Top 10 Best Glock Sights in 2024 [Updated Review]

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Best Glock Sights

If you are here that means you need the best Glock sights for yourself.  While you are buying lots of accessories and survival gear for yourself, do not forget the night sight. You will need it for a lot of reasons and the main one being for protection.

The shooting Glock sights are made with special features and unique qualities such as front sight attainment while holding rear illumination or having glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent paint to assist in visibility and makes target acquisition faster in less light. Since the last few decades, Glock has been trustworthy for handgun users. Research tells that most of the time people use their guns in the dark and this is the time when you need this to aid you.

There are a lot of options for buyers whether you are looking for the best night sights for Glock 19 or any other Glock model but it can be hard to tell what the pros and cons of each are. When you go to buy them, the seller will never tell you the bad sides and you can end up having a wrong one. That is why here we will talk about ten of the finest one with each of their advantages and disadvantages. You never have to worry about your safety again, even in the dark. Before buying something, it is always important to check its attributes, properties, and flaws to know if there will be an issue for you in the future.

Editor’s Best Choice!

Top Rated Glock Sights Comparison Table:

Model Design Color Dimension Price
Ameriglo Pro-IDOT for Glock 17/19 Orange Front sight acquisition Orange 1 x 1 x 1 inches Check Price
Truglo TFO Handgun Sight Set Snag-resistant Orange 5.8 x 3.8 x 0.8 inches Check Price
Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols front sight acquisition HD Orange 1 x 1 x 1 inches Check Price
Truglo Tritium Handgun Sight Set - Glock Low Snag-resistant Green Front 5.8 x 3.8 x 1 inches Check Price
Truglo Brite-Site Tritium Handgun Sight Snag resistant Black 9.2 x 7.8 x 2 Check Price
XS 24/7 Big Dot Snag-free design Green Tritium 3.2 x 2 x 0.5 inches Check Price
Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock 17/19 Green front sight acquisition Green 1 x 1 x 1 inches Check Price
Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Sights Black 0.8 ounces Check Price
Trijicon 3 Dot Front and Rear Night Sight Set for Walther P99 shock-resistant Green Front 1.6 ounces Check Price
Meprolight Glock G26/ G27 G/G Fixed Set TD custom designed Orange 8.5 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches Check Price

Top 10 Best Glock Sights in the Market

1. Ameriglo Pro-IDOT for Glock 17/19 Orange

Ameriglo Pro-IDOT for Glock 17-19 OrangeOverall it is a good one and that is why we have it as number one on the list of the tactical night sights for Glock. It is hard to find something nowadays that performs well overall. For example, it can happen that you like one but the installation becomes tough. It can also happen that installation was easy but it does not perform well at night. The reason you got it in the first place is to help you at both day and night. The customer service is also outstanding because every time a customer faced any problem, they would message back with the answer immediately.

They are better than the factory ones and it is fully manufactured in the US. Some customers did say that they had a problem with little movement in the gap. It can be difficult to be accurate sometimes when you are not focusing. Other than that, they are outstanding Glock night sights and users say it is worth the money. It will surely boost your confidence level and they are very quick. The orange front sight makes it possible to focus fast. You are not supposed to have installation problems when you use the right tools. The orange front is very bright. If you have multiple sights, you will be able to distinguish that this is better than the rest. The best part is that it is a great performer in the dark.

What we liked

  • The sights offer you a relatively accurate and quick sight picture
  • The orange color is super bright
  • No shaking or wobbling in the front sight
  • They look great on various models such as G 36 or G 30
  • Ideal for target shooting and self-defense
  • It can work in almost no light
  • Perfect for low light conditions
  • Accurate and quick
  • Can be precise even after a high volume of shots
  • Installation is unchallenging

What we did not like

  • The little gap and moving can cause issues with accuracy
  • The sight elevation adjustment can happen
  • Tritium dots can be difficult to see if you have vision problems

2. Truglo TFO Handgun Sight Set

Truglo TFO Handgun Sight SetIf you are switching from your current one to this Truglo ones, you are taking a big step. The good news is that it is a big leap towards improvement. You are not going down rather you are taking a step to a better position. It is kind of like a promotion rather than a demotion. It is like you are the staff at a restaurant and one day you become the owner of it.

