A Quick Guide to Different Types of Racing Cars

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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Racing Cars
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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Racing Cars

Auto racing is one of the most loved sports of all time. People just simply love everything about it. Racing is definitely one of the few sports that are super exciting and thrilling to a whole new level. In the past years, the racing industry has definitely experienced impeccable changes which are simply impossible to be ignored. The advancement in the interiors and technology has completely transformed the nature of racing cars. These days racing cars are comparatively way more advanced than they were a decade ago.

With the advancement in technology, racing cars have transformed completely. You can check for a micro air conditioner that is specifically designed to cool down the car space, a perfect solution to cool down confined spaces like that of racing cars.
Racing might be a sport that excites your guts but you must also know about different types of racing cars to get a better insight. Here’s a complete list.

1. Formula1 racing cars

F1 racing cars are actually one of the most common types and probably everyone has heard about them. F1 cars are single seated cars with open wheels. Almost the entire body of the car is composed of carbon composite. The racing car is custom designed and is run on separate tracks on the tracks designed for F1 racing. Some of the well known F1 racing car manufacturers are Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes. The speed in F1 racing cars is 372.6 km/h which is the highest speed for any F1 racing car.

2. Sports racing cars

Different type of sports racing car

A sports car is generally a two-seater vehicle. It comes in with two types of wheels mainly The Grand Tourers and purpose-built designs. The sports car can be either built frugal or luxury based cars. However, weatherliness and lightweight is mandatory in sports cars. The steering of a sports car is specifically designed to offer better control over the speed. Some of the most famous sports car manufacturers are Bugatti, Bentley, and Porsche. The top speed of sports car is of Koenigsegg Agera RS which 447.19 km/h.

3. Touring racing cars

Touring cars are basically one of the most modified cars on the road. These types of cars are most popular in Australia, Germany, The U.K., and Netherlands. These cars have minimum aerodynamics due to which there numerous battles for the position and it adds more excitement. These cars have maximum similarities with conventional road cars.
The touring cars do have both short and long distance (3 or more hours) racing. Some of the top manufacturers of touring cars are Chevrolet Cruz, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz. The highest speed of a touring car is that is Aston Martin DB4 GT which is of 252km/h.

4. Production racing cars

Production racing cars

Production racing cars are also known as showroom stock racing cars.  As the name suggests the production racing cars have very less amount of modifications as they are production-based cars.
The production cars usually take up a single series of cars that have a range of cars in the single series under the same manufacturer. There are several production cars that are specifically designed for amateur drivers. It is one of the best and most convenient options for amateur racing. Most of these cars come with the best safety options however; the driver must wear their safety gears for better safety while driving. Some of the top production cars include Hennessey Venom GT, Bugatti Chiron, and Tesla Roadster. The highest speed of a production car is that of Hennessey Venom which is of 301 mph.

5. Stock racing cars

NASCAR is a perfect way to describe stock racing cars. These cars have been there since 1948 and continue to rule the world of stock racing. The stock racing cars are dominant in The U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and Great Britain. Earlier these stock racing cars were run on an oval track. In the beginning, the stock cars were production model however now they are modified to great extent.
For amateurs, the stock car racing options are region based with short tracks usually designed for the local racers.

Key takeaway

For many people racing is a passion. For the racers, it is the best way to exhilarate their inner self and a perfect dose of excitement and thrill. Over the years racing cars have definitely transformed.
From interiors to technologies like Sounding mufflers, the miniature compressor innovation like Rigid an air conditioning system perfectly suited for compact car spaces. The racing cars have definitely experienced advancements.
There are different types of racing cars and they serve a different type of purpose and excitement to car racers.

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