How to Eat Healthy While Camping in the Woods

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How to Eat Healthy While Camping in the Woods

Now that summer time is almost here am sure parents are trying to figure out the fun activities that they will get involved in with their kids as a way of bonding or for family times.

Well, as for me I always like to engage my kids in adventurous and challenging activities such as hiking in the trails, kayaking and one of my favorite is camping in the woods.

Apart from being a bit scary being in the middle of the woods surrounded by different species of trees, sometimes it is hard to keep up with a healthy eating habit when doing such activities. Therefore this made me compile a list of tips that can guide us on how to eat healthy while camping in the woods.

Eat Healthy While Campingtips: The Tip include

  • Make a plan

The first tip involves you making an eating plan depending on the days that you are going for camping. Just like we prepare meal plans at home, it is important to prepare a plan of the foods that you will be eating while camping.

Ensure it is well balanced and above all that, follow it strictly. The meal plans should include snacks and drinks as well.

Write down what you will have for breakfast on that day followed by lunch and dinner. If your kids tend to have a snack in the middle of the meals, include the snacks as well.

  • Pre-cook some food

Remember you are going for camping to spend some quality time and have fun with your loved ones.

So at this period, you will not have a lot of time to prepare the foods that take long hours to make such as flour foods among others. If such food can last for long, consider cooking them at home and pack in containers where you only warm them while in the woods. This saves you time and cooking fuel too.

  • Freeze the necessary food

Freeze the necessary food

Some foods such as the dairy or meat can easily perish if not frozen for a long time. Also, it is not possible to carry a fridge or freezer while camping and in such a case ensure that you freeze such food before you leave home to prevent them from spoiling fast.

You can freeze it for three days before the due date and in the case where you are carrying a cooler, ensure you have packed lots of ice for cooling these foods while in the camping areas.

  • Ensure you have enough snacks

While carrying out your camping activities, you need to keep your body energized by eating snacks. Therefore pack enough snacks that you will eat while in the woods for example when hiking, swimming or when mountain climbing.

The meals should be made with energizing ingredients and if possible pack extra too.Also, it is important to ensure that the snacks have preservatives to prevent them from spoiling.

  • Carry a grill

A grill is an essential device that can be used to prepare a lot of meals while camping. Some of the foods that can be cooked using a grill include barbecue, vegetables and various meats such as fish and beef.

So consider packing a portable grill to use in preparing some foods. A grill will save you time since you can be able to cook different foods at the same time without forgetting it is a natural and healthy method of making food for outdoor occasion.

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  • Ensure you have enough water

Water is an essential part of camping since you require to keep your body hydrated especially in the cases where you are carrying out vigorous activities in the woods. You can bring your water, or if you know some water bodies in the area you are going that has clean and consumable water, you can drink it.

Ensure you also drink water before and after you have had your meals to enable digestion to take place and prevent you from experiencing constipation while on the woods.

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A lot of people complain of stomach aches and constipation when they go for camping, but little do they know that the food they eat plays a significant role in these issues.

Remember if your body is used to eating healthy foods that are easy to digest it may have problems in the case where you regularly indulge in unhealthy foods such as crisps and other junk foods. So, it is advisable that you follow the above tips to ensure that you still eat your healthy meal plan even if you are not in the house. Also, ensure you keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water too.

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