Top 5 Best Upright Exercise Bikes in 2023 [Updated Review]

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best upright exercise bike

When you want to lose weight in an efficient way then getting the best upright exercise bike is a smart decision. Exercise bikes have always been an amazing tool for rapid weight loss that delivers a long-lasting result. It is not that kind of diet that you will gain weight after shortly after losing it. There are two kinds you can get upright exercise bikes can be best if you are looking for consistent exercise. The structure is similar to the outdoor cycle riding as the body lies and pedals in a similar way.

Upright exercise bikes are much more effective in supporting the body and the shoulders, biceps, and triceps all engage in the workout. Here, you do not stay relaxed unlike in a recumbent exercise bike thus people choose this for a powerful exercise session. Just like mine, your experience with upright bikes will be delightful and you will find that you are losing a substantial amount of weight. It is like riding a regular bicycle so that workout is also fun instead of boring.

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Top 5 Best Upright Exercise Bikes Reviews

It can be difficult to pick one because the market is full of them. Here are the best ones that receive a lot of positive reviews and you will get value for money.

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright PulseAt first glimpse, you might dismiss this bike by thinking that it is a cheap one that will not be able to get rid of the extra pounds. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike may be similar to a simple bicycle but it can be the best one when it is about weight loss.


It appears to be ordinary and simple but has the ability to hold around 300 pounds and provide results just like the expensive bike models. When you understand all the benefits you will think that you are reading the price wrong. It does come with a small price tag but the results are big.


The best part I liked just like all other users were the seat. Upright bikes have a reputation of making small and uncomfortable seating. It is comfortable and large, talented enough to make the user feel relaxed and at the same time get rid of extra calories. It is suitable for tall people. The bike instructions say that it is for people who are 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet one inch whereas people who are more than 6 feet 3 inches say that they are comfortable using it.


The bike is a stable one and the extended leg stabilizers stop any pointless movement during pedaling. Lastly, you should be able to tell from the name that you can fold it. In that way, you can store and have enough space in your room.


  • You can keep track of your exercise information which includes odometer, pulse, scan, time, speed, distance, time and calories burned
  • There are programs and various features that make this a versatile machine
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Comes with transportation wheels for easy movement
  • Easy to use


  • Intense exercising on the machine can damage it
  • You cannot change the seat

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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse (Video Review)

2. Sunny Health and Fitness SF B1203 Indoor Cycle Trainer

If you are a beginner, this should be perfect for you. If you are on a mission to lose weight through extreme cycling, the SF B 1203 can help.


It has a sturdy steel frame and a strong flywheel which can balance the user’s weight and ensure that there is wobbling during the workout. The overall weight is only 60 pounds but its solidity and sturdiness make it feel like more than that. You can view the calories, time, distance, speed on the beautiful LCD display. It comes with a warranty of one year.

Price and usage

You can get this from various places and the price will vary depending on the location of purchase. You can buy from online sites as some of them offer free shipping and you can compare the prices side by side. You can set the height of the seat according to your needs. The machine guarantees a silent and smooth operation. The highest seat setting is 33” and the lowest is 27”. The maximum weight of the user can be 220 pounds. The company is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality fitness devices and products. They are famous for delivering products that last a long time. Hence, buying from such a fast-growing and reliable company will ensure that you are getting the right product. One of the main parts is the seat, which is comfortable than most other exercise bikes. You will not require a seat pad.  Assembling is easy and the calorie counter is clear.


One problem could be that it is not easily movable, unlike the Exerpeutic Folding Bike that we reviewed earlier. It does not have any wheels at the base neither is it an effortless task to take it from one room to another. You cannot fold or carry it. You will need the help of another person. Therefore, before putting it somewhere, ensure that you are happy with the fixture and there is no need to move it.


  • The price is reasonable
  • The performance statistics make performance tracking uncomplicated
  • The seat is large and wide
  • Ergonomic design for optimum performance and comfort
  • The bike is long-lasting and sturdy


  • Can be noisy sometimes
  • Not for people above six feet

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3. Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

If you are willing to spend a few more dollars or have a budget that is slightly big, then you can get all the comforts of a Nautilus U616 Upright Bike.

Special features

It features Bluetooth smart connectivity permitting the user to sync their data with Nautilus Connect TM, the Nautilus Trainer TM App and MyFitnessPal. Additionally, it offers the users a Dual Track TM display with two blue backlit LCD high-resolution monitors, so if the main display has the tablet in front of it, the user can view their results.  What I liked about it is the in-console speakers along with MP3 input port, USB media charging abilities and a changeable fan. There are many people complaining about the lack of programs in an exercise bike.  This one comes with 29 of those workout programs and 25 levels of resistance! Therefore, there is no complaining about this plus it features a lot of properties and upgrades that are going to impress you.

Product Description

You can use the media shelf for keeping your book or tablet. The adjustable angles make the bike comfortable and the fan makes workout much more relaxing. You can also put your water bottle so you do not have to get thirsty and stop the pedaling to get a glass of water. It comes with transport wheels so you can move it from one room to another or keep away somewhere for storage. You can store personal data and workout information so you can track your workout perfectly. Not only you, but more three users can also do this if you are sharing the bike with other members of the family.