If you are using the correct and appropriate tools, the installation process gets simplified. It is going to be a nice replacement if you are using a factory one currently. It is the right moment to invest in one of these. If you do not believe how good it is, you can borrow from someone who already has it and you can use it. It is hard to miss the target with this as it will never let you lose sight. Believe us when we say that is one of the state-of-the-art glow in the dark system for not losing sight.

Many buyers might say that the screws are improper but the front sight fits somewhat loose in the sliding slot so that you can adjust it properly. You can use a small ruler or edge down the side of the slide prior to putting the rear sight on it. Though, as the front sight stock is crafted from plastic the pin is not actually really close-fitting and utilizing a tiny set of pointer nosed pliers can make them loose after a petite battling.

What we liked

  • Tritium cap placed with the fiber optic to ensure the user never loses sight no matter what
  • Instructions are simple and make the setup unchallenging
  • Durable and will not break no matter how much you hit it
  • Accurate shooting from very far away distance
  • Perfect for day and night usage
  • For beginners, this can be one of the best Glock sights because it improves shooting
  • Fiber optic tubes half an inch in length
  • The tritium performs excellently
  • Can be used for many years on various models such as Glock 33, Glock 17L, Glock 19 and so on
  • The target will not see you

What we did not like

  • The tritium inserts can get damaged because of impact
  • Installation is not as easy as you think (refer to the instructions in that case and use the right tool)

3. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock PistolsEvery time you are hungry, you might think of Panda Express if you love Chinese cuisine or Burger King/McDonald’s if you love burgers! If you are a fan of shooting or need the cheap shooting Glock sights, Trijicon should pop in your head. Sometimes, the price makes people drift away buy we all know that if we invest in something good, you get the fruits later on. There is no need to suffer. If you have doubts about that, you can check the numerous numbers of videos available on the internet, comparing the same item but with a varied cost. They are something like this: $15 dress vs $300 dress. You will see that they look the same but the quality is different.

Without drifting away from our topic, let us talk about this one. Many sights depend on fiber optic rods and luminescent paint while these practices tritium tubes with ultra-visibility. It is a dim hydrogen isotope that had its application in illuminating night sights where brightness and reliability were absolutely vital. These best Glock night sights are in the expensive class and accompany a sapphire jewel on every tritium lamp to guard it and make an even light distribution. There is a 144 months warranty from manufacture date and each of the lamps is also moderated in silicone rubber for additional protection them from impacts. When you are in search of the Glock 19 Trijicon night sights, you can never go wrong with this one.

What we liked

  • It is matchless, first-class and admirable
  • It is worth the price because of its spending built
  • Perfect for the pistol on duty. Easy to keep on the Duty belt
  • For those who need to shoot precisely and rapidly
  • Ultra-bright dots make target acquisition straightforward
  • Makes shooing undemanding, effortless and open
  • It can help in improving and enhance shooting skills while boosting confidence
  • Users can surpass their target do better than what they are currently doing
  • No glare and the system is designed for flawless focus
  • Users’ eyes naturally get attracted to the corners
  • Customer service is excellent and responsive

What we did not like

  • Some buyers receive damaged product where the front sight cannot glow. In that case, contact them and they will be replacing your damaged one
  • Installation is strenuous and sometimes punishing
  • It is expensive and pricier than many other sights

4. Truglo Tritium Handgun Sight Set – Glock Low

If you are frugal, it does not mean that you are compromising quality. It indicates that you are spending the money in a wise manner. Just because you have money in your pockets does not necessarily mean you have to spend it all. Also, it can come in handy in the future. It is not that the money will be sitting in your pockets forever. You are going to need it sooner or later. If you are always making intelligent buying decisions, then this is for you. It can fit your Glock 17, 22, 24, 35 and so on without any trouble and the price is reasonable. It comes with the brightest tritium and completely made in the United States so you know that there is no compromise in quality. Those who believe in spending more and buying valuable items, they are at first not sure whether to get it or not. It is similar to a situation where you buy running shoes at above $100 and when you get one at $40, you become confused. You begin to question its durability, quality, and performance. Is it going to get damaged fast as I am spending less? Will it be the right one for me? These are some of the questions that are going to pop in your head when buying something like this night sights for Glock or the shoes.

