How Being Fit Changes You For The Better

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How Being Fit Changes You For The Better

Change is the only constant in life. As people, change is part of our being. In fact, we are never the same person with every day, month or year that passes. We often change our external environment, habits or appearance in order to achieve an internal, and usually more significant, goal.

The decision to change usually happens after the realization hits us that not doing so is much more detrimental to our health and relationships.  One of the most common types of external change people do is working on becoming physically fit in order to feel better and healthier in themselves.

Becoming fit changes you

While your body shape or weight do not define you as a person, they play a significant role on how you are perceived by other people and how you perceive yourself. A lot of times, when a person is healthy and fit, they essentially become a new person living a new and better life.

You become more energized and driven

One of the essential steps to having a healthier body is by working out. It means getting up earlier every morning for a jog, hitting the gym and committing to a routine that helps to tone your muscles and promote blood circulation.

However, exercising also affects you mentally and physiologically. It has been found to promote and increase in energy levels that allow you to be alert and focused in your everyday tasks. No need for that third cup of coffee, because you already feel pumped to face the day’s challenges.

You become more motivated to stay healthy

When you work on being fit and start reaping its benefits, you’re much more motivated to stick to the healthier lifestyle you’ve already chosen. When you’re fit, you start to appreciate the value of eating healthy.

Sure, brownies and pizza still taste amazing, but you’re not compelled to have them every single night anymore. You actually become more excited about finishing your morning smoothie, and salads don’t seem so bad for dinner.

You feel good about having loose jeans and shirts

You feel good about having loose jeans and shirts

There is something exciting and satisfying about having loose shirts and jeans that used to fit you perfectly before. Having them means you’re making progress. You have less fat weighing you down,  and you have become more active.

Having all those loose garments also gives you a perfectly valid reason to update your wardrobe. After all, you’ll need shirts, blouses, pants and other garments that actually fit. It’s also a good opportunity to change your style, especially if you feel like doing so would make you feel more empowered and confident.

You get the better quality of sleep

Various sleep conditions have been linked to obesity. Sleep apnea, for example, is much more likely to occur to people who are obese or overweight. The fat around the neck area can obstruct the airway which sometimes causes irregular breathing, subsequently disturbing your sleep.

Having less fat around the neck promotes proper air flow in the nasal passage, therefore, regulating your breathing. You can now say goodbye to waking up at random times in the middle of the night and say yes to longer, deeper, proper sleep.

Your sex life gets better

You practically become more excited about getting it on with your partner as your testosterone levels increase during weight loss. It also increases intimacy among couples and decreases feelings of self-consciousness during intercourse.

Reports surrounding weight loss also indicate that women who lose weight are more likely to reach orgasm during intercourse. Several people also reported becoming more sensitive to touch after losing a few pounds.

You also take care of other things

Some people, especially women, tend to give more attention to their face and body after weight loss. They are more likely to invest in more beauty tools such as masks, facial rollers and women’s facial hair remover.

Masks and facial rollers help to cleanse and tone the face. Some women also invest in hair removers to efficiently and painlessly remove hair. These devices also often offer permanent hair removal, which is practically music to any woman’s ear, especially if she’s looking to drastically change her looks.

Your food tastes better

As you lose more weight, you’ll notice that your food will taste better. It’s not only because you eat different foods, but because your taste buds become more sensitive. It means that you get to notice all the flavors and textures in your food.

A lot of people who have gone through serious weight loss have attested to this. This essentially allows you to enjoy your food better and become more conscious of your eating.  Every bite essentially becomes tastier.

You encourage others to eat healthy

When you eat healthy, you also consciously or subconsciously encourage others to go healthy as well. If you’re a parent, then you’re more inclined to snack on fruits and promote such eating habits on the young ones.

You also become a great person to ask advice from for that one friend who’s been putting off her plans of becoming healthier. You’re more aware of how to eat well and eat healthy without it feeling like a sacrifice, of course, a lot of people would want to know your secret!

Becoming fit is just the beginning

Losing weight is just the beginning of your journey to becoming a better version of yourself. Truth be told, losing weight, updating your wardrobe or buying a women’s facial hair remover are just three ways to be better in areas of your life that you think need improvements.

The journey to becoming a better version of yourself is one that doesn’t end even after weight loss because there are a lot of things that you can still improve on. However, weight loss is a great start. It keeps you pumped and motivated to work on yourself further.

Once you’ve successfully transformed your body into one that is much healthier, it’s now become so much easier to do better in your career, hobbies and you become more open to improving your relationships. Weight loss is practically your first pit stop to have a healthier life where physical, emotional, and mental growth and learning become your constants.

  • Updated May 8, 2018
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