Usage and warranty

The frame has a warranty of 10 years so you can tell by now how durable and sturdy this machine is. The exercise data does not only include calories, speed, and distance rather a lot of data. It will show the achievement, user, goal, program, intensity level, revolutions per minute, etc. The seat is padded for extra comfort. You can also replace it if you want. For example, you are a mountain bike rider, if you want to get the same feeling but in your home, you can substitute the seat with the bike’s seat. You can also put a street bike’s seat


  • It is perfect for tall people, people above six feet five inches can also use it with ease
  • You can adjust the seat at any height, angle and substitute or replace it completely
  • 25 levels of resistance, 12 profile programs consisting of 4 mountain rides, 4 fun rides, and 4 tests, 9 heart rate plans with personalized settings, 2 fitness test programs to measure your bodily fitness developments, 4 user profiles storage capacity and 1 recovery test program
  • Can be moved easily from one place to another
  • The design and structure of the bike is appealing and attractive
  • Smooth and silent operation because of the belt drive


  • The bike shutting down in the middle of a workout can be an issue if the adapter is loose
  • The price is higher than many other upright exercises bikes

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Nautilus U616 Upright Bike (Video Review)

4. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn is a trendsetter in the world of cycling for more than 100 years. The Schwinn 170 is carrying that same cycling originality into the world of fitness.

Product Description

The Schwinn 170 Upright exercise bike has amazing components like 25 levels of magnetic resistance, a robust 3-piece crank structure, and king-size pedals, a padded, huge fully adaptable seat, and angle changeable handlebars with forearm breathers. It also has media shelf, in-console speakers with MP3 input post and capable of USB charging. The best feature, that I liked is the Dual Track™ console that trains on this bike. There are 29 programmed workouts, counting 9 heart rate programs, and connection to fitness apps so that the user is able to track their performance over time. The price and warranty offer a better deal than any other bike.


The robust frame and a high-inertia, high-velocity perimeter weighted flywheel delivers a steady workout stand. There are a lot of intensity choices as it comes with 25 levels of the eddy current brake levels. The shaped dense padded seat with fore and back adjustability will be regulating your performance. The handlebars angle can be customized so that you can be in absolute comfort.  The ergonomic design of the heart rate sensor ensures a proper program. The


Ergonomically placed grip heart rate sensors for a relaxed riding position when using a heart rate program. It also comes with speakers, water bottle holder, and a fan. You can move this from one place to another using the wheels. The computer features 12 programs, 9 heart rate plans, 2 fitness exams, 1 recovery test program along with storage for 4 users.


  • The workout data does not only include calories, time and distance but also the goal, user, program, heart rate, intensity, revolutions per minute etc.
  • The frame has a warranty of ten years and the parts come with 2 years’ warranty which is more than any other exercise bike on our top list
  • Assembling is an effortless task
  • All the parts are of high-quality
  • There are two displays and the console allows you to track performance


  • Not purchasing from a reputable shopping platform could get you to end up with broken parts

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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike (Video Review)

5. Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike

It is an upgrade to the old version and the new one has a lot of excellent capabilities such as the maximum weight of the user can be 400 lbs.


When a company brings out a newer version of a model you can already tell that it is going to be excellent and superior in quality and performance. The folding bikes from this company are famous for being portable and light. You can easily fold it and keep it somewhere for more space in your apartment. When it is time for a workout, bring it up from the storage. The wheels make it painless to take it from one place to another.


The last one was silver and this one is gold and brown. You are a fan of this color, you will love the design and appearance of the folding bike. Rather than looks, what is important on an exercise bike is the seat, data representation, and resistance levels.


This one has excellent and comfortable seating and the only problem with the information is that you can view them one at a time. There are eight levels of resistance which should be enough to get you the proper workout session that you want. You can watch the television while exercising on the 500 XLS bike because it is super quiet.


  • Portable, easy to carry and foldable
  • Assembling is child’s play and refer to the manual to avoid any trouble
  • The seat is large and comfortable
  • The maximum weight is 400 lbs.
  • The machine is long-lasting and durable


  • The information does not display all at once

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Best Upright Exercise Bike Buying Guide


Weight is the most important factor because it will be stable if the weight is more. Another fact to check is the maximum weight of the user. The top upright bikes should be able to carry a large amount of weight such as 400 lbs.


It is supposed to show you the heart rate, speed, calories burned, resistance levels, revolutions per minute (RPM), time and distance. It is going to best if they all show up at once. The upright bikes even come with dual displays


The number of programs are important to consider. They are going to boost your workout session and guarantee best results for weight loss. Before buying a bike, find out which one has the best programs that match your age, gender, and other factors.

Resistance Levels

The number of resistance levels is just as important as how you are going to set it. If it is difficult to set to your desired level, that is not a good thing.

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Final Thoughts:

The best upright exercise bike is a nice choice if you are thinking of exercising at home. It will save you a lot of time because you do not have to go to the gym or outside and the cost is less as well. They are similar to outdoor bicycles and you can pick one for yourself. After you get one, everyone in the house will want to use it, so select one for the health and well-being of your family.

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