What we liked

  • Quickly develops into an internal weapon for self-defense
  • Affordable and reasonably priced making it an easy purchase
  • Very bright in the pitch darkness
  • Superior and eminent performance
  • It does not interfere with holstering and is of high-quality
  • Brighter than many other replacement Glock sights Tools
  • Worth the price and you get value for money
  • Delivers security benefits against attackers
  • Effective and accurate shooting during the hunt
  • Installing is child’s play

What we did not like

  • Not so easy to use during the day
  • Front sight from time to time receives user complains

5. Truglo Brite-Site Tritium Handgun Sight

Truglo Brite-Site Tritium Handgun SightDo you why defense experts promote their handguns with tritium-based night sights, and why successful target shooters grasp fiber-optic sights. Both of them want visible and fast picture attainment. The tritium sights glow at all times guarantee the essential sight arrangement in the pitch dark; the light-collecting fiber-optic sights work perfectly in both low-light and bright circumstances. Regrettably, neither of the night sights is capable of performing successfully in every light conditions. There is a central ground where surrounding light engulfs tritium sights, is inadequate for iron sights, and is vague for fiber-optic sights.

That is why TRUGLO has come with Brite-Site. It changed the world of shooting when it entered as it combines two of them. Meaning it is a revolutionary handgun Glock sight intended precisely to mix the finest attributes of both fiber-optic and tritium sight systems. That makes it function in any light condition. You can use for many purposes such as tactical, target, competition or defense.

You will find sealed TFX capsules protected inside the rear and front CNC-machined steel sight housings. The manufactures created them so that they deliver better-quality resistance to ultra-sonic cleaning, solvents, strong chemicals, and lubricants. Also, it will stop any damage happening during heavy duty usage.  Their TFX system is so trustworthy that the company has put a warranty of 12 years.

There is a Swiss tritium element in front and in the rear, you will get the fiber-optic element. The tritium that is located inside the defensive steel housing offers illumination for the fiber-optic element during low or no-light conditions. The mechanism of this best tactical pistol sights makes it usable in any lighting situations.

What we liked

  • The TFX system is equipped with “bright-to-night” abilities
  • They are not extremely bright as it will ruin precision
  • Even in a quick-changing environment, it provides a clear picture
  • The rear and front sight housings have a modernized profile with even edges for easy deployment.
  • It is impossible to miss the target with this
  • Perfect for giving a gift to anybody who needs to shoot
  • The price is reasonable

What we did not like

  • If you wear glasses, targeting can be hard during the day

6. XS 24/7 Big Dot- Best Glock Sights for Target Shooting

XS 24-7 Big DotGlock pistols are best for self-defense and if you are someone who is carrying it on a daily basis will not want to change anything about it except one thing. Yes, it is the night sight. While you do it ensure you get one that is easy to use and not made of plastic. The set of sights appear to be somewhat unusual from the other sights but looks very smart. While they do not look like typical sights you see everywhere, it is going to be perfect for getting the target. The Glock night sights themselves are very easy to obtain and permit for fast engagement, flawless for self-defense, which is basically the main use of your Glock pistol reloading. They are accumulated from metal and are tough as nails. The rear sight gets rid of so that you can see properly. You can count on this self-defense night sight and win your fight.

