Essential Crossfit Gears for Beginners

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Essential Crossfit Gears

Trying to focus on how to get the perfect gear as a starter in CrossFit is one of the most important requirements, so all workouts remain productive. Although, so many people tend to spend some time at the gym, and ends up with mixed and different results. The level of intensity and intervals are based on the duration of time spent on CrossFit workout but the average time a beginner can spend is about twenty to thirty minutes. Some of the activities include Olympic style lifting followed by stair running or sprints. The truth is that you will have just a very little time to rest between each exercise in order words, it’s entirely possible that you will be quite nauseous when you are finally through. As a result of this, your first lesson as a beginner will be on flexibility, how to increase your flexibility rate and lifting techniques.

Essential CrossFit Gears for Beginners

Discussed below are ten essential CrossFit gears that might seem very simple, but these are the core gears needed by the newbies in CrossFit.

Wrist Wraps

If you are the type with a weak wrist, it is best if you can get a non-elastic and elastic wrist wrap which are known for jerks, handstand push-ups and push up. Usually, the elastic wraps have a strap for the thumb whose primary function is to help keep the wrap perfectly in place. But it is your choice if you choose to use it or not, it’s best you know that the wrap’s effectiveness won’t be affected. So, whenever you are about to hit the gym, remember to toss it into your bag.

Knee Wraps

Same way as the wrist wraps comes in an elastic and non-elastic form, so does the knee wraps. Neoprene sleeves are always stretchy and easily slides over or under the pants. Non-elastic wraps can be tied on the bare legs if you are on shorts or tied over the pants. Its additional compression gives support and allows users to squat with heavy or high volume object without worrying about pains due to overuse.

CrossFit  Shoes

The most essential and ever-evolving gear is the CrossFit shoe, the key for any kind of CrossFit exercise is a good pair of shoes. The CrossFit shoes can generally be categorized into two, which are; the CrossFit shoes for Running and the shoes for weightlifting. The weightlifting shoes have been designed to ease the maneuver from the back squat to jump box and also give comfort to the users that suffer little or no ankle flexibility. The running shoes basically make you comfortable and also offer a lighter impact while running. The soles are designed to be flexible and aid reduction of fatigue, especially during exertion. So, you need to get a pair of shoes that support the feet during any CrossFit routine.

Athletic Tape

If you are the type with very soft skin and you easily tear up your hands after few push-ups. It’s crucial that you add an Athletic Tape to your list of essentials. Ripping off one’s hands hurts pretty bad and takes time to recover. To develop good calluses and stronger hands, use the tape. At the same time, you can keep your hands protected. As a beginner, you can use the tape on your thumbs too if you are planning to spend a lot of time on hook gripping and also tape any slippery bar.


Unlike the tape that can be easily outgrown with time, then you should be ready to get the chalk because it’s also an essential gear that you will make use of as a beginner. Many starter’s grips are always sweaty and fragile, so the use of chalk is vital as it strengthens grip, and apart from that, to some the use of chalk before grabbing a bar seems like a ritual. Block chalk or liquid chalk is best used cautiously because too much of it can be counterproductive.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is excellent for myofascial release (i.e., working our knots), mobility and recovery especially after working out and also before. The foam roller comes in two simple lengths, the first is the full sized length, and the other is the half sized length. The full size is best used at home to carry out few CrossFit routines as it can’t comfortably fit into the bag, so it’s best placed at a permanent location. The half-sized foam roller is the very movable type that can easily fit into your CrossFit essentials bag whenever you are about to hit the gym.

Jump Rope

Having a jump rope that’s good makes a whole lot of difference. This jump rope is designed explicitly for CrossFit exercises, unlike the typical schoolyard jumping rope. It is intended for a quick spin with just a little force, and as far as the adjustment is concerned, CrossFit jump ropes are made to adjust to the height of the user. If you are not too careful with the spinning, the rope tends to leave a mark whenever a jump is missed, but as a CrossFiter it’s best to see that as a motivation to keep moving on.


Another critical gear for a CrossFit routine is the gymnastic rings; they are the best for the strengthening of the upper body. The rings can be used for ring dips, muscle ups, ring rows, front levers, and for other movements. The rings generally are not costly equipment, so you have no excuse for not owning a pair. It is either made from a metal, plastic or carved out from wood but it all depends on what suits you best.

Medicine Ball / Slam Ball

The slam ball or medicine ball can be used in different ways; it is commonly used as wall balls. Some of its use include push-ups, tossing it to a friend, or weight core exercises such as plank, and so on. Slam balls are also known as one of the best examples of balls that has dead bounce and won’t fall apart quickly after repeated slams and use.

A Notebook/ An App

The results gotten from a CrossFit routine must be a measurable one, and there are different ways which one can track his or her progress, and an example is a smartphone. There are various types of apps in all App Stores, and they don’t just help you track results alone but also help mix different workout for each day. Examples include; WOD Genie, WODzilla, Tabata stopwatch App, SugarWOD and so on. Well, if you are the old school type and the use of a smartphone isn’t your thing, then it’s best you get a notebook and jot down all routines and results gotten, trust me it feels better when you get to see how far you have gone.

The gears above are important gears that are meant to help you through the first two to four weeks of CrossFit experience. It is advisable you try out many different styles because that is the best way to know the gear that works for you efficiently and the ones you have to learn how to use better. If you are a beginner, it is necessary you include these essential gears which will surely help you create compelling workouts that keep you motivated.

Finally, when you are purchasing all these items, make sure you get this essential CrossFit gears that are very durable and effective for CrossFit routines.

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