Top 5 Best Duty Belt in 2024 [Updated Review]

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 best duty belt

Duty belts provide you the chance to carry your gears when you are on duty. In order to get the full out of the duty belt, you need to find out the best duty belt. When you are on duty, you need a belt that won’t disappoint you. So, probably you are searching for a perfect belt that will ensure proper management of your gears and a lot of option available in the market is simply distracting you. If the situation is like that, you don’t need to be worried anymore. Here you will find the names of 5 of the best comfortable belts available in the market.

You will also get to know which things you have to look for when you will choose a duty belt for you. This will help you to easily take the decision of picking up the tactical belt that will work best for you. So, worry no more. Just spend some time reading the below article and you will get what you were waiting for. We are pretty sure that you will like this article and find out one of the lightweight duty belts for yourself.

Heavy-Duty Belt Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Duty Belts in The Market [New Update]

1. Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt for Men and Women

High-quality cowhide leather is used to make this Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting belt. So, it will last for a long time and supports your middle body without being torn, broken or worn out. Premium leather has made this belt a lightweight belt. As a result, you won’t feel uncomfortable when you will wear it. Also, you can easily carry it into your gym bag.

It comes in 5 different sizes which will allow you to choose the proper size best duty belt according to your true waist size. True waist size is measured when you measure around your lower back and belly button. The quality of this belt is tested and ensured in the USA.

Some important features:

  1. The belt will fit perfectly as it has an adjustable non-slip fit. So, you don’t have to be worried about the belt being too loose or too tight. With full concentration, you can perform your exercises.
  2. The belt is around 4 inches wide and 5mm thick. This width and thickness will ensure full support and stability to ensure extra strength.
  3. To cope with the durability of the leather portion of the belt, the buckle is also made of standard metal for longer durability.
  4. The design of black leather and red thread makes the belt eye-catching.


  1. Full 4-inch width provides more support than other belts which are 4 inches in the middle part only.
  2. High-quality leather ensures long time durability of the duty belt, even under huge pressure.
  3. This lightweight belt will feel weightless when you will wear it.
  4. Fits properly is your waist without causing a rash.


  1. This belt won’t allow you to buy any other belt probably in your lifetime. This will be your last belt.

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2. Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult 2.25” Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus

This belt is made of 100% pure nylon. 1680D nylon construction has made this belt which will work as the perfect foundation for the duty kit. The waterproof finish of this Sierra Bravo Duty Belt will make you tension free. You don’t need to worry about if there is rain outside. You can even swim wearing this waterproof belt.

This belt is always ready to provide support for bearing your tactical loads including all types of small and medium gears, equipment, and weapons. Small, Large and X-Large- three sizes are available to choose the best fit for your waist size. So, be sure that you are getting the best suit for you.

Some important features:

  1. This tactical belt is MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible. So, you can carry a load of your ammunition and other necessary things.
  2. It is also compatible with TacTecSystemTM .TacTecSystemTMis a trademarked system of 5.11 Tactical for increasing the storage capacity so that you can carry more ammunition.
  3. It has a dual belt configuration and 4 dual keepers. These features will let you keep your gears firmly and comfortably. You will also be able to take out your gears easily when needed.


  1. TacTec System and MOLLE compatibility of the belt will help to carry more ammunition than many other belts.
  2. 1680D pure nylon construction provides durability and support for carrying loads.
  3. Dual belt configuration will help to add extra add-on stores for ammunition.
  4. Easy fit for your waist size.


  1. Only 3 sizes available. This can make the choosing decision tough.

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3. Bianchi Accumold 7200 Black Nylon Duty Belt

This belt has a 5-part construction which ensures comfort and durability. Of the 5-part construction, the outer part is made of ballistic weave and loop lining. The inner part contains 2 layers of closed cell foam. Inside these two layers, the belt has a sandwiched polymer stiffener. The whole 5-part construction is total 2.25 inches wide which is the width of the belt.

