not always that the best chest rig will have a big price tag. Plate carrier setup is important for protection and ensuring you can use the vest to its optimum level.

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VISM by NcStarMolle Pals Vest ( Video Review)

5. Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier

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Even though it is the last one in our list, do not underestimate it or think it is not better than others. It is just as good as the ones mentioned here. You can consider it to be the best plate carrier because of its materials and weight. While the Condor Recon Chest Rig Coyote, Brown color was for winter or chilly days this one is for the days when the weather is not biting.  You can take it anywhere with you and not worry about it getting damaged as it is a heavy-duty one. One thing to notice during the purchase is that if you are going for large, it means your plate size, not your body size. Users say it is the best chest rig. They are happy with their purchase and you will be too. It also looks good in the Multicam print. Ultra-light, capable and precise are the right words to describe this.

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Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (Video Review)

What to Consider When Buying the Best Plate Carriers

If it is your first time purchasing a vest, plate carrier and such, this should help you. It can also happen that you are not happy with your last purchase. If you refer to these points, you can be sure that you will love your new one.

  • Color:

The style and appearance of any vest are important. There are a lot of options but customers get overwhelmed when they meet something that catches the eye. In this case, you should get one whose color matches with the surrounding. Every person has their own color taste and it can be an instrument in picking the right one for yourself. Although there are many other features to look at, do not get one whose looks and style you seem to hate.

  • Size:

Here, size can mean two things to you. First of all, it should fit you. When browsing the web about the best plate carriers, one will stumble upon the fact that some of them are too tight. That is why find out the size that is going to be perfect for you. You should be able to diminish a lot of issues if you pay attention to the size. Secondly, look at the size of it as it can be small or big.

  • Weight:

While some of them are small but can weigh a lot and others that are more preferable are ultra-light. Since you are going to be carrying it, ensure you pick out an innovative one where the manufacturers have focused on the weight of their product. A wise choice will be one that does not cause any sort of body pain and makes you comfortable. You have to invest some time in this factor.

  • Construction:

Beware of using the top military vest or the best plate carrier as they may be some elements which you can tear off easily. They should also have a hydration system, side plates, magazine pouches, the necessary pockets to match your guns and the plate carrier convenience. MOLLE is also a significant matter to consider.

  • Budget:

If you cross your budget, you might be disappointed even if you get an excellent one. That is why look at the options here. Some are really affordable and it will always make you a happy buyer. You can get your hands on the best lightweight plate carriers without emptying your pockets.

What are the other essential tactical gears you like besides tactical vest? Of course, a tactical vest is a vital gear but it’s only required for special duty. However, a pair of great tactical boots is your everyday companion. Each of them is different from one another and perfect for various situations. While the numerous options can confuse you, we have tried to make it easy for you. You can also look at factors that are vital to you such as storage, ventilation and so on. Wear your vest and get ready for the real deal. It will always keep you confident and strong in any action.

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  • Updated February 26, 2024
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