Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent Bike Review

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Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent

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The Diamondback Fitness 510SR is a remarkable exercise bike. The recumbent bike includes a sleek design and solid construction. Unlike other exercise bikes that cost a fortune, the 510 SR utilizes premium parts that do not come with a costly price tag. It also comes with better-quality technology and state-of-the-art features. Other bikes in this category are significantly more expensive and require bigger exercise space. The 510 SR is a quality product from Diamondback model that does not only meet expectations but surpasses them.

Most individuals who use it categorize this bike as an entry level bike. Though, the advanced features and excellence in design are similar to higher end bikes. More prominently, the warranty is suitable compared to what you get when buying other bikes at a much higher price. Diamondback delivers this exercise bike as a product that includes a solid design and some valuable features. The machine is an ideal exercise bike for all kinds of users such as workout addicts and the unplanned user.

Here is a review of the Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent Bike

16 levels of resistance and 20 exercise programs

The machine is equipped with an amazing selection of workout programs and exercise routines that will make losing weight a fun and easy task. We all know how difficult it is to get rid of the extra pound, but with the different kinds of programs and levels, it will always be an adventure. You can pick out from the hill climbing ones to the strength programs. The available resistance levels make it effortless to get rid of the difficulty and achieve the most out of your exercising session. The bike’s frictionless eddy current decelerating system retorts immediately to changes in resistance levels without any obvious lag or detachment among levels. You can also base the changes according to your heart rate.

Easy-to-read and clear display

There are a lot of recumbent bikes that consists of come uninspiring and small digital displays, the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr is prepared with a big display console, engaging a bright, back-lit LCD screen. While you work over your workout routine, the display keeps track of a variety of compulsory statistics in real time, such as the heart rate, velocity, distance moved, calories burned, and your duration of exercise. Gripping the contact sensors at the handlebars, one can obtain the exact results of their heart rate. It also comes with a media bay, portable fan, an audio jack, joined stereo speakers etc.

Solid Warranty

The exercise bike comes with a superb warranty compared to many other ones in the market. Being the owner, you should worry about the lifetime of the bike because that means you will have to buy another one. For the price, you can get a high-quality machine that will work for years. You can tell that it is a solid and well-built product and the manufacturers are confident about it because it features a lifetime warranty on the eddy current braking system and the electric components. The straps of the pedals and the cushion has a warranty of 3 months. When investing money on this, you can be stress-free as you can get the huge warranty.

Effortless assembling

The 510 SR of Diamondback weighs about 125 pounds. It is an unchallenging job to assemble it, necessitating only two hours at highest. You can also let professionals assemble it for you so that you do not have to put any effort. Many recumbent exercise bikes are not so painless. They take more than just elementary skills to put them and the weight can be too much. This bike makes it untroubling for its user from Day One. You will fall in love with it since the first day because it is so straightforward to assemble. A surprising factor in many other exercise bikes is the difficulty of the instruction booklet. Most buyers complain that they did not understand the instructions or the language and tone is not clear. The booklet of the 510 SR is easy to read and simple to understand. Therefore, it makes assembling much more relaxing.

Adaptable non-stick seat back

Apart from the main features that accompany this premium exercise bike, most genuine users like to state how cozy the seat is. In adding to a huge cushioned seat bottom, the seat back is made from the non-stick and pleasant material. Vinyl seat backs can cause sticky and sweaty conditions, the mesh seat back allows airflow to spread through the user’s back, helping to keep themselves non-sweaty and cool.

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The seat back has an up-down adjustment ability so users of all sizes can set the seat back according to their heights, an advantage only few workout bike seats has to offer. The seat is also durable and the material is a popular choice because of its durability. You can also clean it easily and the feel of the seat is not unpleasant. The structure and material of the seat are the most important part since you are going to be using it for hours.


  • The bike features a high-tech LCD console
  • Silent and noiseless operation
  • Height changeable to three different positions
  • Changing level of resistance is easy and simple
  • The fan provides cool air
  • Handlebar with pulse sensor
  • Mp3 connectivity systems charger and Integrated speaker
  • The machine is firm and stable


  • The user has to log data manually for monitoring and tracking routine over time, it does not include exercise data automatically using computerized software
  • The heart monitor might not show precise and accurate results

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamondback Bike

  1. Will a person who is five feet in height be able to use this bike?

Answer: No matter what the height is, the user has to set and adjust it according to their size.

  1. Does this work on AC adapter or batteries?

Answer: Plug the AC adapter at the front base of the bike. The cord is around 5 feet in length.

  1. Is the machine smooth or there will be a pause during changing levels of resistance?

Answer: It is perfectly smooth

  1. What is the weight limit for this machine?

Answer: 300 lbs.

  1. How does it look after using every day for a whole year?

Answer: It still looks brand new and solid

As you can see that it comes with amazing features and barely any bad side. If tracking is a problem, you can always do that manually using a notebook. Other than that, you can get value for money and it has a lot of special features and outstanding qualities that are found only in expensive machines. The instruction booklet is also there to guide you when you get lost. The design and structure make it user-friendly and smooth.

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Here’s the video review of Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent Bike

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