What we liked

  • Installing is trouble-free and straightforward
  • The big dot is crafted from metal and that is why they are very tough
  • The size is big
  • Fits perfectly even though it is bigger than many sights
  • You can use it within 22 meters
  • It Is durable and will last for many years
  • It is capable and reliable
  • Visible clearly in the dark
  • Customer service gets a five star always

What we did not like

  • The price keeps on changing (get them while they are still less)
  • It can be difficult to use in daylight

7. Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock 17/19 Green

Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock 17-19 GreenIf you want to leave the city for an outing and you are scared that you will be attacked during camping, what do you do? You might think canceling the plan seems like a good idea but no. We have a better solution. You can buy this as it will help you during the day and night. Some night sights perform excellently when it is dark. While others work better in the day. This one will perform nicely in both situations and help you be brave. You do not have to be scared of something attacking you when you are having fun with your friends or family if you own the Glock sights tool. It is one of the best night sights particularly if you own a Glock 19. It a common Glock sight set that accumulates a green tritium front and rear lamp. The night sights are designed from steel with black oxide texture over them to keep rusting and corrosion away. Again, you get another reason why it is perfect for the trip. Even if it is raining and it is getting wet, there will be no problem.

The orange front sight tritium dazzles in the daytime. The spacing and size of the rear sight are intuitive. In the dark, the tritium dot is evidently visible and target acquisition is quick. Do not forget that you need to charge the top-rated Glock sights with artificial light or the sun.

What we liked

  • Intended for front sight acquisition while recollecting rear light
  • Not only for best sights for Glock 19 but also for 17, 22, 25, 35, 38 and so on
  • Bright with front sights being big
  • Faster than factory sights and many other ones on the market
  • For those who like the IDOT configuration and straight eight type
  • Fits holster without any problem
  • The paint ring at the front dot is glowing
  • Tiny tritium insert in the rear is not distracting
  • The square shape allows more precision

What we did not like

  • Dovetail installation can be hard, you will need expert help or the right tools
  • The customer service is not satisfactory

8. Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Pistol Sights, Robert Vogel, Bob Vogel

Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Pistol SightsSince you are interested in shooting and guns are one of your main items, you are obviously familiar with Robert Vogel. He is the World Champion Shooter and a professional shooter and marksman. You can find his videos on YouTube such as “how to control a handgun” and “Robert Vogel Fast Drill”. If you get these sights, you can find out its usage, benefits, and installation from his YouTube videos. Users love it because it is designed by the expert himself. The videos can really be used just like the sights. If you are not sure which one to get and choose the top three for yourself, do not forget to take this on your short list. There are people who have been wasting a lot of time and money looking for the appropriate sight and if you are one of them, this is the right one for you. When you get them upon delivery, you will be able to tell just by touching it that the material is excellent. Moreover, the front sight and rear sight is nicely finished and it is visually appealing. If you are not happy with your current sights, this will do.

What we liked

  • Makes shooting easy and simple
  • Superb performance in daylight
  • Installation is effortless
  • It can improve the user’s skills and enhance their shooting
  • Rear sight perfectly executed
  • The product is exactly like it is advertised
  • The deep rear notch improves the capability to see the sights to the target dramatically
  • The red dot is extremely helpful
  • The fiber optic is not overpowering

What we did not like

  • Some users say that it has sharp edges
  • Users of Glock 34 can face problems more than others

9. Trijicon 3 Dot Front and Rear Night Sight Set for Walther P99

Trijicon 3 Dot Front and Rear Night Sight SetWhen you cannot lock your target with the factory sight, you start to search for the best night sights for Glock review. You believe they are fast and it will increase your precision and the accuracy by double. Did you know that this one from Trijicon can improve your target acquisition by five times? On number 9 of our list, we had a Glock sight from the same manufacturer and you probably liked it. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols had all the things you want such as green lamps with a 12-year warranty and the sapphire jewel covering for lamp protection and so on. One thing that can get in the way of you and that one is the price and being expensive is a problem. That is why, you can go with this and the best part, it is easy to install. Users love how it involves no effort whatsoever. Another disadvantage besides the price was that it is difficult to install. That means you can get one of the cheapest Glock sights at a low price with easy installation. What can be better than that? Another thing that we forgot to tell you is that it has the sapphire jewel covering and the green lamps that can last more than a decade!