This best duty belt is extremely comfortable and low profile for using in tough jobs too. The buckle of the belt is made of the polymer which ensures bond strength and flexibility as much as needed. The buckle is Coplok shatter resistant which is added to this belt to ensure added security

Some important features:

  1. The two layers of closed cell foam are inserted for ensuring comfort in the middle part of the body while using the belt.
  2. All 5 parts are attached firmly. The bond is ensured by strongly stitched pieces of nylon at the top and the bottom of the belt.
  3. Though the belt is designed to be made of 5 parts, the weight of this belt is not so heavy. The reason behind this is the parts are lightweight.


  1. 5 different parts along with 2 layers of closed cell foam are added firmly to ensure user comfort even when performing challenging tasks.
  2. The firm construction of this belt has made it strong enough to carry different types of gears, equipment, and weapon.


  1. To unlock, you need to push 3 buttons at the same time. This seems to be uncomfortable to some people.

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4. 5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit

This duty belt comes with the inner belt as well as four individual keepers. These will help you to add extensions in order to carry the necessary things for your operation, for example- extra ammunition. The outer belt, inner belt, and keepers are made of 100% nylon. High-tensile and super-resilient 1680D nylon construction has made this belt firm and helps to last for a long time.

Not only for the belt, but durability is also ensured in the case of the buckle of the belt. The buckle is made of strong plastic so that is can ensure maximum bond strength for the lifetime of the belt. This belt is around 1.63 inches thick and 2 inches wide. It comes in 6 different sizes so that people can easily find the right one for them.

Some important features:

  1. The inner belt and the outer belt can be attached to the hook and loop system. This system ensures the strong bond between the inner belt and the outer belt.
  2. The belt is featured with a waterproof back coating. This coating is added to keep the belt safe from water, rain, and moisture.
  3. This belt can be integrated with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) web gear for adding extra load.
  4. It can also be integrated with SlickStick System from 5.11 so that you can use SlickStick compatible pistol case, eyewear case or other things.


  1. MOLLE and SlickStick System compatibility has increased the ability to carry essential gears easily.
  2. Hook and loop attachment between the inner belt and outer belt will keep you tension free.
  3. Strong construction of both the belt and buckle has made this belt much durable.


  1. This belt is only 2 inches wide which is less than standard maintained by many other manufacturers.

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5. 5.11 Tactical 59568 Double Duty TDU Belt (1.5″)

This belt from 5.11 Tactical is featured with two colored option. The belt is manufactured with two different layers which are stitched with each other. The two layers are two different colors- coyote and TDU green. As the belt can be reversed easily, you can use two different colors at different times. Thus it provides versatility.

High-quality nylon is used to prepare this belt. The combination of high-quality nylon and perfectly stitched edge saves this belt from tearing, wearing out or being frayed.

Some important features:

  1. There are five stitches that are used to attach the two different colored layers. As a result, the belt is very durable and extremely stable. So, you can use it for a long time without any tension.
  2. Any part or portion of the buckle of this belt doesn’t have metal. The full plastic buckle of this belt doesn’t get caught by a metal detector. So, you can use this belt in air travel. You can also perform Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) works wearing this heavy belt.
  3. Availability of this most comfortable best duty belt in 7 different sizes will help to search and find the best-fit duty belt according to your waist size.


  1. The full plastic buckle of this belt helps the user to wear it at any place with metal detector without being harassed.
  2. Two different heavy-duty nylon layers attached to each other with 5 stitches. This has made this belt durable, strong and less vulnerable to fray.
  3. You can wear this belt by reversing it as it is easily reversible.


  1. It is hard to adjust the size as the buckle doesn’t slide easily.
  2. The sizes run small in this belt. So it is advised to choose one size bigger.

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Practical Video Reviews for Tactical Duty Belts

Things to consider before buying the best duty belt

the best duty belt

At the time of buying, you will look for the perfect duty belt for your use. So, there will be a lot of confusion and more than one option. But being confused is not the solution. As a result, you need to think about the reason for buying a complete duty rig. Depending on the purpose, you need to choose a comfortable belt.

No matter what the purpose is, some features are always needed in a police duty belt. You need to look for those if you want to take the one that is fit for you. Let’s see which things should be focused at the time of buying the most comfortable duty belt for you.

