What Should I Consider When Choosing a Mirror for My Gym

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Consider When Choosing a Mirror for My Gym

Gym mirrors do not exist to satiate your egos. Rather, gym mirrors can act as motivators for gym progress. They allow you to observe, analyze and evaluate your workout. Consequently, you can adjust your posture and make relevant alterations in order to avoid injury and get the best results.

However, choosing a workout mirror is not as straightforward as it seems. We have listed down a few factors that may influence your choice in order to make the process slightly easier.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mirror for Gym

Choosing a Mirror for My Gym (infographics)

  1. Types of Gym Mirrors

The two obvious options you will be faced with are acrylic and glass mirrors. Each has its own advantages. Acrylic mirrors are lightweight and budget-friendly. They do not break easily and do not possess sharp edges. Therefore, they are safer to use. However, their reflectivity is not as long-lasting as glass mirrors. As a result, glass mirrors offer a longer life overall.

There is a third option on the market as well. These are low iron mirrors. They are quite similar to glass mirrors. However, as the name suggests, the iron content is significantly lower. Therefore, the reflection is much sharper and there is no green tinge which you get from normal glass mirrors. In short, you can refer to low iron mirrors as ultra-high-definition mirrors.

  1. Thickness of Mirrors

If you intend on opening a public gym, then thickness should be of utmost importance. Public gyms constantly reverberate with the sounds of the machines and weights clanging. Therefore, the mirrors need to be thick so they are able to withstand the constant vibrations. Therefore, we recommend that the thickness should be in excess of 6 mm. On the other hand, a home gym can get away with having a lower thickness mirror. However, even at home, the thickness should not be less than 4 mm.

  1. Size of Mirrors

The size depends on the area you are working with. However, it is always recommended that a wall covering the mirror be used for commercial gyms. This, in turn, means that the mirror itself will be congruent to the width and breadth of your wall. It is wiser to install smaller mirror panels and bunch them together to form a large mirror.

We also recommend that you leave a minuscule space of 2 to 3 mm between panels when installing the mirrors. This serves a dual purpose. Firstly, localities that are prone to contrasting weather and temperatures experience contraction and expansion of objects such as mirrors. The small gaps will allow the mirror to expand within its area and not push against each other. Furthermore, these gaps will allow you to take off a panel when you feel it is time to replace it.

  1. The Safety Measures 

Let us begin with the edges. Mirrors are shaped by machines. The results are very precise, but also very sharp. As a result, the risk of cutting yourself also exists. Therefore, it is wise to polish the corners with sandpaper in order to negate the sharpness.

We also advise that you use safety backing when installing your mirrors. Safety backing is a small, tangible coating that is applied all over the mirror. In the case of the mirror breaks, the safety backing will keep the shards in place and will prevent them from scattering.

gym mirror safety

  1. Cost of the Gym Mirrors

The cost is directly proportional to the size and type of mirror you are installing. As mentioned previously, acrylic mirrors are glassless and so, they are a lot cheaper. At the other end of the spectrum, we have low iron mirrors that provide vivid reflection but are somewhat costly. Eventually, you will have to balance aesthetics with your budget in order to come to a reasonable conclusion.

However, you must keep the type of mirror uniform throughout the gym. Otherwise, the aesthetics can take a sizeable hit. This, in turn, makes one’s reflection somewhat visually deterring which no gym user will ever want.

Our Recommendation

The Fab HD Activity/Gym mirror possesses all the fundamental qualities required in a workout mirror.  It is tempered which means it is reinforced and will not break into dangerous shards upon impact. Furthermore, it already has a safety film or safety backing coated over it which makes it even safer.

The mirror is low iron which results in high definition reflectivity. Perhaps the most attractive quality of this mirror is that it is easy to install. It has been designed for DIY enthusiasts who want a gym mirror for their personal or commercial spaces. Their website also provides a detailed instruction guide on how to install the mirror without any hitches.

hd mirror vs normal mirror

The mirror is lead-free, which means it can be kept in closed, air-conditioned spaces without any environmental hassles. The mirror is available in a variety of sizes. Lastly, they also offer a bulk discount which means you save money if you buy two or more panels. Therefore, adorning your entire wall with these mirrors will not disappoint you financially.

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