What we liked

  • Five times better than typical sights
  • Contained in a metal body and stifled within silicone rubber
  • Installation takes less two minutes
  • There is a warranty of 12 years of the green lamps from the manufacturer
  • Improved accuracy over factory sights
  • Precise fit for your pistol
  • Perfect for use during night time

What we did not like

  • It might not fit all the models you want
  • It is taller than other Trijicon sights

10. Meprolight Glock G26/ G27 G/G Fixed Set TD

Meprolight Glock G26 G27 GG Fixed Set TDWhen you read about a product and buy it afterward, you might not be that impressed. If that is what you are worried about or it happened to you quite often, get this. It does as it says. It is going to impress you by being the brightest in the night. The price is also less compared to many other cheap Glock sights. You can save money by not purchasing other Glock night sights with a higher price as it is just as bright and does the job flawlessly. They are durable and you will not be disappointed with this. If you have one already, you can get this as your go-to Glock sight or a secondary one as this is extremely dependable. Even if your overpriced Glock sights fail, this can help you.

What we liked

  • The price is reasonable
  • Works amazing at night
  • Law Enforcement and Military utilizes this
  • Lasts for many years

What we did not like

  • Target acquisition can be difficult
  • Not suitable for use in daytime

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Glock Sight in 2021

Just like everything you buy, this has some factors you need to consider so that you do not regret your purchase later on. Plus, your experience with the Glock sight will be a nice one if you go through all the points before buying one. Buying the appropriate one is vital since the pistol is going to be for your safety or hunting. Firstly, decide what it is for and then it becomes much easier to decide

  • The dot

There are various colors for the dot: orange, red, yellow, green and so on. Find out which one seems bright to you. If you are going to be using it in the day, there are Glock sights that are better performers during the daytime. If you are thinking of using a replacement Glock sights in the pitch darkness, you will find them as well.

  • Easy usage

If it is not easy to use you will not be able to get the target. Out of the characters, ease of use is crucial. Manufacturers always try to improve the ease of use to enhance user experience. When it is adaptable and versatile it will help you achieve your goal.

  • Size

While many buyers look for appearance and style during the search of the tactical night sights Glock, many of them miss out on the weight or size. The looks are not that important as the size. Size is important for portability and it is a key factor to consider. The best Glock sights do not come in just one shape. Not all size fits a single approach. For example, if you like a large one than typical ones get the XS 24/7 Big Dot.

  • Precision

You might say that all night sights for Glock are accurate. Yes, that is true but all of them suits every shooter. You should find out which one is going to aid you in shooting precisely. Also, the night sight that you are going to buy must function properly during the time when you need it the most. That means, if it performs well at night, you will get more accuracy at that time.

  • Toughness

Durability is a sign of proficient design and construction. You might think that toughness is a five-finger exercise to consider yet many individuals end up with fragile products. The companies test their products if they are well built or not still some lasts more than others. The materials used to build them has to be of high-quality and that makes the night sights tough. It can be understood as a design that can exceed its time by being applicable, aesthetically pleasing and functional– in other words timeless and classic all in one.

  • Resiliency

It is not something you hear every time you read about what to consider when buying the best night sights for Glock. It indicates that if you have not been so kind to your new sights, it should still be able to appear good and perform in a superior way. One example would be not rusting or getting damaged in the rain just like the Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock 17/19 Green

  • Dependability

Many night sights come with a warranty and even if they do not, find out which one can last for years. In that way, you do not have to go online and buy again and again. You will be saving money this way. Materials used in manufacture will have a direct link to the size, strength, and durability. If it is reliable, you can have the confidence to buy it. Always know what you are purchasing so you do not have to suffer in the future. You do not want a sight that falls apart in several weeks.

  • Price

Price matters on what your budget is. It is not always necessary that something that is expensive is going to better than a cheap one. Decide how much you want to spend. Whatever you are willing to spend, stay true to that. There is no need to alter it to get another one.

