How to Buy a Spinning Bike

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How to Buy a Spinning Bike
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How to buy a spinning bike

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What are spinning bikes?

Spinning is one of the most popular methods to achieve the perfect shape and maintain it.  It is fun and energizing, and offers a wide variety of options to avoid falling into the monotony, as well as to get the motivation to be constant in the exercise.

It is one of the most practiced cardio exercises in gyms, either in guided classes, with music, or individually, and its cardiovascular and respiratory benefits are as important as its results in terms of increased strength and endurance. The muscle areas that most benefit from this training are the legs: mainly quadriceps, but also abductors, twins and biceps femoris.

It really is one of the complete options if you want to perform a good cardio routine. But not long ago I spoke with my friend Patri, who already has children to care for and a home to maintain, and told me that no matter how much time she takes to go to her spinning classes in the gym, she finds it practically impossible to attend two sessions Followed. For this reason, it occurred to her to set up her own room of spinning in the house, of the improvised way. She just needed to buy an indoor cycle bike, which she located in the same dining room as her home, in a corner where she does not bother and with a good angle of view towards the TV. Therefore, for her exercising and taking care of the home has become a simple task.

Just like any other product, buy a spinning bike is complex and confusing. Perhaps the hardest part of decision making was knowing what to take into account when buying a spinning bike, and especially knowing which features to pay more attention to. And this is the reason that has led me to create a small and brief guide to buying spinning bikes so that anyone in the same situation as Patri can resort to it and have the information necessary to buy the perfect bike.

Buying guide for spinning bikes (Buy a Spinning Bike)


One of the first characteristics that you should evaluate when choosing the bike you want to take home is the weight of your flywheel , that is, the wheel that rotates the pedal and which replicates the impulse generated by a normal bicycle, and Which transmits the different resistances with which we alternate the intensity of the exercise.

It is recommended that spinning bikes have a flywheel of at least 18 kg, But the truth is that many of the cheaper or low-mid-range bikes do not reach this weight. In addition, the intensity and the use that you are going to give can also condition this figure, since what differentiates to a flywheel of inertia of more than 18 kg., Of one of less weight, is the sensation of stability and solidity that provides.

If you are a strong man, the resistance you need to move to perform a good spinning session is greater than that used by a thin girl or a person with little muscle mass in the legs, which precisely seeks to strengthen them with the help of spinning.

But what you should be clear is that a steering wheel of less than 15 kg. It is equivalent to a very unstable bicycle, which provides a pedaling out of control and with an excessive cadence, which would hinder our spinning session.

In contrast, a heavy-duty steering wheel provides the feeling of riding a perfect gear, allowing smooth pedaling in which you see the push / pull on the pedals.


In spinning bikes, the pedals are connected to the flywheel in two different ways, so that when you start pedaling, a rotation of the steering wheel is generated. The process is called transmission and can be through chain or belt, usually Poly V material.
When looking at spinning bikes you should keep in mind that belt driven bikes are a better option as they are more durable, require less maintenance and are quieter in operation. On the other hand, the ones that work by chain transmission usually give many problems, they make much noise and they weaken very quickly, what makes them last less and they spoil quickly.


It does not matter if it is a road bike, MTB, stroller or a static or spinning bike. An uncomfortable seat will create a disastrous driving experience. So make sure that it is not only possible to adjust the seat to fit your physical characteristics in order to perform the exercise comfortably and avoid postures that cause injuries, but also you should be able to change the saddle completely as necessary.

On indoor cycle bikes, this is not an always available option, and the seat they incorporate is as uncomfortable as it is unreliable to your comfort. You should avoid this, and choose a bicycle that allows you to change the saddle, although many of them are only compatible with saddles of the same manufacturer. Keep it in mind.


This is a tip especially aimed at women. It is very important that the spinning bike has a fully adjustable handlebar to adjust it according to our comfort. It does not mean that it has to be only adjustable in height (i.e. up or down), but it should also be in length (forward or backward), to get a perfect fit.

Not all bikes have this feature, but it is very important because, above all, women tend to have a shorter torso than men, and often the handlebars are far away, causing an uncomfortable posture that can lead to back pain after or During the year.


Spinning is one of the workouts that generate a higher caloric expenditure and a very high level of perspiration, due to the intensity produced by this type of cardio training. That is why it is interesting to buy a mat or mat to place under the spinning bike.

And in addition to providing a good cushion for the machine, you can protect the floor, parquet or carpet in your home, preventing sweat, grease or any other fine dust that may come off the moving parts of the bike or deteriorate.

In addition, this also protects your bike, keeping dust and lint on the carpet, and away from the mechanisms. And not only that but also the weight of the bike (plus your own weight) falls on a couple of different points at the base of the machine, so placing a mat underneath prevents the wear and tear of the machine, concentrating more on the mat itself.


Other details that contribute to the good choice of a spinning bike have to do with the convenience of having support for bottles of water and a console in which to visualize the data of the training. Rate the extent to which these elements are essential for you.

The console may be something more expendable. Even more so if you have a Smartphone with applications capable of controlling your heart rate, for example. However, the higher the spinning bike range you choose, the higher you can incorporate, the better quality of the spinning bike, offering features such as speed control, RPM, burned calories, heart rate, time objectives, distance, etc.

Final thoughts

A Spinning bike will encourage weight loss and you should be using the right way for optimum results.  in achieving your fitness goals; it helps you in burning the extra pounds of your body. Factors to notice before buying a spinning bike, its adjustability, resistance, and innovative features.  Also, it should be able to fit according to your weight and height. The features explained above should show you the way to the perfect spinning bike.

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