  • Thickness

Duty belts need to be thick. The thickness of belts varies because of the construction structure and materials used to make the belt. Thickness is needed because these belts carry a huge amount of load. The thicker the belt is, the more the load becomes spread. As a result, the pressure doesn’t make the belt folded easily. At the time of buying the most comfortable duty belt, make sure that you are buying the one which is enough thick to take the load of your equipment. Belts available in the market are normally 1.25 inch to 2 inches thick.

  • Weight

The weight of the police belt should be considered at the time of buying. This weight might be nothing considering the gears you will carry, but it matters. You have to wear the belt around your waist and run and chase with the belt wearing. If the belt is heavy, it will create a barrier to your running. On the other hand, light belts will help you to maintain your running speed at the time of chasing. So, you are getting the advantage if you are buying a lightweight duty belt. The choice is simple, take the lightweight one.

  • Durability

The durability of the useful belt is really a thing to consider at the time of buying the normal tactical duty belt. Durability depends on the quality of the material that is used to prepare the belt as well as the strength of the joints and stitches available in the belt.

A durable belt will help you to become more familiar with it over time. Risky works demand equipment that is familiar. So, you need to be enough familiar with the belt which can’t be provided by the non-durable belts. Also, if you have a durable belt, you don’t have to buy belts continuously after a few days.

  • User comfort

Comfort is a must option to consider at the time of buying the leather belt. If you can’t move comfortably wearing your belt, there is no result of bearing all those gears. Comfort movement should be ensured by the belt.

The comfort depends on the presence of some user comfort features, the absence of things that don’t allow performing operation smoothly as well as the kind of support that the belt provides. So, when you are choosing or comparing among a few belts, look for user-friendly options. This will add some extra value to your belt.

  • Adaptability

Adaptability refers to the compatibility of the belt with different types of gear hanging system. There is the need for taking a lot of gears with you. The duty kit has to carry those gears. So, the tactical police belt should be capable of bearing different types of gears with different gear hanging system. Otherwise, you may fail to take all the gears with you. Compatibility with some special hanging system will provide some extra spice in your curry.

  • Size

How well the belt can fit in your waist is another thing to check. There are a lot of popular belts with lots of sizes are available in the market which can make your decision making tough. Don’t forget to order the belt that fits properly for your waist size. To get the proper waist size, just measure around your lower back and bellybutton. You will get the true waist size. Choose a belt of that size. Otherwise, you can’t feel the experience of using the complete duty belt set.

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Here is a video review on How to buy a perfect Belt:

How to arrange accessories in your duty belt?

buying the best duty belt

We all know that best duty belts are for bearing a lot of gears and equipment. Taking all these gears in hand is not possible. this gear helps us to carry those around our waist. So, what to do? Just buy a complete duty rig and wear it around the waist and keep the gears randomly in it?

No, don’t do this. At first, choose the most comfortable duty belt among the belts available in the market. After buying the belt, think of the gears you will carry in the belt. All the gears are not of the same weight. But, you need to keep the balance of the belt. If you keep all the heavy gears in a side and light gears in another side, you can’t maintain the balance. So, you have to think carefully to setup duty belt for security and decide the positions of the gears considering maintaining the balance.

Weight is not the only thing to keep in mind at the time of allocating positions to the gears; you also have to think of the frequently needed items. The items you need frequently should be close to your hands. Again, items that need to be drawn quickly should be kept near to hands. For example- guns should be kept in a position from where you can pick it up easily and quickly.

Again, you have to try to take gears as less as possible. This will help you to make your tactical belt most comfortable to carry. Using extra weight will make it tough to carry. So, think of which gears are really needed for you and which are not. Take decisions depending on the nature of your work.

If you consider these properly, I am sure that you can make the decision about arranging the gears in your duty belt. A properly arranged belt will help you to perform your duty properly.


Mainly these are the things that should be considered at the time of searching for the best duty belt. As you are buying, your priority is the main thing. Just look at the features and check if the features can meet your demand or not. Take some time to choose. Go through the user reviews, both positive and negative. Positive reviews will push you to buy; negative reviews will make you more careful in case of choosing.

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