Watch This Video Before Buying the cheap Glock sight:

How to Install the Best Night Sights Glock

When you buy something such as the perfect Glock sights, you must know how to install it. There is no need to worry if you do not know how to do it because here you can find out how to do it. Being the owner of a Glock pistol, it is significant that you are aware of how to disassemble it for maintenance. All it takes is several minutes. Refurbishing your skills at shooting can be a challenge but installing the sight is not.

Here is what you will need

  • Glock pistol
  • Nylon Punch
  • 3/16 Nut Driver
  • Hammer
  • Thread Locker (Medium)
  • Nylon Vise Jaws
  • Vise
  • Glock Night Sights

Here is how you do it

Step 1:  Take apart the Glock and get the slide without the barrel or recoil spring. Use the nut driver to get the front sight off.  Screw the longstanding screw into the sight for safety. The factory sight comes with two parts, one is the polymer sight and the metal retainer. The metal retainer can slip and fall down during installation.

Step 2: Put the night sight that you bought in the correct direction and apply a little bit of the medium strength thread locker on the new screw. You can put the screw prior to applying the nut driver

Step 3: Grasp the night sight’s front sight or else it will fall out and screw it. Twisting unnecessarily can damage it.  Find out if you have put it properly. It should not be tilting on any side. Remember that the right direction is the most important part to consider. When you face the back of the slide, you should remove it from left to right and when installing the night sight, it should be right to left.

Step 4: Lay down the nylon jaws in your vise and position the slide. Use the hammer in the downward direction. Use the hammer and nylon punch and begin trouncing down on the plastic (previous) sight. You can hammer in the direction of the rear sight’s base more, but using a nylon punch, you may tilt it to align the sight’s angle.

Step 5: Bring out the new night sights and do not drop it in the middle.  Start to hammer it within using the nylon punch.  It should enter somewhat normally without any hassle. When it appears close to the center, bring the slide out to check. You may want to hammer a little more.

Step 6: After another tap, it is going to appear nice and is prepared for usage.  Utilize a micrometer to finalize the checking but that is important because your eyes should be enough to indicate if anything is wrong.

Step 7: The final checking is outside or utilizes a laser trainer. Your best Glock night sights should be perfect.


  • Your night sight should come with a manual, so refer to it and most of the Glock sights mentioned here are easy to install.
  • If you cannot do it yourself, ask someone to do it who is an expert at shooting. Some people ruin their factory sights during the installation of the new ones.
  • If installation scares you and there is nobody to help, simply get one that is easy to install such as the Ameriglo Pro-IDOT for Glock 17/19 Orange and Truglo Tritium Handgun Sight Set – Glock Low
  • You can use safety glasses for your eyes because the spring-loaded parts can be threatening
  • Do not put your finger on the trigger during installation and also do not point it towards yourself or others

Glock Night Sights Installation ( Practical Video Review )

Frequently Asked Questions About Glock Sights

What color of the dot is easiest to see in the daytime since most users have a problem with seeing the dot during the day?

Answer: It depends on person to person but if you are not sure, go with orange.

How to use your Glock sights and gun to get the best results?

Answer: Refer to the instructions manual so you can increase its performance level.

How far will be able to see using the Glock sights?

Answer: It depends on the one you are purchasing, for example, 15 yards.

What are the other uses of night sights of Glock?

Answer: The main use is to engage yourself to get the target in the dark.  Besides that, it can do a lot such as helping you see because it is dark and it would be almost impossible to hit the target without it. You can use it for self-defense, hunting and so on. It is the fastest and most accurate way to shoot.

How many dots can night sights have?

Answer: There are numerous selections for the best tactical pistol sights when it is about color, size and so on. A night sight can have not only one or two dots but also three.


These are the best Glock sights for 2020. The choice is completely up to you. Do not sit with it after you purchase. Keep on practicing so that you can use it perfectly during self-defense. It will be versatile in a life-threatening occasion.

You can always be confident when you have the right Glock sights. Before you buy one, carry on with your research as it can save your life. You have the internet to help you and find out which manufacturer or brand you can trust. Decide the budget and think of the features you need. For example, if you are going to use it during the night, find which one is going to be best for you.

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